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Comment Twitter censorship (Score 4, Interesting) 832

There are already numerous allegations of Twitter censoring and unverifying the political right or pro-gamergate folks such as Milo Yiannopoulos. Trump is actually a big attention grabber and he is capturing lots of media attention, so censoring him would hurt Twitter more.

A better question may be why they haven't come down harder on terrorist activities on Twitter

Comment The story is bogus (Score 1) 295

I have never seen a real college campus served by a Cisco 3945.

I have seen plenty of branch offices and banks with using Cisco 3800 series devices, the 3945 predecessors.

Whether or not the device was overpaid for is a different question - I wouldn't be surprised if they used some 8A competition limiting factors that jacked up prices, or, if it included the actual installation and smartnet maintenance costs.

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