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Comment Re:Monero (Score 1) 249

Communism. China is a single-party republic ruled by the Communist Party.

International Relations Theory:
China is a right-wing Leninist State, not a Communist one. Leninism is the political theory that a single party rules the government and governs all affairs as opposed to individual politicians. The confusion stems from the fact that the single party in China is the Communist Party even though they do not practice Communist political theory, but rather state-directed, right-wing economic and political theory.

CIA Factbook:
The CIA classifies China's government as a "communist state". The CIA further defines communism as:

"a system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single - often authoritarian - party holds power; state controls are imposed with the elimination of private ownership of property or capital while claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people (i.e., a classless society)."

However, the actual functioning of Chinese society and economy is a bit schizophrenic. In its attempt to become a more powerful economic force in the world and to improve its industrial infrastructure, China's laws about private property and private companies have become more and more capitalist in nature. Property rights are starting to be taken seriously, which encourages private development and private investment in the Chinese economy.

The communist tendency to control all industry is still at odds with this growing quasi-capitalist economy, and they have not yet worked out the difference between "restrictions for the sake of government control" and "protecting consumers from dangerous products and fraud".

Comment Re: Cryptocurrency Advice (Score 0) 249

"Because most economists are not really strong when it comes to IT. They also have a really poor track record, as a whole, of predicting the future of the economy."

And you think a bunch of IT nerds are going to be any good at predicting the future of the economy?

Most IT geeks fail to remember history, let alone learn from it. That's why we've got the current SJW shit infesting Reddit, Twitter, and crap like Tumblr spreading around and fucking things up. That's why you've got laws going around restricting the internet well past what should be allowed, and bandwidth caps, and more.

And those IT people have lost all control to higher-up talking heads, all in the name of money. They can't control what they once built. You think they're in any position to even ATTEMPT to control the economy?

Can I get the number for your drug dealer?

Comment Re:Monero (Score 1) 249

No, don't, because it was, and still is, a gamble.

As of right now, China essentially controls BitCoin. The hashing power and currency concentration they currently hold means that in the future, at a whim, China could knock that currency out.

And it is in the Communist Government's interest to do so. Just wait until China has accumulated/hoarded enough of the Bitcoin and more of the hashing power. It's going to kill it dead. Those who have not paid attention to general history will learn a painful lesson once more. Greed is what kills any economic/social/political system or currency.

The technology will live, the currency will fail.

Comment Whipslash/BizX (Score 3, Insightful) 246

Pay attention what happens here with this. This is going to be an important lesson for you to learn from.

This is also an opportunity to capitalize. You see this bad move being made? Do the opposite of it and also take advantage of it. Hire some of those people leaving the company. Turn SourceForge into a better Github. Invest a little money, get a couple of these people, let them work remotely, see what happens.

Comment Re:Stupid design (Score 3, Interesting) 126

Current doesn't kill silicon, voltage does. Example, you take an LED. It's a red one that runs at 2V. You can probably dump 3-4x that voltage through it without a resistor, and it won't care as long as the polarity is correct and it has adequate heat sinking. Now, this same LED has a reverse breakdown voltage. Many LEDs now days have native protection about double their nominal operative voltage. So for this LED, it can take upwards of ~4V reverse polarity. You give it 5V or higher in reverse, you will destroy the p-n junction.

This knowledge is what is used to design LED arrays which can run natively off wall power without any power driver circuitry.

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