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Comment Re:this is what the 2nd amendment is for (Score 1) 167

I beg to differ on this being an unfortunate thing. This effectively means that business and life can continue as per usual for the most part, at least long enough for the new leaders to have some appreciable amount of time to rebuild basic global economic links.

Comment Too complicated/expensive of a solution. (Score 2) 85

Toilets have held the answer for at least a century - float ball and fill valve. They don't require any specialized electronics, nor do they require power to run. Water levels get low enough, the float ball will trip the fill valve open and the paddy will get filled until the float ball raises up enough to close the fill valve.

Comment Wired to wired+wireless headphones. (Score 3, Interesting) 208

First, the pictures - and

Old, cheap $3 pair of Cube headphones found at Big Lots. Had them for years, cabling finally gave out. Came across a broken Polaroid PBT598 bluetooth speaker set, literally the only thing intact was the gumstick amp/bluetooth board, and even then it had damage, it having fried a couple of SMT capacitors, the battery and speaker trace pads were missing.

So, first order of business, get the SMT caps replaced. Easily done - just salvage components from various boards I've got around the house. Slightly trickier was exposing traces and fresh metal to solder to for battery and speaker connections. Making it fit required Dremel and hot glue work due to the shape of the headphones, and as a result the thing does look like a total hack job on the case itself.

But if I want to drown the world out in its entirety, 2x3w strapped to my head certainly does it. I can't hear my garbage disposal, vacuum cleaner, or even the neighbor's loud rap music. Volume has to be kept at pretty much 25% as anything higher, while clear (up to about 60%, then the poor speakers begin to distort) simply hurts.

Comment Re:SolarCity = Liars (Score 1) 180

No, about 33% is the theoretical limit for any single-junction cell for *a single wavelength*. We also have silicon and carbon pillar nanotech that allows capture of almost all wavelengths, it's been here in /. before. Single-junction cells will get far more efficient as we can harness wider bandgap ranges.

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 2) 91

" The bus is more often the bottleneck than anything connected to it in modern computing systems."

Not even close. Quite often it's the underlying architecture itself causing the bottlenecks.

Example, Intel's latest and greatest Xeons FUCKING SUCK. Why? Because their internal architecture to deliver data across cores is gimped beyond belief. You can run 2 CPU x 4 GPU, 4 CPU x 2 GPU, but you can't do 4 CPU x 4 GPU. Meanwhile, I've got far older AMD systems that run 4 CPU x 4 GPU without a problem.

Comment Re:Age discrimination is obvious (Score 1) 348

"I interviewed with 2 companies last year that were very up front about my being mid-40's was a problem. In one company, 5 of the 7 people I talked to brought it up and a couple clearly had problems with it. The recruiter that flew me out congratulated me on putting up with it - what an asshat."

That's entirely illegal age discrimination. Age is not a legal bona-fide occupational qualifier for IT work.

Comment Re: have you tried telegram messenger? (Score 1) 115

I have it installed on both iPhone and desktop. There is no video.

Try reading their own FAQ:

"Q: Can I make calls or video calls via Telegram?

We specialize in sending messages, large media and files — and we do this better than anyone out there.

We may enable voice calls if we see significant demand in the future. The technology necessary for encrypted calls has indeed been created in our R&D dungeons.

But for now we see many things that could still be revolutionized in messaging. And messaging is obviously trending at the moment, so our focus remains in that area for now."

No, they do not do video.

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