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Comment Re:AMD's response? (Score 2) 167

We have microfluidics for stacking dies and removing heat. We do it on p-n junctions on some of the latest LEDs (which are fucking MASSIVE at nearly 7mm x 7mm on just the die alone, not including any mount, circuitry, etc.) to keep them very cool.

I don't speak of ideas unless I already know we've got the technology to handle it.

Comment AMD's response? (Score 3, Interesting) 167

Assuming Intel doesn't go Xeon-scale in pricing for this CPU (who am I kidding, of course they will) I wonder how AMD plans to respond to this.

For now, they've got the consoles holding them afloat. And while I am an AMD fan, I see they are rapidly losing out on the desktop space when it comes to performance (despite both companies having rather meager performance gains for the past several years.)

They'd better figure out what the fuck they're doing, and come up with some competing responses, quickly. Hell, I've got ideas for them, all involving that HBM tech.

1. Use a modified version of that HBM tech to stack their CPU cores and load it up with tons of cache memory (for their non-APU line.) And don't forget to drop a process node, for fuck's sake.
2. Use modified HBM tech to create stacked CPU/GPU/RAM/CACHE on the same die (for their APU line.)
3. Use modified HBM to create stacked single-die CrossFire GPUs that don't consume gobs of power (GPU line.)
4. Use modified HBM tech to create a true monolithic SOC package that integrates EVERYTHING, thus eliminating the need for motherboards - at that point and time, it just becomes a breakout board with a socket. They could probably do away with the interposer as well if They were clever enough in the design.

Comment Re:First... BULLSHIT (Score 2) 223

"1. Mics don't pick up ultrasonic"

Mine most certainly do Webcameras are susceptible to this. Turn on a fluorescent T5 lamp next to a webcam with a microphone. You won't hear that ballast, but your microphone most certainly will and can create beat frequency oscillations that become audible to the rest of your listeners.

"2. Speakers don't reproduce ultrasonic"

Yes, they do. Piezo-electric speakers do wonderfully at this, in fact, which is why they're used in ultrasonic pest repellent devices.

"3. And even if these somehow did, Nyquist already limits it all"

Not even close. Please retry when you understand more basic physics and signalling.

Comment Re:At last: The crushing of Coren22... apk (Score 1) 367

Look at APK as he has serious mental breakdowns.

No wildcards, no NXDOMAIN, nothing that actually works with any actual speed.

APK is a cheap hack that relies upon old outdated technology to try to make himself look like a security expert.

He is not.

He is a failure and so is any company or individual championing him.

Comment APK likes failing security & coding (Score 1) 367

Still thinks his HOSTs is worth a shit when more and more programs every day are coming with hardcoded stuff to directly bypass HOSTs, even the Operating System itself has bypasses for HOSTs.


Do not listen to APK nor purchase or use any AV product he may recommend, or any AV product from companies that recommend his INSECURE HOSTs file.

They are simply untrustworthy.

Virustotal is untrustworthy. Virscan is untrustworthy, any entity APK mentions is not trustworthy.

Comment Re:Rational basis (Score 1) 367

"And having it be 64-bit gives us the advantage of being able to scale up the number of objects and mods to a complexity level never seen before in a Bethsoft sandbox game."

That's pretty pathetic considering I can get billions of objects easily referenced in a 32-bit address space with proper structuring of code and object storage/calling/instancing with a tiny 2D engine known as BYOND.

You only need 64-bit address space because Bethesda can't program worth a fuck.

Comment Re:The bitch slapping of Khyber (Score 2) 104

No, you eat your words at 5TB of lost data because your HOSTs doesn't protect against SHIT when a program bypasses HOSTs with its own hardcoded shit.

You complete utter fucking out of date moron, with your insecure out of date almost TWO DECADES OLD USELESS JUNK.

Get the fuck off here and go to Reddit where your bullshit is tolerated by the uneducated masses.

And any AV company espousing your bullshit needs to be avoided as well. It's quite obvious they don't know the first thing about security.

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