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Comment: Re:Knew it was too good to be true. (Score 1) 160 160

They don't. It's a huge problem (no pun intended). It's been one of the impetuses for "big data," but there hasn't been a single plot disrupted so far. Targeted surveillance is the only way to get effective intelligence. Mapping phone numbers and/or communications to specific phones, and from phones to individuals is far from trivial on a mass level, although it's usually possible with targeted efforts. Dragnets only work if you don't care who or what gets caught up in them.

Comment: Re:The founding documents present a path... (Score 2, Insightful) 160 160

Soo, you want to replace a democratically elected government because you disagree with the electorate? Because your individual vote didn't outweigh all of theirs? How is that better? That sounds worse to me.

Keep in mind, I'm on the side of strong civil liberties, but I don't think that can be accomplished through tyranny. If people know they're right, and they're dedicated to making change, and convince others, then change can happen. See the decriminalization of marijuana as one of the most recent examples. Or gay marriage. It may take a generation, or even two, but it happens. As Churchill said, America always does the right thing -- after trying everything else first.

This is more about expectations. It seems that you expect things to change quickly and decisively just because you see them a certain way. That expectation seems unreasonable to me, even if I agree with the way you see things. Maybe I will have to deal with intrusive government surveillance for the rest of my life, but prior generations have had to endure worse. I'll do what I can to change minds and votes, but I don't expect it to happen overnight. That's not how society works.

Comment: Re:200 cycles? (Score 1) 131 131

Not really. Anyone with sufficient skill and patience can cheaply replace their own battery, and manufacturers and third parties both offer that service if you'd rather not DIY. Whether it's worthwhile, of course, depends on how new your phone is, and the cost of an upgrade, but for many people in a 2 year contract, it's much cheaper to replace the battery, even through a service, than to upgrade or replace the phone.

Comment: Re:200 cycles? (Score 1) 131 131

You would need half the cycles to do the same amount of work, but how long would "the same amount of work" really happen though? I think manufacturers would probably add features that are prohibitively expensive from a power budget standpoint today. That's an easier and more distinguishing selling point for competition than battery life. I mean, a flip phone will go for many days without needing to be recharged, if that's someone's primary consideration.

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