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Comment Weak reasoning. (Score 4, Insightful) 415

Excepting cases of rape and incest, you chose to have sex, deal with it.

What if the partner was lying about contraception?

What if somebody wasn't educated on the consequences of sex?

What if the mother was brought up in an enslavement society that taught her from early childhood that women should to as they are told and spread their legs when told to? (Basically all societies on this planet until a few decades ago)

What if somebody was emotionally coned into getting a child and the abandoned by those just as responsible? (Mostly men abandoning women, except in societies that ensure guys don't chicken out and have more-or-less equal rights)

What if somebody is using a child as an excuse for a free ride and as a vector for irresponsible behaviour?

Aside from that, I'd like to hear from you if it's better to keep the child and have it born into misery and/or abadoned into foster care or rather ensure that someone who doesn't want to have a child or technically can't handle it can abort (up to a medical resonable point that is).

Bottom line: Your reasoning looks so neat and simple, but it has holes so big as to drive a mac truck through them. Ergo: Wrong. You should reconsider your maximes on this.

Comment The Age of Cyberpunk with its Corporate Socialism (Score 2) 174

We're headed deaper into the world of cyberpunk once more with all its hallmarks, including corporate socialism (corporates reap gain, citziens/taxpayers pay loss). TPP is just another step along the way. ... I wonder when there will be a counter movement. ... Right now everyone get's bored when I try to explain software and algorithm patents to them.Or they simply believe it doesn't exist.

Whatever happens, I want a cyberdeck and Kanedas bike from Akira. ... And a tank with a few clones of me so I don't grow old. :-)

Submission + - Is it time to seriously get into crypto-currency? And if so, which?

Qbertino writes: German officials recently suggested to make all transactions larger than 5000 Euros illegal in cash. It's only a proposal, but definitely some back-room grey-suits machiavellian attempt to introduce the concept of ultimate transaction tracking in the long term. We all know how this goes. With all this and the ever-looming cyberpunk future in close proximity, I'm starting to wonder if it isn't time to get myself familiar with crypto currency as a means of trade.
Bitcoin is all the hype, but the blockchain has flaws, in that it isn't as anonymous as one would hope for — you can track past transactions. Rumors of Bitcoin showing cracks are popping up and also there are quite a few alternatives out there. So I have some questions: Is getting into dealing with crypto currency worthwhile already? Is bitcoin a way to go or will it falter under wide use / become easyly trackable once NSA and the likes adopt their systems to doing exactly that?
What digital currency has the technical and mind-share potential to superceed bitcoin? Are there feasible cryptocurrencies that have the upsides of bitcoin (such as a mathematical limit to their amount) but are fully anonymous in transactions? What do the economists and digi-currency nerds here have to contribute on that? What are your experiences with handling and holding cryptocurrency? And does bitcoin own the market or is it still flexible enough for an technology upgrade? May the discussion begin ...

Comment More curated content, more editors, more global (Score 1) 1819

I've been a Slashdotter since the 90ies and I still think it's one of the best examples of user-generated and user curated content in existance. The moderation system might be improvable but it is pretty good and does a useful job of filtering rubbish. And its way better than everything else out there.

That been said, slashdot has been thinning out lately, probably mostly due to social networks and such. I think this time is a good time to admit what slashdot is: an online news classic driven by it's community. A global (!!) community of digerati. I would whish for more editors (globally, remote ... like automattic, the WordPress company), more curated special articles by professional or semi-professional writers/online-journalist specifically written/made for slashdot and a more global and globalised feel to slashdot. WE are the bridgehead of digital globalisation - it shouldshow in our favorite online medium.

I'm confident that slashdot could become a news-brand in itself and stand the test of time and survive the social media onslaught - slashdot justpart-time improve on the things it's good at and extend on those.

I've written books of content and comments on slashdot - if there were a possibility to write and publish essays and well-produced multimedia blurbs, perhaps with a global part-time virtual editing departement, that would becool and definitely bring slashdot forward and revive it again.

My 2 cents.

Submission + - Dutch police trains bald eagles to take out drones (Video)

Qbertino writes: (German TFA) reports that the Dutch police is training raptor birds — bald eagles too — to take down drones. There's a video (narrated and interviewed in dutch) linked in TFA. It's a test phase and not yet determined if this is going real — concernes of the birds getting injured are amoung the counter-arguments against this course of action. This all is conducted by a company called "Guard from above" designing systems to prevent smugling via drones. TFA also mentions MTUs net-shooting quadcopter concept of a drone-predator.

Of course, there are also 'untrained' birds taking out quadcopters, as you might have seen already.

Comment Oh, look, found them. (Score 1) 109

Yeah, this remind me of Saddam Hussein's weapon of mass destruction we are still searching. Complete paranoia, and totally one sided.

Oh, look, found them!
Glad I could help.

I too think there's quite a bit of really bizar non-sense that went down with the Iraq invasion.
However, you should keep two things in mind before flinging around the words "totally one-sided":

1.) Between desert storm and the invarion the UN issued 16 (that's sixteen, as in four more than a dozen) *ultimate* resolutions against Iraq and the Saddam Hussein regime. You know, ULTIMATE, as in FINAL, like "THE LAST ONE". ... Rumsfeld might be a neocon butthole, but I can't blame him for making fun of the UN and asking for concrete action back then.

2.) Iraq had proven beyond any doubt that it posessed WMDs (see link above). You can't argue against that. ... That the predictions were inflated and basically a lie, given. But WMDs Iraq had actively used before - no doubt about that.

Comment UEFI is TCPA repackaged, nice and shiny. (Score 3, Interesting) 697

I ran into this UEFI crap about half a year back, when I had to adjust some BIOS settings and couldn't, because I didn't have windows installed. I couldn't believe it. RMSes worst nightmares come true, today. Un-fucking-believable.

UEFI is just another machiavellian attempt at controlling our hardware from start to finish. It's basically the old TCPA bullshit repackaged. How the fuck anyone could install let alone design and build a BIOS whos UI is depedant on what OS is installed on the HDD is totally beyond me. I honestly am of the opinion that those who designed this freakin' insane UEFI BIOS crap and peddle it should be brought before court for malicious malpractice and willfully undermining computer security.

UEFI in my book is definitely a reason not to buy the hardware using it.

BTW: How come no one get's worked up about that? Everyone is pissing their pants about systemd, but UEFI doesn't get half as much bad press. I remember the TCPA uproar - that was a good one. How about now?

Comment Re:Linux is a fragile house of cards (Score 2, Interesting) 697

Yepp, Some package managers are on crack too often.

Debian Stable removes the network stack by default if you uninstall the Gnome GUI. Fucked up my day when I was doing a server-install and just wanted to ditch the GUI as a last move. Since then I always leave the GUI installed - even though that's actually pretty retarded for a Linux Server Host. ... But that's Debian for you.

Submission + - German inventor, innovator and businessman Artur Fischer dies at age of 96

Qbertino writes: As reports (German link) inventor Artur Fisher has died at the age of 96. Artur Fisher is a classic example of the innovator and businessman of post-war Germany — he invented the synchronous flash for photography, the famed Fisher Fixing (aka Screwanchor/rawlplug or "Dübel" in German) and the Fisher Technik Construction Sets with which many a nerd grew up with, including the famous C64 Fisher Robotics Kit of the 80ies. His heritage includes an impressive portfolio of over 1100 patents and he reportedly remained inventive and interested in solving technical problems til the very end. ... Rest in piece and thanks for the hours of fun tinkering with Fishertechnik. ... Now where did that old C64 robot go?

Submission + - What are your experiences with online IDEs for web development?

Qbertino writes: I'm toying with the thought of moving my web development (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript with perhaps a little Python and Ruby thrown in) into the cloud. The upsides I expect would be: 1) No synching hassles across machines. 2) No installation of toolchains to get working or back to work — a browser and a connection is all that would be required. 3) Easy teamwork. 4) Easy deployment. 5) A move to Chrome OS for ultra-cheap laptop goodness would become realistic.
Is this doable,feasible and what are your experiences? Note, this would be for *professional* web development, not hobbyist stuff. Serious interactive JS, non-trivial PHP/LAMP development, etc. Has anyone have real world experience doing something like this? Maybe even experience with moving to a completely web-centric environment with Chrome OS? What have you learned? What would you recommend? How has it impacted your productivity and what do you miss from the native pipelines? What keeps you/enables you staying in the cloud? Are you working 'totally cloud' with a team and if so, how does it work out/feel? Is it doable/does it make sense? As for concrete solutions, I'm eyeing Cloud9, CodeAnywhere, CodeEnvy but also semi-foss stuff like NeutronDrive. Anything you would recommend for real world productivity? Have you tried this and moved back? If so, what are your experiences and what would need to be improved to make it worthwhile?
Thanks for any insights.

Comment Re:They can't afford it (Score 1) 412

We're already seeing the system buckle and fail. Greece crashed, Germany, France, Sweden, etc are cracking under the migrant issue to say nothing for a turning economy.

Except that these nations are actually benefiting from the influx of refugees. This is because of subsidation by the state in short term, of course, but will support itself as soon as the refugees start working and contributing to society. We're seeing these effects in Germany already. If I were King of Germany, I'd ask for more refugees (~3 Million should be the sweet spot) and send boats to the mediteranian to pick up the missing wives and children. Add in a woman/man quota, ditch the convoluted asylum rules, boot criminals back to syria, algeria, whatnot ASAP. Teach them German, secularisation, the German constitution and send the criminals back pronto, with drumskin trials if the need be. Send out the message that the gloves have come off. Bingo. In three years you've lowered the age average by a decade and economic thoughput is through the roof. If handled correctly, the current refugee influx into Germany could be a god-send.

Eurozone is strainging at the seams, but that's not due to free money for the poor. It's because of dispersed fiscal policy. You can't have that under a unfified currency. Eurozone needs to become a true federation if it is to survive in its current form. Free market movements have little to do with that. All the Eurozone nations in trouble are knee-deep in troubles caused by bad fiscal discipline and banking one eurozone rescue money. Clean up that mess and you can have your Eurocake and eat it too. Don't and the pain will continue. It's that simple.

Comment Wrong. I mean, really wrong. (Score 1) 412

This would first require ending of right to free movement (otherwise whole Eastern Europe would move to countries with ubs) and then really dealing with immigration to prevent whole Africa from moving to Europe. In other words: no way.

For at least to reasons:

Right now, lots of people move within the eurozone (taking advantage of the freedom to move inside the EU privilege) *because* they expect better income somewhere else. If all get the same default CBI (Conditionless Basic Income), then there is no reason for a spanish guy to move to cold Germany, where he has no social connections just to get a Job. Meanwhile, a German citizen who receives a default european CBI whereever he goes has no reason to stay in rural Germany and do the silly unemployment-support form-filling and burocracy dance every quarter (costing German taxpayers billons for the paperwork alone) if he can't get a job there - he can just more somewhere else where its warmer and he has a better chance of trying his luck.

The fundamental problem with the Eurozone is not that we've got to much of it, the problem is that it is implemented wrong. You know, like managers designing software (*shudder*). We've got a forced currency union without the correct unified fiscal mechanisms and social reforms to match. That's a recipe for failure (Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece ... anyone?). That's why the Greece problem was/is such a mess. Arm-thick extra contracts that no one reads let alone follows and a eurozone straining at the seams. This will need to be fixed ASAP, one way or the other. Or else Eurozone with burst appart.

Fixing this involves a unified social policy and the easyest way doing that is flattening all wealth transfer into a single CBI across the Eurozone. That's exactly what Saxo Bank expects to happen. ... It would be the best solution and solve quite a few problems in one move, including the tough ones like the Greek people hurting badly after nearly 4 decades of socialist miss-management and defacto national bankruptcy. ... But if you ask me right now I think they're being really optimistic. I'm cautiously hopeful that Eurozone does the turn-around and am totally with the Saxobank analysts on this one, but I'm not holding my breath just yet. Politicians can be quite stupid and right now nationalists and far-right are popping up all over the place left, right and center. I hope it's just a fad, but who knows. The dimwits might just take over again.

As for asylum seekers and imigrants:
What does that have to do with CBI??? They don't get that. It would only be for EU citizens. The fugitive crisis has just about zilch to do with the CBI issue.

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