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Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 1) 179

That was my experience with a Samsung Galaxy S4. MicroSD slot became somewhat unreliable, which led to unreliable functioning of things like music, because I had my music on the SD card. Sadly, I had assumed this would be rock-solid when I bought the phone, so I went with minimum internal memory.

My replacement is a Nexus 6P with 128GB of internal storage. Much happier. Except for the part where I spent something like $739 or thereabouts for the 6P with Nexus Protect. :)

Comment Re:Shady Stats (Score 2) 302

And, to forestall the next step, it's worth noting that the somewhat-reasonable rejoinder to this is that people had to self-select to install this app -- I believe it's something you actively install and opt into. Which means that it's a lousy way to create a sample population.

So in short: Either the methodology involves installing spyware on your phone against your will, or it involves self-selecting populations. It's either morally repugnant or just incorrect. Take your pick.

Comment Re:Recognize them??? (Score 5, Informative) 144

Actually, incorrect. While some awards (e.g. the Bronze Star, Medal of Honor) are given for unusual behavior (e.g. heroism), the military has the worlds' original badge system. There are badges for everything. For example, you can get the Silver Chevron if you've served in a war but stateside for at least six months (see

So it's entirely reasonable to say "there's something distinctive about this group that merits its own device" -- most devices have nothing to do with heroism.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 3, Informative) 184

We had Exchange and moved to Google Apps
1. Email
2. Calendars
3. Contacts
4. To-do lists
5. IMs
6. emailcontactscalendar integrations

If we wanted something like Project or TFS or Sharepoint, that'd be a problem, but aside from those ... I'd say we got pretty much everything we wanted, and it works pretty darn well. We also don't have to admin it.

Comment Re:My little pony (Score 1) 285

Nope. Anne Aaron is not the project manager. She's the engineering manager.

You can find her career history at -- after getting her PhD in EE from Stanford (thesis was about video encoding) she was a software engineer for 14 years until she was promoted in September/2014 to manager.

(Full disclaimer: She's a coworker of mine)

Comment Re:Discrimination is discrimination (Score 2, Insightful) 220

How long have you been here?

The general consensus on Slashdot is that:
1. Men have no advantage over women; quite the opposite, a significant set of disadvantages;
2. Women are under-represented in higher-earning professions because "they just don't feel like it"
3. Anything aimed at women only is end-of-the-word discrimination.

Comment Re:News for Facebook employees (Score 1) 130

Because -- given the tech talent crunch -- tech companies are competing for talent. One way they do that is by providing more aggressive benefits. This means that as large name-brand companies change their benefits (such as parental leave) for the better, other companies are likely to follow.

And I speak here as someone who works at Netflix, which went public with "do what makes sense for you and we'll cover you for a year after your child's birth or adoption" a few months ago.

In short: Facebook doing it will have a positive impact on the benefits arms race which non-Facebook employees will benefit from.

Comment Re:Burning the candle at both ends. (Score 2) 89

At least in the case of Netflix, it's probably because Netflix has for a while now had a public offer to large ISPs where it will place caches of its servers in the ISP, resulting in a huge amount of Netflix streaming activity happening within the ISP's network rather than required to go over peering links.

Comment Re:It's not a bug, it's a feature (Score 3, Interesting) 150

You've got to log in as enabled in order to be able to use 'config' or 'write', which of course means you can't use either to recover from a lost enable password (of course, that's what starting up and interrupting the boot sequence and 0x2102 (which, BTW, I last used about 18 years ago and could still remember -- scary) are for.

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