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Comment Re:"Best military science fiction novel ever writt (Score 1) 240

Close call, but try Starship Troopers instead.

They are equally good. They just have different scope (...)

That was a great answer, thank you :)

Don't get me wrong, i greatly enjoyed TFW and think it deserves a rightful spot on the military sci-fi hall of fame. But i consistently see Starship Troopers regarded as the best in the genre and listed on pretty much every top 10 sci-fi list to boot. - with good reason, i might add.

Comment WWII-era inspired plane... sheeze... (Score 1) 320

The A-29 is a thoroughly modern, well equipped aircraft which just happens to use a prop. I know one Brazilian airforce pilot who flies it and has nothing but praise for the plane.

After the dumb decision of shelving the A-10 in favor of the F-35 the USAF would do good in considering the Super Tucano as a COIN/CAS alternative. Hell, at $4 millon a pop you can even write them off as minor losses on the F-35 program

Comment Re:36 hours? (Score 1) 52

It is kind of a big whoop - there's plenty of use cases for a watch that require more than a days worth of juice. Ever took a long flight?

I'm not a hater. I can see a lot of interesting use cases for a smart watch. But it is a watch nevertheless, and 1.5 days of usability is awful for something you're supposed to wear to read the time every now and then.

Comment 36 hours? (Score 1) 52

I know the has been beaten to death, but this is still an abysmal battery life for a watch. Even the Pebble, which sacrificed "smartness" for battery performance, still struggles to reach 4 days on a charge.

For a device you're intended to wear i find this unacceptable and limits the usefulness of smart watches pretty much to urban environments only. We're a far cry away from having solar smart watches or miniature long-lasting batteries.

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