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The Wizard Released on DVD 75

The Wired Game|Life Column points out that something momentous happened yesterday: The Wizard was released on DVD. From the post: "And I do not understand how any sane person couldn't be happy about this. Generally recognized even by the small children who saw it in 1989 as being a ninety-minute ad for Nintendo, The Wizard is quite frankly a masterpiece of our time. It starred Super Mario Bros. 3." From 1up's post on the release: "Appropriate celebrations include sending Wizard cards (depicting Fred Savage in all his pre-teen glory, natch), the decorating of the Wizard tree (ornaments should resemble characters from Super Mario 3), and wearing the Wizard celebratory garments (also known as the Nintendo Power Glove). I'm sure the lack of Blu-Ray release was simply an oversight, and not a monstrous snub by the higher-ups at Sony."
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The Wizard Released on DVD

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