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Submission + - SPAM: Progress MS-04 resupply mission to ISS - failure

brindafella writes: The Russian Progress MS-04 resupply mission to the International Space Station will not be arriving. It seems that the Stage 3 of the Soyuz rocket had a problem that caused around 2-3 minutes too little of boost to orbit. The mission components broke up at high altitude during an uncontrolled re-entry over the Republic of Tuva, about 2,000 kilometers east of the launch site in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. MS-04 was carrying "5,383 pounds (2,442 kilograms) of cargo, a figure encompassing 1,565 pounds (710 kilograms) of propellant to be pumped into the Zvezda module’s fuel tanks, 926 pounds (420 kilograms) of fresh water, 114 pounds (52 kilograms) of oxygen, and 2,777 pounds (1,260 pounds) of dry cargo", including a new Orlan spacesuit.

Submission + - US Bitcoin Exchange Ordered To Disclose Three Years Of User Data To IRS (

turkeydance writes: The government’s request was part of a bitcoin tax-evasion probe, and seeks to identify all Coinbase users in the U.S. who “conducted transactions in a convertible virtual currency” from 2013 to 2015. What makes a “John Doe” unique, is that it represents a special "shotgun" form of summons to look for tax evaders that allows the IRS to obtain information about all taxpayers in a group or class of people, even if the agency doesn’t know their identities. The IRS has deployed the tactic in its recent crackdown on undeclared offshore accounts, with the implication that any such broad sweep may lead to prosecution.

Comment Re:"Likley grow" - Bullshit (Score 1) 275

The best way to kill it is to make renewable energy sources cheaper subsidizing renewables even more than we're already doing now?

It's great that some countries are phasing out coal, but

A. these aren't the same countries with stacks of coal reserves

B. natural gas production is huge right now, therefore prices are low, therefore it makes sense to convert to natural gas fired plants

C. unfortunately natural gas isn't renewable either...or at least not in a happy friendly no C02 emissions kind of way, it's just a bit less dirty than coal.

Comment Re:Capacity is a trailing resource (Score 1) 263

solve the mis-pricing of fossil fuels and reveal how uncompetitively expensive they are

You certainly have an argument regarding coal, natural gas? Not so much.
Thanks to all these fracking projects we have a glut of the stuff. Even after wells stop producing oil they can produce significant amounts of natural gas for years.

It's relatively clean burning and is the clean go-to power source for "base grid" supplies since it works even when at night or when it isn't windy out.

Comment Re:No expectation of privacy on public streets (Score 1) 224

The better discussion would be about what's done with the imagery and any resulting (say, facial recognition/tracking) database that's created from that imagery

Um...cross referenced with the cell-phone location and call records they receive sans-warrant from all the major cellular providers?

That said, you technically have no right to privacy in a public space, even before the "Patriot Act" stepped in. Unreasonable? Yes. Perfectly legal? Also yes.

Comment Re:A professional IT organization? (Score 1) 607

Why automate when depressed, third-world wages are cheaper?

Well you do have a point. Those 8 year olds assembling iPhones for 50 cents a day have really nimble fingers.

That said, once you have it automated the only thing you're paying for is the electricity. The technology is getting better all the time...and yes, the USA is still (by GDP) the #2 manufacturer in the world, despite almost nobody actually working in factory jobs anymore.

Comment Re:The next question (Score 1) 120

Ripley: "Van Luen, why don't you just check out lv426?"

Van Luen: " 'Cause I don't have to, there have been people there for 20 years and they never complained about any hostile organism"

Ripley: "What do you mean, what people?"

Van Luen: "Terraformers, planet engineers, they go in set up these big atmosphere processors to make the air breathable, takes decades, it's what we call a Shake and Bake colony."

Comment Re:Oh, I see ... (Score 1) 63

Nope, it exploits only one thing: Android's brain dead permission system of all/nothing. User gets text, then told that due to bug, they can't see the real SMS. User goes and downloads .apk file (turning on sideloading, ignoring warnings about downloading from unofficial sources, and ignoring the permissions that the app wants), and then is nailed.

You're half right. What it exploits are brain dead users.

Comment Re: Global warming is a joke (Score 1) 249

There I have a bit of an advantage over you though. About 90% of the power in my city is nuclear.

Good for you? The majority of the country runs on coal. I agree Nuclear energy is far cleaner, unfortunately it's also far (as in more than 10 times) more expensive, even assuming you can thread through the mob of nutjob eco-warriors and actually build one.

Solar isn't at all ideal (for this application) since it only works in the daytime and that's when people and their cars are at work.

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