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Comment Re:The average price of a new car (Score 1) 161

Kinda maybe. Tesla introduced the base model at $33,560, with the top of the line going for almost double that. The average per the link will be about $42k. You can get many gas powered vehicles for $33k +/- loaded with features. Still good job on Tesla for pushing into the future.

Submission + - Sony cancels planned release for The Interview ( 2

krakelohm writes: Sony, in light of the decision by the majority of the exhibitors not to show the film "The Interview," have decided not to move forward with the planned December 25 theatrical release

Comment Re:America is a RINO (Score 1) 588

Possibly up here... Independent gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker held a slim lead over incumbent Republican Gov. Sean Parnell in Tuesday’s general election, but the outcome was far from certain even as the last of the state’s far-flung precincts reported their tallies. ..... If Walker holds his lead, he and Mallott would make Alaska history by becoming the first nonpartisan ticket elected to the state’s top executive offices.

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