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Comment One of the problems (Score 1) 675

is that some vendors charged two upgrade prices: one for the new chip-ready terminal, a SECOND to upgrade the software to a set that is chip-ready! So many businesses ended up with new terminals with deactivated chip readers.

Another issue that I've seen is speed. It seems like some chip-ready installs are using dial-up to transmit info, which is really odd. We spent a few weeks in Germany last summer, and all of the terminals that we used were quite brisk.

Comment Re: You made it, Syrians! (Score 2) 1592

Texas keeps threatening to leave, personally I'd tell them yes. Then watch as they try to pay for all of the military bases and hardware that would be removed.

In Arizona, Pima County/Tucson would like to secede as the Arizona Legislature has gone absolutely bat-shit crazy. One of the more interesting recent bits of ritual idiocy is the governator signed a bill adding two seats to the Supreme Court to stuff it with conservatives. The twit who proposed the bill said "We wouldn't have put it forth if the governor was a Democrat."

Comment Re:At this point, I just need to ask: (Score 1) 36

I have in front of me of my recently arrived DVD complete Yes Minister, and I am reminded of an exchange between Sir Humphrey and Jim Hacker. To paraphrase:

Sir Humphrey: There are two responses. "It is under consideration", which means we've lost it.
Hacker: And the other?
Humphrey: "It is under active consideration", which means we're looking for it.

Comment What I don't get (Score 1) 359

And I freely admit that I don't track things like CPU specs any more, is why Windows is still 32 bit? Are modern CPUs still coming in 32 bit? I have no problem slapping 16 gig or more of RAM in any of my Macs and they just say Cool! Why do we have to buy a 64 bit version of Windows to get more than 4 gig of RAM in a box?

Comment Re:Kinda predictable but... (Score 1) 104

I've been wearing a Pebble Time Steel since they shipped, well, except when I sleep, and quite like it. I looked at the Apple Watch and there were many things that I didn't like: weight, price, and UI. I want: an alarm, a count down timer, and a display that I can read without having to put on my reading glasses. This is a major point -- I had cataract surgery a couple of years ago and I need a big, blocky display. With the widely-available dev kit for the Pebble, the watch face that I needed was available on the day that my watch arrived in the mail. The silent alarm is a nice feature: I described it to a friend of mine who is a pilot and he thought that would be very nice for telling you when to switch to your aux fuel tank.

But the most important thing that I wanted: solid steel body. I spent over $300 on a Seiko back in the '90s. Solid steel back, base metal body. My perspiration worked around the back, corroded through the body, and destroyed the watch. I don't have that fear with my Pebble Time Steel, and it cost less than that Seiko, especially when you convert dollars to 20 years later.

It all depends on what functionalities that you need and use it for. For some, the Apple Watch is quite terrific and spiffy. For me, I'm quite happy saving some $$$. If a watch offers features that I never use, that isn't a deal sweetener for me.

Comment Re:Backlash (Score 1) 224

Myself, my finger will open Amazon, iBooks, a secure storage app, and one of my bank accounts: but not my phone. For that, I have to enter a passcode.

Mythbusters did an excellent episode where they defeated many home security devices, including a finger print reader. As I understand it, later models of iPhones actually read a capillary signature, so theoretically a severed fingertip wouldn't do it. But I wonder if some of the Mythbuster techniques would work.

I'd like to see a survey of those using fingerprint unlocks. Is the finger on their dominant or off-hand? What's the distribution of index finger vs other fingers?

Comment Yay! (Score 2) 119

Now we have a reason to upgrade to a new version of Office!


I HATE Office, ever since they switched to that damn ribbon bar. It killed my productivity, I now have to stop and think to remember how to click and waddle through what ribbon to get the options that I needed, where they were a fairly short menu dive before that I could frequently execute without touching the mouse.

Comment Re:Password change was by San Bernadino county (Score 1) 435

Wow. I can't believe the FBI screwed up so egregiously. I worked for a somewhat major police department in the '90s (sysadmin/DBA) when they were setting up their first computer forensics unit. I do have to say one thing: it's possible that the screw-up happened when the phone was in the possession of the SBPD, not the FBI. Some agencies have incredibly loose standards and massively compromise chain of custody.

I was browsing the local community college's bookstore a few years ago and saw that they were offering a class in computer forensics. I looked up the class online, and it's taught online-only. I can't figure out WTF that's about. Without a full lab and a thorough discussion of chain of custody, I would consider the class absolutely worthless for getting a real job in computer forensics.

Comment Re: Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

When I read about his Liberty U speech, aside from him using profanity twice at a "religious" university for which students would be fined, which I find absolutely hilarious, was that he included Microsoft in the statement. I might be mistaken because I can't find a quote or the article that I read. But Microsoft doesn't make computers if you exclude the XBox.

He also called Second Corinthians "Two Corinthians", which I also found funny. I'm not religious, still, a person who had an actual religious practice should not have made that mistake.

I agree that the tax code should be reformed to bring manufacturing back to the USA, but doing it by decree is not the way to do it. I am curious how many of the RNC candidates realize that they're not being elected Dictator, but President, and they theoretically have to work with the other two branches of government.

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