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Comment Re:What's with this fixation? (Score 1) 328

The thing that I particularly love about this is the irony that it's Disney, the company being sued by workers for outsourcing its IT department to India and sacking all of its local IT workforce. So go right ahead and learn to code under the Disney IT directive, kids -- you're never going to code for them! You might stand and let people on to rides for $10 an hour, but you're not going to code for them.

No, not everyone should be programmers. I have no problem with exposing everyone to code, you never know when someone might be incredibly gifted and they just needed that exposure. All I needed was to be shown that KSR-33 teletype with the dial-up acoustic coupler modem back in '74 and I was hooked. I didn't know a thing about code at that time, but I learned pretty quick. Give kids a class every other year that also helps them with critical thinking, and maybe there's a chance we can improve the state of computer security and reduce the amount of Nigerian Prince fraud that goes on over time. It requires curiosity, drive, and a certain mind set to be a coder, and not everyone is cut out for it. I've seen amazing coders, I've seen horrible coders, and personally I think I'd rather see fewer of the latter than more of the former.

Comment Re:in the same boat (Score 1) 313

I'm in a similar boat. I have a 2011 MBP with 16 gig of memory, I'm planning on putting in a 1 TB SSD when I get another job. What I would like to do is get the last model before everything got soldered/glued in (2013? 2014?) and hope that I can keep that ticking. Possibly buy two of them and maybe alternate using them a year at a time, pulling the battery from the one that's in temporary retirement.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1, Insightful) 313

I went Mac about a decade ago, I'm typing this on a brand-new 27" iMac (insurance replacement for my 2011 27" iMac that was stolen over Thanksgiving - long story). And I am an Adobe user, but not a CC user. I'm also a Microsoft user via Parallels as my former occupation was as a SQL Server developer/admin.

My main reason for switching was reliability and updates. I was sick and tired of OS crashes and reloads and having to reboot my computer seemingly every other day. Frequently the crashes took care of the need to reboot. One day I was sitting at work, again, about a decade ago, when the IT director came by my desk and started giving me a ration of shit about owning a Mac. Finally I turned to my Mac, ran uptime, then said "Yeah, Don, it's junk. It's only been up 46 days without a reboot." He turned on his heels and left.

Macs aren't perfect, and Windows has gotten much better, but man -- their UI just makes me want to claw my eyes out! I have a Windows 10 x64 box with a nice 28" Viewsonic connected to a nice Radeon card, and typing in a browser doesn't look much better than it did 15 years ago! I've never understood why in all the years of good video cards and GUI development that Microsoft couldn't get font rendering looking good. And you'll never get me off Time Machine backups! It made deploying this new iMac or my wife's new MacBook Pro that her boss bought her last Fall so easy. My wife is an astronomer and all of their data center is Linux, so Macs are a very smooth fit for the staff.

Maybe Microsoft is eating in to Apple market share. No doubt Apple has had some missteps. I don't care. As long as they're around or as long as I can keep their kit working, I'll stick with my Macs. I started with the original four-screw IBM PC and Dos 1.0 and worked on pretty much everything since then, and I've had more than enough. I just want my computer to work reliably. And that is what my Mac does.

Comment Re:Who teaches the teachers? (Score 1) 197

I interviewed last week for a Library Aid position at a local K-5 school, functionally I would be the one and only school librarian. It pays $9 an hour and I'd be happy to take it because it helps the local community, money isn't the objective here. I was informed that I would have the kids for 30 minutes per week per class to help them find books and material for their homework assignments. THIRTY MINUTES PER WEEK PER CLASS. Now, I've been doing programming and relational database since the mid 1980s. I've worked with every edition of SQL Server from the OS/2 version up through Azure cloud-based. I've taught classes before, including absolute computer novice adults, though I've never taught programming to kids. I used to be able to program in a dozen different languages, I admit some of those skills are kinda rusty. And Google thinks that in this age of high-stakes testing that there's enough time in a school day that kids can be taught programming when they have THIRTY MINUTES PER WEEK in the library?

Somebody's fooling themselves. Or I need what they're having. I'm more and more becoming a fan of the phrase "It will be a glorious day when our education system has the money it needs and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber." Of course, if DeVos gets approved to be the new SecEd, it will only get worse.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 540

My wife is an astronomer, operates a 3.5 meter telescope. Last year she wanted to hire a guy from Chile but visa issues made that difficult and it didn't happen. She lost the American lady that she wanted when her boss got wind of the job offer and upped her wage, ended up with an American working in Canada (he might be wishing he'd stayed there in a few months). So this definitely could be an issue, no doubt. LOTS of foreigners at the observatory on the other telescope: three Russians, a Chinese, a French guy. I have no idea what their work visa status was, may or may not have been H1B. One Japanese woman at the observatory, born in the USA, might be moving to Japan depending on what our new POTUS does.

Comment Re:Leave. (Score 1) 433

In May, my boss came in to my office and said my contract wasn't being renewed. I said that was OK, I hadn't been terribly happy there for a while and I was almost done with the project. I thought I was there for the long haul, apparently not. It was a school, and all employees are on annual contracts, so your job may be terminated any year.

What I hated was the duplicity. They later told my boss that I was a temporary hire. Funny, they didn't tell me that in my interview. And they didn't tell him when he took over the unit. Or the guy who hired me. Or me when I was hired. Or signed all of my paperwork. Or when my contract was renewed. Or in my termination paperwork. Had I known it was a temporary role, I wouldn't have bought a new car last year. They told the state unemployment office that "they had no more work for me." I have since learned that this is not unusual behavior for them, sort of like what our next Commander In Chief's reputation is like with contractors. I had two more projects lined up, one that could be done in about a month, one that was a major rewrite and would take about six months. Plus a total system replacement that, when done, would save the school about $3,000 a year in licensing alone, plus expanded and improved asset tracking throughout the school that would reduce a major amount of paperwork and footwork. AND they scrapped the database that I'd been developing for two years -- it never saw the lite of day. I wasted two years of my life in a job that produced absolutely nothing.

But what do I know, I've only been working with databases for 25 years.

Comment Re:Aww... (Score 1) 94

I absolutely love my Time Steel, I just hope I get my Time Steel 2 at some point! I was concerned with the Kickstarter when I learned that the 2 wasn't fully developed yet, now I'm VERY concerned.

I bought the Time Steel via the Kickstarter after I had cataract surgery and was sick and tired of pulling my iPhone out to see what time it was. My Steel is awesome: alarm clock with vibrating alarm, count-down timer, AND I CAN READ IT WITHOUT MY GLASSES. The Time 2 series: my interest was the larger display, the heart rate monitor is of minor interest. And the stainless steel casing is fantastic!

Well, off to Kickstarter to see if I can find out if my 2 will be completed or not.

Comment Re:A Master Password.... (Score 1) 234

Seconded for mSecure. I've been using it since I switched from a Palm Pilot to an iPod Touch back around '08 or so. Palm had a very nice third party encrypted note pad program, but Palm self-destructed and that's all to be said about that. While I consider the interface for mSecure just a tiny bit clunky, I am quite fond of the program and I recommend it to anyone who uses the iOS infrastructure. It's not free, but it was well worth the money.

Comment Re:time to dial back the shill (Score 3, Interesting) 299

I'm ticked not only about the lack of USB-A ports, but that they're moving away from MagSafe power supplies. I LOVE that feature, and it has saved many a laptop of ours from damage as we have a rampaging standard poodle who does not respect power cords when we're sitting on the couch. My current laptop is a MBP 2011, I can't see me moving past the '14, which I think is the last year for MagSafe and SD card reader. Maybe I'll just keep my '11 and we'll see how long an SSD will keep it alive, then we'll see if Apple comes back to their senses or the ghost of Jobs returns to take over the company.

I'm surprised that Belkin or someone else hasn't made a C-to-MagSafe adapter for MacBook owners.

Comment One of the problems (Score 1) 675

is that some vendors charged two upgrade prices: one for the new chip-ready terminal, a SECOND to upgrade the software to a set that is chip-ready! So many businesses ended up with new terminals with deactivated chip readers.

Another issue that I've seen is speed. It seems like some chip-ready installs are using dial-up to transmit info, which is really odd. We spent a few weeks in Germany last summer, and all of the terminals that we used were quite brisk.

Comment Re: You made it, Syrians! (Score 2) 1592

Texas keeps threatening to leave, personally I'd tell them yes. Then watch as they try to pay for all of the military bases and hardware that would be removed.

In Arizona, Pima County/Tucson would like to secede as the Arizona Legislature has gone absolutely bat-shit crazy. One of the more interesting recent bits of ritual idiocy is the governator signed a bill adding two seats to the Supreme Court to stuff it with conservatives. The twit who proposed the bill said "We wouldn't have put it forth if the governor was a Democrat."

Comment Re:At this point, I just need to ask: (Score 1) 36

I have in front of me of my recently arrived DVD complete Yes Minister, and I am reminded of an exchange between Sir Humphrey and Jim Hacker. To paraphrase:

Sir Humphrey: There are two responses. "It is under consideration", which means we've lost it.
Hacker: And the other?
Humphrey: "It is under active consideration", which means we're looking for it.

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