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Comment Re:Adoption? (Score 1) 194

While people who adopt are doing the world a service, but that doesn't mean that having children of one's own is doing the world a disservice. If you're going to call anyone selfish and sickening, perhaps the adults who bring children into the world that they can't or won't care for should be first on your list.

Comment Re:24 Hours? (Score 2) 97

Because he likely used an existing exploit and changed some addresses for the new OS/Hardware. That's not the same as discovering a new vulnerability and exploiting it in the same amount of time. It's like remarking that someone had a baby less than 24 hours after getting married, and not understanding how that could be possible.

Comment Predators (Score 1) 280

You know who tries to locate someone without being noticed? Predators. This sounds like a good way to make aliens wary of us, especially if we're unsuccessful. And it stands to reason that we would be unsuccessful if they're more technologically advanced than us. If they're not, then we have little to be afraid of anyway.

Comment Re: Duh! (Score 1) 399

What a myopic comment. That's like saying that asparagus is a failed vegetable because you have to eat other things too in order to get complete nutrition. Socialism isn't a cure-all, and neither is a free market, but when combined, they can and do have fantastic results. Pretty much every country that ranks above us in critical measures like education, health, longevity, quality of life, and happiness have *more* socialism than we do, not less. We are social creatures. And every service the government provides to the public is socialist by definition, including defense, so it's always just a question of degrees, unless you think the government should do nothing.

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