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Comment Re:I like the idea of a basic income... but (Score 1) 630

If you give everyone $600 extra I would bet that things like rental costs, utilities, etc. would just expand to take the extra money.

The extra money would then be collected into the company providing those services. If it just sits there, then it can get taxed at a higher rate (cause the government can play that game too.) If it is instead paid out to workers, that increases the worker's wages perhaps even more than normally obtained through UBI. If it is instead used to hire new workers, then that fixes unemployment. Stockholders of some companies may also demand dividends from the company's surplus funds that just sit there.

Also, in a free market, there's some companies that might not increase prices, and instead get additional profit from volume rather than scalping.

Speaking of price inflation, why doesn't Alaska suffer from massive price increases due to the Alaska Permanent Fund? Also, why don't prices likewise increase because of existing welfare programs?


Governments already have systems in place to handle monopolies by now, especially if it's on an important resource. If not, then maybe the government should take control of said monopoly just to reap the benefits.

Comment Re:This is what happens (Score 1) 156

do you not remember the scrolling ticker tape status bars on the pages of the late 90s and early 00s?

That's dwarfed by other nasty Javascript effects, such as inhibiting right-clicks, move/shake the browser window, make popups, modal alert() loops that require restarting the browser, etc.

In any case, Firefox finally added a checkbox somewhere in 1.x to prevent Javascript from doing the most common annoyances. A little on the late side, but at least it can get stopped.

Comment Re:Why are unauthorized popups still a thing? (Score 3, Funny) 89

Why are unauthorized popups still a thing?

The latest ones I encountered no longer do popups, but instead use Javascript to redirect the page to some third party website (or even a data:// url.)

Not technically popups, but still something just as trivial.

Seriously? Why is this allowed in modern web browsers?

Perhaps some Netscape 2.0-4.x developer thought it was a good idea to automatically execute anything on an HTML page - despite the well known examples of viruses that try infecting every Dos program, or every boot sector.

Submission + - Princeton Researchers Announce Open Source 25-core Chip ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at Princeton announced at Hot Chips this week their 25-core Piton Processor ( The processor was designed specifically to increase data center efficiency with novel architecture features enabling over 8,000 of these processors to be connected together to build a system with over 200,000 cores. Fabricated on IBM’s 32nm process and with over 460 Million transistors, Piton is one of the largest and most complex academic processors every built. The Princeton team has opened their design up and released all of the chip source code, tests, and infrastructure as open source in the OpenPiton ( project enabling others to build scalable manycore processors with potentially thousands of cores.

Comment Re:ALT+LEFT (Score 1) 141

There's already an accessibility feature known as StickyKeys. Activated by pressing left shift five times, especially during video games. When active, you can press alt once, then press the left arrow.

If a user finds pressing backspace more convenient, then said user should be able to enter preferences and define the hotkey manually - something that should have been a core feature of browsers by now.

Comment Re:Very Basic Income (Score 1) 618

We already have enough illegals and freeloaders as it is. Paying half the country to do nothing will only make more of them.

Illegals in the country can trivially be disqualified from it, and it can be as simple as linking the UBI to the tax system. Since illegals probably won't file tax reports anyway, they won't get UBI. If they do file tax returns, then that creates a paper trail that allows them to be tracked down and returned to the home country.

Freeloaders... well, you can make some of them non-freeloaders if you have jobs available for them.

Comment Re:Very Basic Income (Score 4, Informative) 618

Ok, show one historical example of a technology that lead to a permanent destruction of jobs.

Automatic elevators, which permanently destroyed the job where a person is inside the elevator and pushing a lever to make it go up or down.

No replacement job here, since any new repair work necessary for an elevator would now be rolled into the existing elevator technician job.

Comment Re:alright... so have we learned yet? (Score 1) 172

Flash, Javascript, ActiveX... have we learned now?

Boot sector viruses... it's a very old lesson that BIOS manufacturers plugged by the F8 key (allows booting from floppy on request rather than automatically).

For the very few valid use cases, it can be whitelisted.

Or simply set as (right-)click to start them. This has the advantage of not requiring a whitelist, while stopping all drive-by attacks. Most attacks are from third-party advertisers rather than being uploaded to Newgrounds/Kongregate.

Comment Disable updates (Score 1, Funny) 224

Anyone who doesn't want Windows 10 could simply disable the "Windows Update" service, and simply wait for the Windows 10 free update period to expire. This tactic is well known for anyone who was bothered by the dialog boxes asking you to restart your computer every 10 minutes, or for power users that don't want 30+ documents to close overnight.

Meanwhile, still waiting for the Windows 10 update to appear on Windows Vista.

Submission + - Malware Shuts Down German Nuclear Power Plant on Chernobyl's 30th Anniversary (

An anonymous reader writes: A routine security audit discovered malware on the computer systems of the Gundremmingen nuclear power plant in Germany. RWE, the plant's operator, shut down the power plant for precaution, despite saying it was nothing serious. The malware affected computers used for the fuel loading and unloading process, but did not affect any of the sensitive ICS/SCADA equipment.

The incident was discovered Sunday, but two days later, the power plant is still offline. Today also marks 30 years since the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster.

Submission + - Where could we find aliens, and why haven't they found us?

An anonymous reader writes: The Fermi paradox contrasts high forecast probabilities of alien civilizations existing with their absence from our experience. In a series of four videos prominent physicists Joe Silk and Mario Livio discuss this paradox and the defining galactic habitability zones, signatures of life and the role of the multiverse, as part of the Oxford University Physics of Fine-Tuning Project

Comment Re:Decline Is Imminent (Score 2) 221

I guarantee you that it will quickly spiral into a bunch of dingbats talking to themselves, as everyone else will be blocked.

That's already happened.

If you post in a few certain subreddits, you get blocked from OffMyChest, me_irl, and others that subscribe to the same style of automatic blocking - well before the "block user" feature was added.

Also, abusive moderators are a greater threat to reddit than abusive users, as just one moderator can cripple a community by the simplest of changes (whether performing a hostile takeover, or slowly boiling the frog by making subtle changes over time.) The abusive users can be handled by standard whack-a-mole practices, along with ways to make it harder for non or new users to get a list of what a given user posts.

Comment Re:Fuck him (Score 5, Insightful) 182

But he is correct? There _are_ costs, potentially involving people being killed.

Eliminating encryption won't handle:

  • A lone wolf.
  • Communications that aren't across phone lines or the internet (e.g. Sneaker net).
  • Communications from burner phones that appear innocous (e.g. asking friends to meet up at certain galleries/malls/etc), but are actually targetting data.
  • Letters, especially if they aren't immediatly suspicious.
  • Open broadcasts, calls to action.

There's no real cost to allowing encryption, as criminals can easily find alternate methods that don't require encryption.

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