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Comment Re:Our Future. (Score 1) 285

UBI will never work. Why because people will never be satisfied with what they have. They will always want more.

And if someone on UBI wants more than what they currently receive, then nothing prevents them from getting a job for additional income. There will always be jobs available, whether people abandon jobs and migrate to UBI en mass, or whether people do actions worthy of being posted on

What does for example Amazon need the government for once they can hire/build their own fully automated asset protection?

Companies can only be independent from governments if they consume no resource owned or provided by the government. This includes currency that's needed to pay for merchandise that Amazon sells, and the same currency that is expected to be paid out as dividends to shareholders.

Comment Re:Republicans have always hated the disabled... (Score 1) 555

A quick remembering of the public political discourse

I said society, not savages.

And speaking of empirical evidence, the ones that tend to use name-calling or negative attacks tend to be less interested in doing the job at making things work, and instead just want to be in a position of power.

Comment Re:Republicans have always hated the disabled... (Score 1) 555


It is 2017. Society has been active long enough to trivially make political discussions without plopping into the Liberal/Conservative dichotomy, especially without leaning towards childish insults.

Also, the ones making the complaint are closer to being liberal, because they believe in everyone having a chance of equal access.

It is good that these discriminatory hateful videos were deleted in order to protect the disabled.

Disabled students would simply not have access to these videos, and as usual depend on obtaining knowledge using other means. Maybe having a friend transcribe content, or having lecture notes. It's only an issue if the university demands those deaf students use those videos as a requirement to study.

If you were instead performing joke/satire, you probably should tell better jokes.

Comment Re:Weakening of schools (Score 1) 632

Brave New World had a functional society. Technically a dystopia, but there's still plenty of work to do, and it's well organized. Such a world could survive for a long time. Even though Shakespeare is "banned", there's still a good enough alternative that at least keeps people happy and in line.

It's closer to Fahrenheit 451, where society is showing cracks with some people being explicitly unhappy. The removal of high quality works was balanced only by pumping out low-quality stuff on the four walls. Shakespeare is banned, and the ones affected want to escape the blantant dystopia.

Comment Re:SO tired of this entitlement-guaranteed crap (Score 1) 632

Where you decided to go to school in relation to the 'quality' of the program

That's a good point... but children don't have much of a decision on which elementary or high school they attend. They rely on their parents and advice of others for the placement. Similar reasoning applies to post-secondary programs - students rely on the advice of othersfor what they should pursue.

If parents send their child to a school that things horizontal-only word searches are a good way to teach a Grade 7 student, then they shouldn't be surprised when their child is an underachiever.

The quality of the faculty, staff, program and curriculum in terms of a mixture of academic and real world exposure

Don't forget other students.Sometimes they aren't a factor, but bad ones can drag down other by constantly asking for help when they're clearly misplaced.

Comment Long term goal (Score 1) 312

First, you need an long-term goal for programming. The current job market appears to demand hyper-specialized individuals, and if you don't have a few years of something major under your belt, you won't be able to get a job. (Of course, you can disregard this if you're programming as a hobby rather than intending for a career.)

For getting started - practically anything that contains examples and also explains how things work. If one doesn't seem to be working out, you can easily switch to a different one.

The actual gap seems to be resource for Intermediate programmers - those who are skilled, but "not skilled enough". I haven't really seen any suitable resource for that group.

Comment Re:AV Free for years (Score 1) 352

While targeting inept users can always work, this system makes it better for regular users, so that they don't have something forced installed because an ad-network redirected them to a malware page, and better for developers since they can still have the protection of regular users for anything untrusted while still being able to do their own thing.

And even if you manage to prevent inept users from activating developer mode without hindering developers, it still doesn't protect them against other social engineering attacks where they enter their own bank account information onto a phishing website. If anything, it's best to not worry too much about inept users, and simply let regular users be safe from whatever drive-by attack is happening today.

Comment Re:AV Free for years (Score 1) 352

Problem with whitelisting is that it destroys your computer.

It's not a computer any more. It's an appliance.

Which is fine for people you can only trust to run an appliance, but it prevents anyone from programming aka becoming more productive.

With modern computers, I see no reason why this is an issue.

It is trivial to have a whitelist system that can be disabled for developers that want to program. Google Android does this, and I see no reason why future computers can't be setup this way either.

Comment Common and old. (Score 1) 489

Too much white space, huge margins, too little information

At least there's some attempt to combat this. For example, if you screenshot something and paste it into LibreOffice, the image is autosized from margin-to-margin. For bonus points, if it's in "web view", the autosizing is to window width.

Of course, this is a slightly old version of Libre Office, and I'm having trouble updating it on that computer. Then again, I should update that computer entirely, it's a several years old.

But still, it's universal. Being more modern won't fix that, even if the modern paradigm is to have whitespace to make touch screens more usable.

Text is indistinguishable from controls

That's more of a UI bug.

Text in full-CAPS

Too true. Especially when viewing some apps, such as those that show reddit comments.

Certain controls cannot be easily understood (like on/off states for check boxes or elements like tabs)

Seen this quite common. Especially ones which toggle between Red and Green. Fun for those who are red-green colourblind.

Everything presented in shades of gray or using a severely and artificially limited palette

I recall DOS being like that... 16 font colors, 8 background colors for the font and option to blink well before the HTML tag.

Often awful fonts suitable only for HiDPI devices (Windows 10 modern apps are a prime example)

Out of the list, I think that's the only one that a problem specifically with modern user interfaces.

Especially when manufacturers dump their old low-resolution systems.

Cannot be controlled by keyboard

and the ones that do require memorizing various hotkeys that really shouldn't be necessary.

Very little customizability if any

Really love to disable that backspace hotkey in Firefox (cause it conflicts with backspacing over content in a web form), cause that browser is taking its sweet time.

Still, there's plenty of UIs that aren't customizable. Only the major applications had the effort invested to make themselves customizable, and even then, there's still static patterns that can't really be customized.

Comment Re: Wind and Solar are Environmental Disasters (Score 2) 502

Birds "run" into things"

They see a rival on the other side of the window, and take the aggressive approach to remove them. Naturally, the rival male likewise takes an equally aggressive response, thus the bird either has to abort (and thus has to "compete" for food later) or use full force to drive out the rival.

They especially do this during mating season.

Comment Re:Obvious solution (Score 1) 112

Popups cause unnecessary extra fuss in the event that you don't want to use autofill, no different than Clippy saying "It looks like you are writing a letter", and no different than popups from ad networks asking you to try out the poop-providing-penis-pills.

Each time I restart Firefox, I get a popup asking me to enter the master password for saved logins. Since this popup is window modal, it slows down the process by claiming that logging into a site that I've already logged into is more important than actually doing what I want.

These popups would provide exactly zero benefit for any user, since it's a tacked-on patch for something that shouldn't be an issue in the first place. If these popups start appearing for autofill, I'd find a way to disable autofill entirely because that will fix two problems at once.

Comment Re:Obvious solution (Score 1) 112

If autofill absolutely must be used, the correct way to do this would be to warn the user with a popup that the website is requesting information XYZ

Why must everything be a popup warning? You can instead have this in a right-click menu, or simply have the content available if the user presses a down-arrow in the relevant field.

Also, I'm astonished this attack hasn't popped up before now.

It first happened on MySpace, because that site allowed creating custom forms that tricked certain browsers into providing username/password information.

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