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Comment Re:I ask you this. (Score 1) 242

Is an alarm clock still an alarm clock if the alarm is turned off? Of course it is. Just because you are only using a subset of the features, does not mean that the other features, even the defining features, no longer exist. A smartphone is a smartphone even if its only use is to stop a table from wobbling.

Comment Re: I have a better idea (Score 1) 263

Just because a car isn't top of the line doesn't mean it's not worth having.

You just answered your own question. Just because the stuff coming out of Hollywood isn't top of the line, doesn't mean it's not worth having. Consider the Star Trek movies: Despite the even/odd/multiple-of-five rule of suck, for a Star Trek fan it is worth having the entire set.

As for paying the asking price, There are two suppliers: Paramount and Pirate Bay. Pirate Bay has the lower asking price, so it is purely an economic decision. If Paramount wants to be a monopolistic supplier, they need to cut off the alternate suppliers or match their price structure, not go after the consumer.

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