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Comment Does this include...? (Score 1) 302

So, if warrantless searches of internet connected machines are allowed, does that include whatever might be gleaned by activating that computer's webcam and microphone? Is a laptop now a warantless wiretap device? If it is legal for the state to bait people into installing tracking malware, how far of a step is it for them to bait folks into installing monitoring software?

Comment Re:Does Windows 10 still seem safe to you? (Score 1) 302

Because verbing proper nouns is still a line we don't cross in the USA. For now.

I think it might be. Let me Google some examples:

So I should FedEx the parcel to the following address...
Look, you've got duct tape. Why don't you just MacGyver something to keep it from sliding sideways.
Ms Finnigan, would you Xerox this order.
Billy said he would Skype me once he settles in. You can Photoshop her out of the photo, can't you?
And, of course: I can't reach the website. It must be being Slashdotted.

Comment Re:Two words (Score 1) 155

During adverse weather, your government actually will shut down the streets?

Yes, they will; even major freeways. I was on the 401 a few years back when part of it was shut down due to a winter storm. Traffic wasn't moving, so I got out of my car and went to talk to the folks in front of me. Also read a chapter of my book. All this on a road that normally sees 100+km/h traffic 24/7/365.

Comment Re:Just sayin' (Score 1) 155

Well, human employees don't fall from the sky and cause property damage, injury and death.

Well, I guess you don't know my friend Steve Austin. He used to be an astronaut, you know. His last crash cost US about six million dollars, man.


Well, I guess you don't know my friend Steve Austin. He used to be an astronaut, you know. His last crash cost about six million dollars US , man!

Yet Another Fix

Comment Re:Liability? (Score 1) 477

You do realize that people are more prone to heart attacks, drug overdose, and violence since the invention of the cell phone? Not that there is a causal link, but the same era that brought on the cell phone also brought on fast food, lack of exercise, designer drugs, and blinged out rap singers glorifying gun violence and gang warfare.

Comment You could... (Score 4, Funny) 105

You can watch a 360-degree video of the 103EX the company posted on YouTube.

I could, but the three views I've already seen have caused my eyes to bleed. That is one butt-ugly car. The only way I can rationalize it being a Rolls Royce is that they are so dead set against self driving cars, that they produced this turd-wash to make people gag on the concept of self drive from now on.

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