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You Say You Want A Revolution? 503

rafemonkey writes "Looks like the first hard info on a revolution game has hit the internet. The game, from Ubisoft, is called Red Steel. It's a FPS where the Revo's positional controller takes the place of the mouse. And, for those of you that were worried, the graphics look nice." PointlessWasteofTime points out that it doesn't actually look like an FPS, but more of a GunCon title, in a piece called A FanBoy Intervention. Elite Bastards has a brief history of the Revolution console. From the Waste of Time article: "Look at the Red Steel screens again. Never mind that Ubisoft has a habit of publishing concept renders and claiming they're in-game screenshots, and never mind that shots like that in magazines tend to have usually been 'touched up' a bit. Just look at the screens, then look at the inset photos of the people pointing and shooting with their Rev controllers: Guys... it's just a freaking light gun game. Tell me it's not. This isn't a badass 'Halo killer.' It's next-gen Duck Hunt."
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You Say You Want A Revolution?

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  • Duck Hunt? Not! (Score:5, Insightful)

    by AKAImBatman ( 238306 ) * <{akaimbatman} {at} {}> on Monday April 10, 2006 @02:44PM (#15100181) Homepage Journal
    Guys... it's just a freaking light gun game. Tell me it's not. This isn't a badass 'Halo killer.' It's next-gen Duck Hunt.

    Really? I wasn't aware that Duck Hunt allowed you free-movement in a 3D environment. Oooohhh, that's right. It didn't.

    This isn't the next Duck Hunt, and (unless it's on rails, which apparently it's not) it's not the next Time Crisis either. What it is, is a new generation of First Person Shooters that actually work on a console. No more fidgeting with those tiny analog controllers! You can now take aim and fire, all while strafing, running, jumping, (can we do Matrix style flipping, puullleeeazze?), and dodging. If this works out, Nintendo will have again revolutionized the console controller! Which would be impressive, considering that their Gamecube controller just didn't live up to its predecessors.

    Of course, that's a pretty big "if". Nintendo is telling us that they've developed inexpensive positional monitors that are more natural than a light gun with target-painting, but with a full controller built in. Given that most of us remember how horrid the Power Glove was (Lucas: "I love the Power Glove. It's so bad." Yeah, right.) and that target painting doesn't work on LCD screens, Nintendo has one heck of a tall order to fill.
    • Re:Duck Hunt? Not! (Score:5, Insightful)

      by nocomment ( 239368 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @02:47PM (#15100216) Homepage Journal
      Not only that but duck hunt was a kick-ass game. If we have a 'Next-Gen' Super Mario, why not a next gen duck-hunt?
      • I agree. The average consumer is looking for games more like Duck Hunt than Halo. Games of Halo's complexity are to much for many child, older people, and most anyone that is just a casual gamer (most of the market). I think Nintendo is smart to be working on building games more oriented to the casual gamer and working on making the experience easier for them by using natural movements rather than having to learn a joystick, keyboard, or mouse.

        Duck Hunt was awesome for it's time and a lot of players would l
    • by Silent sound ( 960334 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @02:58PM (#15100294)
      Look, you have to understand. If you want to be a "Halo Killer" (and every single game is a halo killer, these days! Don't bother judging the game on its own merits. The only question is, does it kill Halo?), you have to match the control scheme that made Halo popular. And that control scheme is: A clumsy replication of PC FPS controls shoehorned into a Dual Shock II workalike format.

      After all, everyone knows that what made Halo popular was the radical and unnatural retraining that is required when you take a control scheme that was designed and perfected for a mouse and keyboard, and just jam it unceremoniously underneath two thumb-controlled joysticks and a maze of randomly positioned multicolored buttons. Unless Nintendo can replicate that kind of hand-eye coordination dissonance, they'll never get anywhere with their Halo killing, I mean console, business. My suggestion: They should duct-tape a cinderblock to the Revolution remote. Then everyone will just eat it right up!
    • (can we do Matrix style flipping, puullleeeazze?)
      I doubt that would be in Red Steel because it looks like it is going for realism. On the other hand, I have a feeling there will be no shortage of similar games for the Revolution because it is the most obvious use of the controller.
    • by fistfullast33l ( 819270 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:04PM (#15100333) Homepage Journal
      You can now take aim and fire, all while strafing, running, jumping, (can we do Matrix style flipping, puullleeeazze?)

      Lawsuits abound involving the new Waichowski Brothers game, "Bouncing Duracell", in which children are encouraged to jump around while playing the game. A Chandeliers Manufacturers of America spokesperson was quoted as saying, "This game has caused us to rethink our product in order to prevent more wrongful death suits from falling glass. The inverted flip sequence especially has caused more innocent children to be impaled by our product than ever before."

      Can we take a deep breath from the hype for a second and realize we're talking about a remote control here? I have one word for you about flipping and jumping: PowerPad.

    • Re:Duck Hunt? Not! (Score:5, Interesting)

      by JordanL ( 886154 ) <jordan,ledoux&gmail,com> on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:42PM (#15100623) Homepage
      Which would be impressive, considering that their Gamecube controller just didn't live up to its predecessors.

      The GameCube controller was, in my opinion, absolutely spectacular. I don't understand why some people don't like it. The thing didn't have any awkward buttons.
      • It was the giant button in the middle. To me, it made it difficult to hit anything else.

        I also found the shoulder buttons a bit stiff, but that could have been a problem with my particular one.
      • Re:Duck Hunt? Not! (Score:5, Insightful)

        by jalefkowit ( 101585 ) <`jason' `at' `'> on Monday April 10, 2006 @04:37PM (#15101065) Homepage
        The GameCube controller was, in my opinion, absolutely spectacular. I don't understand why some people don't like it. The thing didn't have any awkward buttons.

        Absolutely! I thought the Cube's controller was the best of its generation; the XBox controller was too chunky, and Nintendo did something with the Cube that neither MS or Sony did with their consoles' controllers: they made all the buttons distinguishable by feel.

        That's an incredibly important thing. I can't count the number of times when I first got my PS2 that I would be playing a game, and the game would tell me "Push the X Button". Invariably I had to take my eyes off the screen and look at the controller to figure out which one of the identically sized buttons was "X". With the GC, that was never an issue; each button has its own shape, so you can find the right button without taking your eyes off the screen.

        This may seem like a small thing, but it's the small things that make or break usability, and Nintendo got this one right.

  • by panic911 ( 224370 ) * on Monday April 10, 2006 @02:46PM (#15100204) Homepage
    "Guys... it's just a freaking light gun game. Tell me it's not. This isn't a badass 'Halo killer.' It's next-gen Duck Hunt."

    It's not JUST a freaking light gun game. It's a light gun first person shooter, which is almost unheard of. I'm pretty sure that the "Next Gen Duck Hunt" and Halo-Killer could be one in the same, if the game is built right. This looks REALLY fun, and I think it has the potential to be a lot funner than any traditional FPS that I've played. There hasn't been a whole lot of change in FPS gameplay for years, this might be just what it needs.
    • Why the hell there weren't more light gun based first person shooters. I'm pretty sure the dreamcast had some but there needed to be more around especially for consoles. In any case it doesn't seem revolutionary at all.
  • Ah, objectivity. (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday April 10, 2006 @02:47PM (#15100209)
    And once again Zonk definitively dispels any rumors or allegations that he is an XBox 360 fanboy.

    So: This game involves pointing a device, and duck hunt involves pointing a device, therefore this game == duck hunt. Brilliant! Let's see here. So continuing along that logic: Qix involves rolling a trackball, and World of Warcraft on my PC (I have a trackball mouse) involves rolling a trackball, therefore Qix == World of Warcraft!! Amazing.

    I guess when the only tool you've ever used is a lightgun, everything looks like a nail? Or something.
  • by Jerf ( 17166 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @02:48PM (#15100218) Journal
    The one interface not allowed for a First Person shooter is, you know, a gun-like interface?

    Keyboard and mouse interface: Yup, it's a shooter!

    Gamepad interface: Yup, it's a shooter!

    Gun interface: OMGWTFBBQ, it's Duck hunt!

    What kind of stupid fanboy do you have to be to make that kind of argument?
  • by mobiux ( 118006 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @02:50PM (#15100230)
    Judging by the first screen shot, Jake Gyllenhaal is a Revolution tester.
  • Obvious (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Nightspirit ( 846159 )
    It was obvious light gun type games would turn up with that type of controller. However, while it may be a blast, it is hardly revolutionary. I was hoping to see some games where they tried something different. Launch is still a decent time away so we'll see what comes up.
    • Did you read the article? It's not on rails for one (it's like saying that PC FPS's are glorified spreadsheet apps because OMG they use a mouse!!!). For another, it actually sounds like a neat game, and has ideas new to FPSs (rare).

      For example: as you progress in the game, you use smaller and smaller weapons with less "spray" and more accuracy shooting. The game encourages one hit -> one kill effeciency with extra points or something. There are lots of other weird things like that, such as the ability to
  • by qw0ntum ( 831414 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @02:53PM (#15100254) Journal
    But will it dance?

    After all, a revolution is not a revolution without dancing.

    • Just so everybody knows, that reference in the V for Vendetta movie is a play on a quote by early 20th century anarchist Emma Goldman ("If I can't dance, it's not my revolution"), although there's speculation that she may not have actually said that. But it's attributed to her, anyways.

      Since the screen adaption of the movie took out all reference to anarchism and anarchist philosophy, and instead made it a movie about a generic freedom fighter, I like to think that the above quote was a kind of a wink and
      • Re:obligatory... (Score:3, Insightful)

        by corbettw ( 214229 )
        Just so everybody knows, that reference in the V for Vendetta movie is a play on a quote by early 20th century anarchist Emma Goldman ("If I can't dance, it's not my revolution"), although there's speculation that she may not have actually said that. But it's attributed to her, anyways.

        Yes, because a comment in a games forum about dance revolution must refer to some obscure anarchist quote, doesn't it?
    • I'm not sure if you're referring to Dance Dance Revolution or the stupid dance scene in Matrix Revolutions.

  • Seems fine to me (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Shooters have rarely been about innovation, so the lack of anything new in the gameplay department is pretty much par for the course. The 'oldskool-revival' input device is probably the most exciting thing to happen in the world of shooters in years.
  • Too early to tell (Score:4, Insightful)

    by vapid transit ( 738521 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @02:57PM (#15100278)
    Until some of us actually get some real trigger time on the Revo's controller (E3?) I think that any "opinions" about it are just a lot of hot air. Maybe "Red Steel" will be a shallow, gimmicky game. Time will tell.
    • Re:Too early to tell (Score:3, Informative)

      by rAiNsT0rm ( 877553 )
      Actually a lot of us have used the controller on a modified Gamecube playing Metroid Prime (an FPS) in NYC when Nintendo was demoing the controller. It was as intuitive, fluid, and immersive of an experience as I have ever had. The controller setup takes about 2 minutes to get used to and then it is like a long-lost friend. I had expected it to be a much steeper learning curve, and that is saying something since it was beta hardware running on a modified GC. It can only get better.
  • what's wrong in using something that ACTUALLY WORKS like a gun in a... *ahem* first person... *ahem* SHOOTER?
  • Not leaked (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Programmer_In_Traini ( 566499 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:03PM (#15100326)
    I was reading some of the comments on the blog.

    I find it funny how people like to believe its a leak.

    I am much more enclined to believe the big N is building up hype around its now famous revolution controller. Which makes perfect sense since they're getting close to release now.
  • by HoneyBunchesOfGoats ( 619017 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:04PM (#15100338)
    If you scroll down to read the rest of that web log, it's almost 100% Nintendo bashing. The author is clearly trolling Ninentdo fans. Please don't feed the troll.

    P.S. Has "fair and balanced" journalism finally arrived at slashdot? Is every story going to feature, alongside the actual news, an obvious troll?
  • by mark-t ( 151149 ) <> on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:06PM (#15100351) Journal
    This is surprising... at least to me.

    Generally Nintendo brings out games with their traditional trademarks first.

    Like some Mario, Donkey Kong, or Zelda variant.

  • Wireless mouse (Score:4, Interesting)

    by scolby ( 838499 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:10PM (#15100372) Journal
    Anyone ever try using one of those wireless mice that works win midair? Ever notice how difficult it is to click on ANYTHING while operating the mouse in midair? What's to keep the Revolution controller from being just as frustrating, except maybe a really cheap auto-targeting feature?
    • There's a difference between having to click a little icon and having to blast the bad guy somewhere in the general head area. It all comes down to the design of each game.
    • Maybe because a mouse wasn't designed to be used in midair? I mean, of course it is awkward. It is a mouse that you are trying to grip.

      This is the anology you should be making: Hold a remote control in the air, and push down on one of the buttons with your thumb. Is that frustrating? Or how about move your index finger like you were moving a trigger (as that is the general location of the B button). Is that also frustrating?
    • Re:Wireless mouse (Score:5, Insightful)

      by MustardMan ( 52102 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:37PM (#15100594)
      Those little "air mice" use a gyroscope, which only measures relative motion, and not absolute position. The nintendo method triangulates its position using sensors placed on the sides of the TV - this measures absolute position and does not rely on gyroscopes, making it theoretically more accurate.
  • Is it confirmed that this game is using the "light gun" function of the Revolution controller, or could it be using the "gyroscopic" pointing functionality instead? (i.e. do I have to actually be pointing it at the TV screen and hope that my screen can be read by the gun, or does it just move along with my hand movements, updating crosshairs on the screen?)
  • duck hunt halo (Score:5, Interesting)

    by crabpeople ( 720852 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:16PM (#15100414) Journal
    "Guys... it's just a freaking light gun game. Tell me it's not. This isn't a badass "Halo killer." It's next-gen Duck Hunt. "

    I cant be the only one thought that duck hunt owned, and that halo was just a scripted version of counterstrike, can i?
    whats with all this duck hunt hate? that game was AWESOME...
    when was the last time you played a light gun FPS? SNES? its about time another one came along. just like the arcades, except you dont have to pay 2$ for 5 minutes of play.

    • Re:duck hunt halo (Score:3, Insightful)

      by HAKdragon ( 193605 )
      when was the last time you played a light gun FPS? SNES?

      Dreamcast, actually. House of the Dead 2 is really fun when you have a light gun.
      • House of the Dead 2 is really fun when you have a light gun.

        It is indeed. It's even more fun when you have TWO light guns. Plug both in, start up two-player mode, one gun in each hand...

    • whats with all this duck hunt hate? that game was AWESOME...

      It was damn good, but a bit easy.

      I played it to death when I first got my NES (the SMB / Duck Hunt pack) and ended up getting to level 30 or so most times I played.

      Then I bought To The Earth.

      Holy crap. I have never, ever played a harder game. That damn thing was insane. The speed and accuracy it demanded even to finish the first level were already inhuman. Finishing the game, though...

      But I did. I finished the game, and got good enough th

    • Apparently the GunCon 2 for the PS1/PS2 and a number of related light gun games are really good. I picked one of these up in the hopes of checking out Elemental Gearbolt (RIP WD), but unfortunately it doesn't work with an LCD or projector, so currently I'm out of luck. :-) I have played some of these in the arcade though (like Time Crisis or something), and they're fun, so if it's anything like that I'd be happy.

      I'm sure someone who has actually used one can give a full accounting.

  • Who? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by ChTh ( 453374 )
    PointlessWasteofTime? EliteBastards? Slashdot is really scraping the most obscure parts of the Internet to get news these days...
  • Ahem. (Score:5, Informative)

    by volfro ( 915297 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:22PM (#15100464)
    Duck hunt?

    I think not.

    Moz la Punk got ahold of details on the Game Informer article from which this news emerged, and that includes the control mechanism. Check it out []. You actually use the controller to push obstacles down to use for cover. You nod your head or shake it in order to interact with NPCs. How awesome is that?

    Apparently the game uses the controller's assets in the most obvious way--that is, sword and gunplay--but from what I've read so far, it's hardly gimmicky. The gameplay appears to be pretty deep.

    The summary is biased and stupid, by the way, in an attempt to get a reaction from Nintendo people. Nice job, Slashdot.

  • It would be awesome if you could move around in 3D evironments shooting cartoon ducks (and possibly that laughing dog). I think the one thing that differenciates Revolutions controller and a light gun is the ability to freely move. If I remembered correctly, light gun games moved for you.
  • right ... (Score:4, Funny)

    by Frag-A-Muffin ( 5490 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:31PM (#15100543) Homepage's just a freaking light gun game. Tell me it's not. This isn't a badass 'Halo killer.' It's next-gen Duck Hunt...

    Cuz duck hunt allowed you to do subtle things like tilt the gun and hold it gansta style?

    check it []
  • by LithiumX ( 717017 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:38PM (#15100601)
    Do you have any idea how many people I'd be willing to kill for a GOOD light-gun game at home?

    The arcade games are all rail-shooters. No control.

    Standard FPS games give you control, but lack the realism of actually aiming and firing (only your entire view aims - not your hand alone).

    I would do obscene things for something on the level of say Quake, but with a light gun for my firing (and view independant of gun). I'd sit in front of my big screen, jerry-rig whatever control system I had to, and bask in the heavenly glow of light-gun ultraviolence.

    And I liked Duck Hunt, dammit. Utterly hated Halo for that matter - it's one of the few games I got tired of before I could even finish it.
    • I would do obscene things for something on the level of say Quake, but with a light gun for my firing (and view independant of gun). I'd sit in front of my big screen, jerry-rig whatever control system I had to, and bask in the heavenly glow of light-gun ultraviolence.

      The Quake source code was released years ago, and the internet's awash with fan-made hacks of it. Let's see... you'd want a joystick for motion around the map, and a mouse for targetting; a gyro mouse if you can get one, for Revolution-style

      • It may just be doable. I've already modded the Quake I source once to set a treadmill for forward motion. Didn't work out as well as a I hoped though due to turning issues. Maybe combine that with a gun...

        But it's got to be a light gun... not a gyro mouse. I tend to start smashing things when the aim isn't perfect.
    • I would do obscene things for something on the level of say Quake, but with a light gun for my firing (and view independant of gun).

      Quote from an Moz La Punk article.
      "Unlike other FPS games, which tie the camera and aiming together, Red Steel's camera follows your aim with a slight delay. If, for example, you point to the edge of the screen, the camera will turn to re-center on your view after a second. later

      - According to lead game designer Oriola, it takes roughly three seconds to turn completely around
  • Missing the point (Score:5, Interesting)

    by TheSkepticalOptimist ( 898384 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:48PM (#15100675)
    Nintendo does have a habit of offering gimmicky features with their game systems. From light guns to interactive robots, to power gloves and two screen gameboys, Nintendo loves its gimmicks. But look at the market they are targeting.

    Nintendo doesn't make Nintendo's for North America or Europe, they do it for Japan, an excessive fad/trend based society that spazzes out over anything novel and new by throwing heaping wads of money at it. The Japanese are quick adopters of new ideas (the good, the bad, and the absolute ridiculous), and Nintendo can pretty much bank roll the entire Revolution R&D costs within the first week of selling it in Japan. By the time the Revolution hits North America, its just gravy, pure profit for the company. Even if sales are slow for the Revolution in North America, Nintendo will just churn away at releasing regional games that are huge hits in Japan. If some of those trends make it to North America, then again, its icing on the cake.

    Nintendo doesn't care if North Americans or Europeans thinks the new Revolution game controller is a joke, people in Japan are already planning their Revolution launch day activities, which will include lots of stretching before hours of epileptic gameplay with whatever cutesy Duck Hunt/Mario/Zelda creation Nintendo whips up for the system. Six months later, Japanese customers will still be twitching and jerking in front of a TV with the Revolution long after the rest of the world tires of the novelty of the new gaming remote.

    Nintendo is a Japanese company that caters to the Japanese market, and they are largely unapologetic for it. If Japanese trends and fads like Sudoku or Pokemon make its way overseas, its just gravy, and easy way to earn more profit when the rest of the world follows Japan's lead in entertainment and novelty acts.

    Nintendo won't die because Japan won't let them. Xbox hardly has any impact in Japan. Sony wants the world to accept its PlayStation, they invest way too much money into the technology behind the PS3, and they can't simply cater to Japan's fad based culture. Even if Nintendo continues to fail in markets outside of Japan, they will simply redouble their efforts to continue to create innovative and gimmicky entertainment products that appeal to Japan.

    In the end, this guy misses the point completely. When did gaming every become serious or respectful. Why is it now that its all about the frame rates and number of polygons and vertex shaders? When did a beautifully rendered game take the place of pure fun? Nintendo knows how to entertain people, they have been in this business longer then Sony and Microsoft combined and while the Revolution may not be the MOST popular game console released in this next generation console war, it is looking to offer the most enjoyment for the money.

    If the Xbox360 is any indicator of how the next generation consoles are supposed to be received (with its what, 150,000 in unit sales) and the PS3 might be pushed back to release end 2006/early 2007, I think Nintendo may be in the unique position to capture a large market of people looking for instant gratification out of a next generation system as opposed to waiting for one company to fix up their bugs, and another simply to release the product.
    • Re:Missing the point (Score:4, Interesting)

      by DeadCatX2 ( 950953 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @05:01PM (#15101297) Journal
      Even if Nintendo continues to fail in markets outside of Japan

      Really? Nintendo is failing outside of Japan?

      This means that Nintendo's yearly profit was 22 percent of its net sales

      Courtesy of ars/2 [].

      And for some anecdotal evidence, check college dorm rooms. You'll see GameCubes with Smash Bros. and Mario Kart all over the place, next to their PS2 and/or XBox.

      Or go to an anime convention, and witness the 10-to-1 ratio of Nintendo DS to Sony PSP.

      Just because Nintendo is far more successful in Japan doesn't mean that they're failing elsewhere. That's like saying some city is dry because some other city gets more rain.
  • by saboola ( 655522 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @03:50PM (#15100687)
    What's wrong with a next gen Duck Hunt? I already know of a next gen Duck Hunt called "Halo 2". Replace the ducks with "covenant" and replace the laughing dog with a 12 year old on Xbox live constantly yelling "You are the gay!! I am kicking your ass!!" and you see my point.
  • ...something had to be done in the world of console FPS games. Using both analog sticks at the same time is still miles behind mouselook. Everyone talks about GTA for the PS2 and such, but I waited for the PC editions, and what I found is I could easily beat the games in a considerably smaller amount of time because I wasn't battling the controller to try to aim. I don't think using both thumbs is a proper workaround. I've been gaming practically all my life and it seems very foreign to me, I can defini
  • Red Steel isn't supposed be on rails, of course, making the whole argument moot... but, I have to say, what is wrong with lightgun games?

    The reason, the sole reason, why light gun games are not more popular is because of something called Columbine. Columbine painted a big red bullseye on the arcade light gun shooters that were becoming very popular at the time, and made a distortion in the market because no one wanted "Action News 26 looks at what your children are playing!" with their light gun games i

  • Does anyone know whether we will have to be sponsoring an endless supply of batteries for the controller, or whether it is designed to be recharged somehow?
  • Really, I completely expect Nintendo to do this now. I require a new Duck Hunt. A cel-shaded hunting simulator, where you can kill that dog over and over and over again. Also, Halo doesn't really need killing anymore, it's allready pretty much dead. I think most FPS fans are playing Half Life 2 right now.
  • by rAiNsT0rm ( 877553 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @04:22PM (#15100957) Homepage
    Wow. How does this get by so many people and then make it to so many outlets? Can that many people be asleep at the wheel at every juncture for drivel like this to get published not once but a multitude of times? Apparently so.

    Red Steel has been known to be a full movement FPS for some time now, and if someone with half a brain would look you plainly see the cord going to the nunchaku attachment in use... 3D movement. Aha! Tough one. Not to mention it *clearly states* that it is not on rail in the article... but who has time to read shit before flying off half-cocked and stating Red Steel is the next Duck Hunt.

    The Revolution is the first console in 10 years to even make me stop and notice. Something new and different awaits us, and the MS/Sony fanboi's just can't stand to think that maybe, just maybe, the days of cliche, tired, overextended genres may be coming closer to being over. I'm actually upset that the first published game is an FPS, since it is not revolutionary in the least... I will say though that the controller is made for FPS games. The control is intuitive and slick, Metroid Prime was being demoed originally and it was pure heaven to play with the controller. My only actually anticipated sequel would be to Luigi's Mansion, if ever there was a perfect setup for the Revo that is it.

    I'm most interested in seeing the truly new and 100% original content, that is where the Revo will begin to steal some thunder. Can we stop jumping to conclusions and trying to diss the Revo until we actually know even slightly substantiated rumors?
  • by Bulletz26 ( 967431 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @04:31PM (#15101020)
    I am suprised not to see any mention in these so-called unbiased articles of the massive potential the Revo has in the RTS genre. Aside from FPS's this is in my mind the "killer-app" genre for the Revolution, which could for the first time become a viable option in the console market. Think about how intutively the games could be controlled, pan across the map by moving the controller to the edges of the screen or pointing and click on a point on the minimap, just like a mouse, and click and drag to select units, again just like a mouse. And it could also one-up the keyboard/mouse combo because of its ability to navigate in 3d space, especially in space rts games such as Homeworld.

    The writer's assumption that all revo games will have to be very basic and dumbed-down, just goes to show he lacks any real creativity or imagination.
  • by RyoShin ( 610051 ) <> on Monday April 10, 2006 @04:36PM (#15101055) Homepage Journal
    Guys... it's just a freaking light gun game. Tell me it's not. This isn't a badass 'Halo killer.' It's next-gen Duck Hunt.

    Since I'm sitting in class bored, I'm going to mince that line apart.


    While it's likely that's just a common euphamism for "You all", it shows a little bit more; most console gamers are guys. However, only roughly half of all humans are guys. That leaves a lot of potential consumers, and this is one thing that Nintendo has really been pushing for since we got the DS. Games like Super Princess Peach, Nintendogs, and Animal Crossing have been pulling in female gamers by the bucket load, and Nintendo wants to extend that to your average parent and grandparent as well with the Revolution.

    it's just a freaking light gun game. Tell me it's not.

    Light gun games require the controller to interact with the light cascading from a television. In the case of the afformentioned Duck Hunt, the screen briefly changes its colors to highlight the location of said duck, and the gun reads those colors to see if you hit it or not.

    Nintendo's controller, on the other hand, uses spacial recognition in co-operation with gyroscopes to measure height, distance, arc, pitch, yaw, and alignment. Light gun game my ass.

    This isn't a badass 'Halo killer.'

    It very well may not be, but what it shows is how the Revoltion controller can do for FPS games. Say you're chasing someone (or they're chasing ou) on the run down a hallway, and baddies pop out of side doors to shoot at you. To shoot them back, you'd have to turn your character to face them (or lock on), shoot them, and turn your character back to look at the guy you're after and continue forward. In this time he's gained ground on you.

    With the Revolution controller, you never stray off the path. You keep holding forward, and simply move your hand to point the gun to your right, left, or whatever, cap the guy's ass, and continue as if nothing happened.

    This controller adds a whole new layer of immersion to many titles, especially FPS. A good majority of people complain that regular console controllers suck for FPSes, citing various reasons. I'm really interested to see how the remote controller will fair in this.

    It's next-gen Duck Hunt.

    If you ask me, we're overdue for an updated Duck Hunt. None of this hiding in the bushes shit of other hunting games, either- you just sit there with a gun in a patch of grass while endless numbers of birds of different types fly out. Your dog (you would get to choose the breed- maybe even import a dog from Nintendogs!) would then fetch the bird and/or scare up more. Every so often you'd get to shoot the dog when it gets too damned annoying.

    Bonus levels would including shooting flamingos in Florida and a form of skeet shooting where penguins launch down ice ramps into the air and you try to get them before they land on the other side.
  • WTF Slashdot?!?!? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by nmaster64 ( 867033 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @05:01PM (#15101292)
    I swear, I've always backed you guys up when you screwed up, I've always had Zonk's back, but this report I will not take sitting down: THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT.

    Of all the Red Steel coverage floating around the net, you chose the links to people calling BS on the screenshots? No reports on how awesome this game looks and how wonderful the system will be if it works like they say, just the "oh, this can't be this good" speculation.

    No, you only looked at the bad. You pointed out the guy who said that these pictures were probably "touched up", but ignored Ubisoft's own claims that these are totally legit, real screenshots. You blatantly called it a GunCon game, while completely ignoring Game Informer's quote about it feeling like a true FPS, and NOT a lightgun game.

    In other words, you only looked at one side of the story, the negative one. The one with no facts to back it up. This is one of the most intriguing games I've seen in damn long time. Sure, you have to take stuff like this with a grain of salt, but to completely ignore how amazing this is and just calling it BS is bullshit itself on a level I have trouble comprehending.

    The game looks amazing. Period. There is not a reason in hell anyone should have a reason to question the graphics. If the Gamecube can pull off Resident Evil 4, the Revolution can pull off this. As for the controls, well, I don't think you should judge until you try it for yourself, but I also think it's stupid to think Ubisoft has Game Informer in their pocket and GI was lying when they talked about how great the game felt to play.

    I'm damn ashamed and quite frankly pissed off at you Slashdot. Get your act straight.
  • by Kataton ( 771896 ) on Monday April 10, 2006 @06:19PM (#15101809)
    Details (from og&blogid=11&showentry=920 []):

    -Game development started shortly after E3 2005. Ubisoft saw and demoed the controller before E3 2005.
    -Ubisoft Paris took their idea directly to Iwata and Miyamoto, and were given the go ahead. After that meeting they were given prototype controllers. The article states that Ubisoft worked "closely" with Nintendo's engineers in Japan on the title
    -Game Informer mentions that while conducting the interviews with Ubisoft, they were handed the "latest version" of the controller

    -During the beginning of the game, you are encouraged to use your weapons ruthlessly, but as the game progresses you become more proficient and strategic. This gameplay idea led Ubisoft to decide to give the game a martial arts setting. "Enter the Yakuza"
    -The first third of the game will be all about being "brutal by necessity"
    -You will be less precise and favor more devastating weapons (machine guns)
    -As you progress and become more precise, smaller guns will be used
    -"The to use five bullets to kill five enemies"
    -"When fighting with this level of skill, the music and sound effects will reflect it, remaining calm and peaceful"
    -"When you fight brutally, the sounds around you grow increasingly more intense"
    -"Audio feedback"

    -Freeze shot: by fighting effciently you fill the Freeze Shot gauge...fighting chaotically causes to decreases
    -When the gauge is filled you can hit a button to momentarily stop time, and then target specific locations on enemy bodies
    -Headshots thus are tempting, but non lethal shots, such as shooting guns out of enemy hand, can be more beneficial
    -By defeating high ranking leaders who command others and sparing their lives, you will be rewarded. He will offer you respect and help (guns, help, new weapons, alternate paths, etc)
    -Respect plays a MAJOR part in the game

    -Flailing your sword isn't a smart idea
    -Specific motions with the controller will trigger combos (in the final game)
    -Tracing an X in the air, for instance, will unleash a devastating attack
    -You can stop these combos at any time by simply pausing your own movement. So if you do something that leaves you open to attack, you won't be screwed
    -New moves will be taught to you by two mentors in the game
    -One will teach you gun tactics, and another will teach sword tactics
    -If you don't show the proper respect to them, they won't help you
    -Friendly/respectful interaction is tied to the controller
    -You signal "yes/no" answers by nodding the controller up or down or shaking it from side to side
    -You show extra respect by bowing to the masters
    -Ubisoft is still coming up with other interactions
    -"You can act disrespectively as well: there are no cut scenes in the game - all conversations take place in game, as in Half Life 2. However unlike that game, characters wont keep prattling on if you walk away from them. They will react angrily to your imputent behavior"
    -Staying in the master's good graces is key: they give you missions that can be tackled in any order
    -You track down the gang leaders and try to turn them to your side. If you don't, they will join Tokai's (the main villian) gang
    -You have to prove you are worthy to them by battling them and sparing their lives.
    -You will need as many of them with you as possible to face Tokai. Without their help, you'll have a rough time when you finally face him
    -You turn gang leaders to your side by besting them in battle and stopping a deadly blow miliseconds before it strikes
    -Training sessions are offered by the two masters so you can hone your skills


    -Split screen multiplayer with traditional deathmatches
    -Totally original multiplayer modes Ubisoft is not revealing yet. Wait until E3
    -They didn't talk about Nintendo Wi Fi (NDAs). Full details haven

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