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Journal Journal: (Useful) unix tricks 3

OK, so my JE got hijacked and turned into one of hte post popular threads for that day. The madness then continued with various other threads on vi, emacs, regexes etc...

For those of you who missed it:

I learned a couple of new tricks such as pushd/popd, the ~ . trick to end hung rsh/ssh sessions.

Please post below what your favorites were. Post links if you've got 'em. (no, I'm not interested rm -rf /)


Journal Journal: Stupid unix tricks

So the other day I messaged another admin from the console using the regular old 'write' command (as I've been doing for over 10 years). To my surprise he didn't know how to respond back to me (he had to call me on the phone) and had never even known you could do that.

That got me thinking that there's probably lots of things like that, and likely things I've never heard of.
What sorts of things do you take for granted as a natural part of Unix that other people are surprised at?

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Journal Journal: What rss feeds do you use? 3

I've just discovered snownews which seems to bring a lot of the fun back into the web (for me at least ;). It's just a command line-base rss reader, so I've been populating it with my usual spots, openbsd errata, slashdot, etc...

What are some other good ones I should be reading?

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Journal Journal: cool url 1

I know TomHudson is always posting cool addresses he finds. I thought of a cool one today that's more of a URL than anything:

That's all, maybe this will inspire Tom though. :-)

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Journal Journal: ugh! he's out of jail already 19

He was taken in yesterday. Charged with 288 (oral copulation of a minor) and then put away on $50,000 bond (I think that means she had to pay $5000...?). The (ex) mother-in-law bailed him out a couple hours later.

ARRRGH! I know that's how the bail system works, but I wanted him to sit there.

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Journal Journal: back from california 5

Well that wasn't much fun.

He agreed to admit to the police who just hauled him away about 4 hours ago.

The mother-in-law promptly called my wife to see about getting money to help with the cell phone bill (read: she wants my wife to help with bail).

I'm dumbfounded as to why the mother-in-law would stay. She told my wife she was going to stay with him and comfort him. Uhm, yeah, what about comforting your daughter? your granddaughter?

For those who worried about a vigialnte mission needed worry. He wouldn't come out of the house. :-O

For those of you who wondered how you might behave, it might look something like this:

I started by getting good and drunk the night before (I know, but I really needed something to take the edge off). I got to bed at 1am, and fell asleep around 1:30. I then woke up at 4am put on my steel-toed boots and my cousin took me to the airport. I got to Sacramento at around 10:30, got my rental car, and drove the 3-ish hours to Fresno, getting there around 2.

My first stop was his house. He wouldn't come out, so my endurance run in my boots was for nothing. So I just did burn-outs in front of his house. Next day we get a call that he's agreed to admit (whether my burn-outs had any affect I'll never know).

For the record, my wife did get very upset with me for doing that, and made me promise not to do it again.

The next couple days we decided not to think about it much and went to Johns Incredible Pizza (chuck-e-cheese on steroids) went to the park etc...

So now he's hauled off. It's not much consolation though. What's done is done. We're putting restraining orders on both of my wifes parents and with the exception of anything legal won't have to see them ever again.

Hopefully something aweful happens to him in jail.

Thanks for the prayers, I'm sure that's what kept him from coming out of the house. I was in such a rage that I may have actually done something very regretable. I've never thrown up just from being angry before.

good God this has been the worst week of our lives.

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Journal Journal: Surrounded by pedophiles 11

Some time ago I wrote about my sister's saga of getting molested by my step-dad when I was younger. I don't remember how far back, but it was a couple (few?) years now. I stopped talking to him, and my mother who stayed with him until recently.

NOW it comes to light that while in California my 8 y/o daughter was getting the treatment from my father-in-law. I'm leaving for Cali tomorrow. I hope to have the chance to mess him up, though probably not -- the police may have him in custody as of this evening sometime.

Can someone stop the Earth please? I'd like to get off now.

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Journal Journal: Laptop Recomendations 1

Got any recomendations for laptops? A friend is looking, and I don't really keep up. I'm just looking for the best comination of cheap/good warranty.


Journal Journal: sudo stores password in plaintext 3

OK I'll admit it. I was bored. I was just tinkering around with various /dev/* and piping the output to various others.

That's when I came across a few interesting things (namely xchat leaves all kinds of stuff in memory for days after you last logged on).

But most scary was this command 'strings /dev/mem', which revealed to me my own password. This is particalarly scary since this is an ubuntu system and my user is essentially 'root'.

-my password was here-
sudo su -
-my password was here again-

It appears to be me logging in to either the console or gdm, and then running sudo su - and typing my password.

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