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Comment Switch to Community College and transfer to a 4yr (Score 4, Informative) 309

It's really rare to go to a technical college for CS-related stuff and have it work out. The entire concept has been sullied beyond redemption by the ITT's and Devry's of the world. The best bet, money wise, it to take your first 2 years at community college, get all your prereqs like History and Calculus and CS101 out of the way for cheap. Then transfer to a traditional state 4-year for the last two years, even if its just a satellite campus. It's going to be much more expensive, and more challenging than CC, but you will hopefully end up with knowledgeable professors right when you need them, and after 50% of the class has dropped for lack of interest or plain immaturity. Also do your best to work with the school and line up an internship during your summer break between 3rd and 4th year. You'll have a degree that helps your resume instead of hinders it, a token amount of real world experience, and spend a bit over half as much money as just going straight to the 4-year.

Comment HTTP is Stateless. (Score 1) 148

Trying to confine any sort of online activity to any sort of geographical boundaries is an exercise in futility. "In-State" is essentially meaningless on the internet. Sure, they will come up with all kinds of enforcement mechanisms, and some of them might even repel a few Non-Delaware people, but the vast majority will do a quick google search and get around it in less time than it will take them to type in their creditcard and start throwing money away.

Comment Easy: Rip before watching (Score 1) 587

If you still want to keep things above board (for the creators, not the leeching middlemen), just rip the disks before you watch them. Yeh, it's a good 5 minutes and a bit of a hassle, and totally illegal due to DMCA, but you never have to sit through any of the crap they shove on the disks these days again, like these warnings, trailers, or flashy menus. Obviously pirates don't have this problem.

Comment Don't hate the player, hate the game (Score 5, Insightful) 599

Apple has a fiduciary responsibility to avoid as much taxes as legally possible. This is more indicative that the laws are not written correctly, rather than that Apple is doing something "wrong". Of course, congresscritters might be hesitant to fix these loopholes, since a lot of their sponsors directly benefit from them. In fact, that may or may not be why they are there in the first place, but the saying "don't attribute to malice what you can attribute to incompetence" probably holds here.

Comment Re:Burden of proof (Score 3, Insightful) 214

There are disadvantages to that. I'm specifically thinking of the flexibility of the job market: In the course of being edged out by competitors or a changing market, an employer might hold on to their workforce longer than they should out of fear of being sued for wrongful dismissal. That makes the entire economy less capable of adjusting to disruptive technologies and global market realities. That being said, in the US we tend to avoid this to kind of an absurd level. Most states are right-to-work, where you can be fired (or quit) for no reason whatsoever. And even in states were that is not the case, it is often practically impossible to sue for wrongful dismissal except in particularly egregiousness cases like discrimination (and you can still get sued for that in RtW states anyway).

Comment Re:Doesn't everyone run in classic? (Score 1) 980

Man I figured you could back Win7 up to the XP look but I'd never actually tried it. Myself, I like my transparencies, tyvm. I mean, in my linux boxes I lately have been using XFCE, but I still use transparencies, to the point where having a completely opaque terminal is a showstopper. Anyway, so I tried setting Win7 to the classic theme and it looked like the mid 90's puked all over my computer. All I'd need to do was switch to a 1280x1024 CRT and set my wallpaper to some poorly rendered fractal and it would be like I was in middle school all over again.

I switched back to Aero pretty quick. We're talking about pure aesthetics here, but I can't imagine why you'd intentionally go back to that look.

Comment Brick and Mortar shenanigans (Score 3, Insightful) 399

I once wanted a 6ft HDMI cable right away. I noted that they were available at a popular online cable store for $10, and set out to find one for $20 or so, considering that to be an acceptable mark up for the immediacy required. Couldn't find any for less than $30, most stores sold them for $50 or $60. They are either price fixing or just individually deciding to rip people off. Either way I just went home, paid $12 after shipping, and waited for them to show up.

Comment Re:Bad algorithm (Score 1) 131

I agree. I'm personally of the opinion that absolutely anyone who wants to immigrate should be able to, assuming they pass a security check and have a reasonably clean criminal record in their former country. We should be thrilled that people want to move here. Many first world countries are actually losing population and it is very hard on their economies.

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