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Comment Re:._. (Score 1) 123

I'm with you. Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 I really loved, and I didn't play the original sonics in the 80s so I don't have the nostalgia that everyone else has. But the 3d sonics after adventure 2 are horrible full of fail. I tried heroes, and it was painfully lame. Then sonic was a werewolf. then sonic got a sword. wtf?

I don't have a lot of hope for this. But the sonic advances and rushes for handhelds were pretty cool. so maybe.

Comment Re:Shopaholic? (Score 1) 300

All the women I've talked to have little interest in games and look at me as if I'm strange (about the same look when I discuss Star Trek). Just from observation, it appears the videogaming is dominated by 95% men with just a few gals scattered here-and-there... like it's always been.

Surveys of your friends does not make accurate data. I'm a girl gamer and all of my female friends play games, but I don't go around saying 100% of women in general play games. Though I doubt it could just be that I happen to only be friends w/ the "5%" - someone has to be buying all those Hannah Montana and nintendogs ripoffs on DS, and I doubt it's men/boys.

There's been a number of studies over years showing that women gamers are a sizable group and growing. Here's one example: Women Gamers Outnumber Men in 25-34 Age Group. Really, you're kinda out of the loop here, thinking that maybe 5% of gamers are women.

Comment Re:100% true (Score 1) 260

Honestly I think I'd be happier playing Twilight Princess with an ordinary gamepad, ala 'Cube, than with the Wiimote.

I played the Cube version, and I loved it. I don't know if I'd like it with the Wiimote, which is why I bought the cube version, even though I played it on the Wii. I think developers shouldn't be shy about using the cube controller for Wii games, like Smash Bros Brawl does.

Comment Re:am i missing something? (Score 2, Informative) 511

Yes, I'm finding FFXII's Boss battles to be much more challenging and exciting than CT's (and CTs' were better than FFVI's). You have to play smarter in FFXII, you can't just power your way past bosses with minimal strategy.

I could not disagree more. In FFXII, you set up your gambits with basic strategies, like heal your friends, and then you walk towards monsters and your characters automatically kill them, with no more input from you. You do that enough times, and then you can walk up to a boss and watch your characters kill it. I didn't get to the end of the game, the last place I remember going through was the Feywood, but the battle system seemed basically non-existent to me. And the storyline started out really well, and then started to just consist of 10 minute cut-scenes that said you had to walk to the other side of the map, and here's some bullshit about why you can't take a boat/airship. I got bored and gave up.

The only regular RPGs I've played that required real strategy and not just leveling up have been the Valkyrie Profile series. In the first VP, I met a boss that was crazy hard, went away and leveled up a bunch, and still got killed just as easily. Went online, found out the recommended level level him was 10 levels below me, wtf? But my problem was that I had the skills on my characters set up all wrong, and my strategy sucked as. Then I play VP2, and almost got my ass handed to me in the first dungeon because I didn't take the time to learn the battle system or think about what I was doing. Both of them have an excellent story, btw.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 232

The PS3 isn't a failure until people just stop talking about it all together this is evidenced by all the other failed gamesystems.

People talked about the Dreamcast plenty both before and after Sega ran out of money and got out of the hardware business. Not that the PS3 is the Dreamcast (it's lasted much longer, for one) but the fact that people still talk about it doesn't mean that it won't fail or that Sony isn't in a very hard position with it.

The PS3 can stick around for a long, long time and as production methods get cheaper the 360 advantage won't exist anymore. On top of that people are going to get a little miffed when MS comes out with the next Xbox while PS3 users are still sitting pretty with backwards compatability and still superior hardware and graphics.

Most PS3s don't have backwards compatibility, and if you think that the PS3 will have superior hardware and graphics to the next Xbox you're insane.

Comment Re:It's the inconsistency.. (Score 1) 75

No, they're right about that. In my teenage years, I had a lot of romantic ideals. I didn't really care about having sex until pressure from my peers and the media convinced me that it was the best thing ever and my life was worthless if I didn't have it.* The real flaw in the right wing's argument is that the promotion is going to come from society, regardless of anything they might try to do at school or in the family.

Some people become interested in sex earlier or later than others. But, almost everyone will have sex at some point in their lives, even the conservatives agree with that. And high school classes aren't just about what you need to know while you're a teen. I've never understood why people think teens shouldn't have sex ed because they think teens shouldn't have sex. They're going to have sex sooner or later, and they need to know the facts.

Comment Re:Final Fantasy (Score 1) 78

One character will be excessively whiny and obnoxious (like Tidus whining about getting sucked into a kickass adventure with people like Auron and Wakka, AND getting a girlfriend out of it;

Tidus wasn't whiney! By the end of the game he figures out that finishing their mission is going to cause him to *cease to exist*, yet he tells no one! He just accepts it!

Comment Re:Really that big deal? (Score 1) 589

I only have an antenna, but I rarely watch TV and I'm perfectly fine with just watching TV on the internet. I think that the rebates more than a little silly (why can't I get a rebate to buy DVDs, or put towards my DSL bill? Maybe because the government doesn't normally buy people everything?). I think that the argument is that people might need TV for updates and information in an emergency, but the government didn't by them the TV in the first place (and doesn't care about people who don't have TVs), we still have radio, and if anyone really cared about TV available for emergencies then we'd keep one analog station open just for that purpose, but we're not. The convertor boxes are just going to be used for entertainment, and it's annoying that the government feels the need to buy people that.

Comment Re:Alternative to online account access/storage (Score 1) 299

Get a P.O. box. They're not expensive, and a are a lot more secure

If your post office sends mail to the wrong side of town, I don't see how they'd be very capable of putting it in the right box.

I get all sorts of mail that isn't for me. I get mail for mail for my neighbors, mail for the people who lived here 15 years ago, mail for people who have the same street address but a completely different street name, and mail that I have no idea how it got to my house. The part that pisses me off the most though? When *I* moved in, they needed a change of address form before they would deliver any of *my* mail. I'd never trust my post office with a P.O. box.

I wish everything was paperless.

Comment Re:Jesus. (Score 4, Insightful) 263

I'll tell you what I want to die - Web sites that spread an article out one paragraph at a time over 15 pages where the spam-to-content ratio is 15 to 1.

I'm sorry, but I didn't read the article, since I didn't get past page one of fifteen.

I got to page 2. There they have a link that is supposedly a microsoft article saying people loathe rover (the xp search dog). follow the link and... no, it doesn't say anything like that. Reading 15 pages is bad enough, but 15 pages of bullshit is not what I'm doing.

Comment Re:Amazon's real skill: hooking the media... (Score 1) 314

They did the same for me, too. I moved last December, and started ordering Christmas presents at my new address before I filled out a change of address with the post office. So, the post office sent them all back (*grr*). So I called Amazon, and they Fedexed them all overnight. I have *never* had better customer service.

Comment Re:Not astonishingly suprising... (Score 1) 300

I don't find this suprising in perspective of what people in the service sector usually have for themselves. After all, what kind of car does your mechanic drive? Do you know when your mechanic last did an oil change on their own car?

I married my mechanic. I didn't realize that would mean I'd have one more car to take to get oil changes, but he never, ever, gets around to working on our own cars.

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