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Comment NAM for mail alias and anti-virus (Score 1) 192

This is nothing, I once got a Navy Achievement Medal (one step down from a Commendation medal) for setting up a mail alias on my own domain for my reserve unit to use for group communications, and for installing and updating anti-virus software on the unit's laptops. It all literally took me half an hour to complete.

Comment Re:It might be an unpopular opinion... (Score 1) 822

You have the basic question wrong. Snowden revealed classified information. It isn't a question of true or false, it is a question of who is legally allowed to see it. He compromised American intelligence operations, and those of allied nations. Snowden broke trust, and people are confused about it.


Snowden alerted the American people to illegal actions that circumvent the Constitution. I don't care how classified it was. The Constitution and our civil rights are far, far more important than what some bureaucrat thinks we ought to know.

Snowden arrogantly undermined democratic principles and acted like a vigilante.

You're fucking high. You should be tarred and feathered along with the assholes who have been shredding our Constitution, you fucking bootlicker.

Comment Re:It might be an unpopular and stupid opinion... (Score 1) 822

No, we don't all know that. Because he didn't pursue his crusade using any of the procedures that would grant him that protection. Not even close.

True, but only because the previous NSA whistleblowers were all silenced and screwed over, too. What's the good of playing by the rules when the powers that be won't do the same?

Snowden, like other government workers (even contractors), took an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. By revealing the depth of the spying done on American citizens by our own government he upheld that oath. Whether he "went through proper channels" is bullshit and academic. He did the right thing and we should give him a ticker tape parade while tar-and-feathering the real traitors, the people who create the surveillance state and those who still support and defend it today.

Comment Re:It might be an unpopular opinion... (Score 1) 822

Snowden fulfilled his oath to protect and defend the Constitution from domestic enemies. If doing that is against the law we're even more fucked than any of us have realized.

So yeah, he broke no laws by releasing that data. The people he blew the whistle on are the lawbreakers, they're the ones who belong in Leavenworth.

Comment Re:It's not a relevant topic for Slashdot. (Score 5, Informative) 894

I've had an account at /. for over 15 years; you don't even have an account. So shut the fuck up and go to Techdirt if you don't like it. /. has never been solely about "science and technology". It's always had a very strong political part to it, and this cock up at US Customs plays to that part of the site.

Don't like it? Too bad, we won't miss you.

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