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Comment That's retarded (Score 5, Insightful) 339

We have a picture of it right? Seriously what if every time somebody did something new that spot was forbidden to be stepped on again? asinine. What if nobody as allowed to visit the beach of Columbus's first landing sites? BFD, send a plaque or something and stop wasting your time worrying about whether a footprint is going to disappear someday. It will.

Comment stunned (Score 1) 8

That video.....that reporter. I cannot believe her idiocy. The fascism guy was a little inarticulate and I wish he could have explained himself better.

I also wish I had remembered the tea party. I filed back in Jan so it completely slipped my mind.

Comment Hardware stores (Score 1) 2

Another cheap solution (same actually just another way to find it) is to go to the hardware store and pick up the backing used for shower stalls. It's the same material as the "official"(tm) white boards but for about 1/10th the cost.

Comment not odd for me (Score 1) 5

Surprisingly, I know a bunch* of people like that. I used to work at a newspaper where the sysamdins of certain systems were required to be able to know how to mke ads and whatnot. Thankfully I wasn't one that needed to know that because I'm terrible with graphics.

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