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Comment Re:On Par (Score 1) 99

Pretty Much, My master friends always throw mods, and joysticks at me... "Cortana - Xbox on, Cortona - Start Destiny" while i hold a beer in one hand, and pizza in the other.. and plop down on the couch... Sure you can rig up your pc for a couch scenario, But then, I would have to put my beer down to mess with the wireless keyboard/mouse, thus, limiting more beer room on the coffee table.. It just never ends with PC's, that GPU you bought 6 months ago for $1,000, well, the other guys released a better card for $300 as you weep. Console owners just really dont care .. IN n OUT and back to RL, "Cortana - Goto Sleep"

Comment Re:first (Score 2) 334

No - I refuse to restrict myself to your definition of "modern full-feature DE's". There is really no need for these desktop environments. - Who are you trying to fool? GUIS are there to assist you. Sure some platforms overly assist the user, but living in a terminal/command line might actually slow you down at times. Why not be able to get all the information you need at a glance, vs scrolling through log files/grepping your life away. Not trying to troll, but you might be the exception.

Comment Re:Sucks (Score 1) 118

The problem is not relying on google 411, the problem is google feeding its customers apps, the pulling them out because they're "beta" or no longer fit their model. Ill remind you again, when google pulls gmail from out beneath your feet.

Comment Re:Observations on BB10... (Score 1) 267

These "Apps" you speak off, were not available during iOS or Android street dates. Legacy Blackberry apps have failed, lack off screen size, resources or just plain developers think they can charge $4.99 for a theme because its an "Enterprise" phone. I think RIM (now Blackberry) needs to start some base quality/standard testing on their market apps.

Comment Following the release (Score 1) 267

I have been following twitter feeds during the release... People say... a) Zomg Looks like an iphone b) the apps suck c) the apps suck d) they ripped off apple e) (those under 30 ask "whats a blackberry?") Everyone is stuck in this so called "app world" - BB10 tries to minimize the "clicking around" Your email/social hubs/messages are all deeply intergrated into the os, to me thats a great thing, one less app i have to jump to. Pulling in contacts from all your networks into one screen, one "hub" great. Im not a big game/app player so to me, this seems like a great idea. People are way to hung up with the apps, and the developers are partially to blame for rims failure. Their market was swamped with partially finished/ported garbage and to top it off, they want me to pay $4.99 for a theme? This whole post is a garbled thought, but passing off bb10 as a clone, or that its to late - its just the sheep talking. Putting might mess of thoughts aside, IMHO stick google apps on the damn thing, and that alone will boost their street cred. Just give me my contacts/calendar/email in a presentable way, ill be happy.

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