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Comment Normal for financial entities (Score 3, Informative) 70

Given the regulatory requirements this makes sense. At one major US financial institution, where I worked, this is the norm, because the risk of information leakage is an issue. You even need to use application such as Mobile Iron or Good for accessing company e-mail. Company issued iPhones had the the essentials an nothing more, with certificates limiting what you could do with the phone.

At the same time, there was a move towards BYOD, which does provide a bit of a chink in the wall, but still requires Mobile Iron or Good for accessing company e-mail and a certificate limiting certain operations. You can't copy/paste from Mobile Iron or Good, for example.

These companies need to show to regulators that they are meeting requirements and maybe even going slightly beyond. All e-mail in and out is recorded for 7 years.

Comment Dead packages (Score 1) 133

One challenge I have with npm are the dead projects and the apparent inability to take over the dead project, even if your project has become the accepted source of truth in GitHub. The workaround is to create a new package, but that just adds to the confusion.

It would be nice if there was a way for a project to either be flagged as possibly dead or require some other mechanism to red flag a project, either automated or via reporting.

Maybe I am alone in this feeling?

Comment Re: Most depressing thing I've read all week (Score 1) 139

I am guessing most developers aren't that good at multi-threading. For most jobs it isn't necessary, and when it is someone will do a good enough job or find the developer or library that will take care of it.

If you ever do multi-core GPGPU you see there is a threshold below which just using the CPU is good enough and may be faster. Part of that is that you only really benefit from the GPGPU if the processing queue is kept full.

Then there are languages such as NodeJS which are single threaded and when you need to parralize it is via separate processes, so you really need to reduce the inter-process chatter.

Comment Re:Stopping processes of background tabs? (Score 1) 154

In this case, the browser design is likely to provide a hint to how the process are being used. The OS doesn't have that contextual information, so for it is just another process. While not perfect, there are likely to be hints that can be used. For example a browser that just relaunched with 30 tabs open (I have seen that), may want to default to only spawning processes, representing tab that have been visited by the user in the current session.

Comment Unreliably match user accounts? (Score 1) 27

The phrase "it would be unable reliably to match the two companies' user accounts" stands out. Given the data mining capabilities of these corporations, I can't quite believe that. That matching phone number in both Whatsapp and Facebook, nah there is not way we could use that as a linking piece of data?

Comment Re: you no longer own your devices (Score 1) 193

Then again they would probably prefer to be in court for that, than for one of their phones causing bodily harm. There is a fair chance they would win, given even the FAA considers it a danger.

Adding to this that a recent analysis indicates that the battery stress tolerances in the phone are beyond acceptable, it would they work out to be a potentially ticking time bomb.

Comment Re: OSS working as it should. (Score 1) 166

The healthier compromise would be admitting they don't have the cycles and inviting a code contribution. Fork the project and do a pull-request. If the devs don't a contribution, if it fixes an issue and it is of good quality, then maybe it is time to accept the original project is in life support and the fork deserves to be the future?

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