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Comment Re:Steve Jobs is a Troll. (Score 1) 944

For the record, I don't own an ipad, but I can recognize when a company is trying to "cut the cord" with a good reason. You tell Jobs to "wake up", as if the company he runs is somehow performing poorly, and you give him advice as to how to turn around the company. I think someone else is the person that needs to "wake up".

Comment Re:Steve Jobs is a Troll. (Score 1) 944

Not only is he spitting out a bunch of ridiculous arguments, he's also trying to force his way into the hands of the users. Wake up Jobs, no one wants a PC without a ... floppy drive. Your iMac is cool, and that's about it: we all know it's not powerful enough to do anything interesting, so you're not going to sell that besides that tactic. No need to lecture people about how bad floppy disks are: we already know, and the people who might care about it simply aren't really buying your magic tablet.

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