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Analysts Split Over Vista Launch Date 165 165

An anonymous reader writes "A ZDNet report details comments by analysts on the upcoming release of Microsoft's newest operating system. Vista is currently scheduled to be released to businesses next month, and to consumers in January of next year. Not everyone on the sidelines agrees that the company will make that deadline, though. Reservations seem mostly to center around legal and political issues, rather than any concrete technical problems." From the article: " A delay for Vista now would be convenient for Microsoft, Gartner analyst David Mitchell-Smith argued, because 'when people start complaining about the delay, Microsoft can reasonably say 'don't blame us' and point the finger at the EC.' ... Mitchell-Smith also noted that Microsoft wants to avoid further litigation, as it is already facing legal action by Symantec and Adobe Systems."
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Analysts Split Over Vista Launch Date

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  • by linuxci (3530) on Saturday October 07, 2006 @05:09PM (#16350631)
    Another delay won't matter one bit, it's been delayed enough already that I'm sure any computer manufacturers already have contingency plans made in case the release is not ready. Also as businesses are generally slow adopters (many still run Win2k) not many will be waiting for that release (I don't understand why they're releasing to corporates first and then consumers, it's eather ready or it's not).

    As is the case with many of you, I'm not going to be queueing outside in the rain waiting for the first store with vista in to open (well I'd be crazy to I use OS X and Linux at home and Linux and Windows at work and I'm not going to pay to upgrade a work machine!), all the interesting features from the product were cut so it looses whatever geek appeal an MS product can ever have so now it's probably best that they make sure they deliver the most polished product they can possibly do.

    Things have changed a lot since the XP launch days, now Mac OS X is a very mature product and as Macs are Intel now some people may buy a Mac so that they can hedge their bets and run either Vista or OSX depending on what they prefer, a rushed and unpolished Vista would really make the Mac shine. Also there's a lot more user focus on the Linux desktop such as ubuntu, not to mention Live CD's which are a great way for people to try out Linux with no risk - although live CD's are not new, I remember a Slackware CD from 1996 that you could run from, but these days they're a whole lot more user friendly with decent hardware detection.
  • by Blahbooboo3 (874492) on Saturday October 07, 2006 @05:22PM (#16350717)
    As usual, with any Vista announcement come the big proclamations saying "Oh, I am not upgrading to vista." Ya ya, whatever....

    People said the SAME thing about XP here as well. 5 years later I bet almost all of you windows folks are running XP at this point. Eventually, you will want to buy a new computer and just like XP did, it will come with Vista. Yes, of course people will claim they are going to OS X but I'll believe it when I see the Mac % of worldwide market go above 5%.

    Basically everyone will switch one way or another to Vista whether to play some game or some other Vista only application. Microsoft knows & understands this having seen this in all of its Windows releases. That's why they are basically just doing whatever they want...as we all will eventually be assimilated :)

    BTW, I am a closet Mac fanboy :)
  • by l3v1 (787564) on Saturday October 07, 2006 @05:32PM (#16350771)
    5 years later I bet almost all of you windows folks are running XP at this point

    Emphasis added. That's the point. 5 years from now ? Who knows. But thing is, as with XP (and FYI very many people, companies, etc. don't even use XP yet) there will probably not be an enormous rush to switch in the beginning. Especially since it will require many people to buy new computers (since most of them don't build their systems and many just usually buy new PCs instead of changing components).
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday October 07, 2006 @06:13PM (#16351009)
    Saddam bought off damn near the whole continent. Ever notice how the French abandoned enforcing the no-fly zones when the UN started up the "Oil-for-Food" program? The very program that funnelled billions of dollars of bribes all over the world?

    People in the EU aren't any different from the rest of humanity - the operate in their own best interests. They just don't feel like selling out to Microsoft at this time, because they think it's not in their best interests to do so.
  • by Teun (17872) on Saturday October 07, 2006 @07:32PM (#16351439) Homepage
    Another delay won't matter one bit, it's been delayed enough already that I'm sure any computer manufacturers already have contingency plans made in case the release is not ready.

    You can say that again!
    Have you also noticed the number of new (not just top of the line) computers being offered with standard 2 Gb of memory? That's surely not because of the applications that the average person is running.
    All that memory was ordered months ago expecting it to be mated with Vista around now.

  • The computer industry needs a windows lauch. A new windows releases forces people to upgrade their software. They also tend to buy new PCs. Semiconductor stocks are doing rather poorly right now. If intel or amd start moving units, it will definetely have an impact on the stock market. While I'm a fan of open source software, I also realize that Microsoft and Apple do stimulate the economy.

    I've attempted to test several betas of vista and have been unable to install any of them on any of my PCs for lack of hardware support. I'm already specing out new hardware for a potential vista upgrade and something to test AMD64 versions of MidnightBSD. In my opinion anyone in the open source community should look at vista very closely. Its not only our competition, but also the basis of what end users think operating systems are like. We know Microsoft didn't get this one right. Its just a matter of how wrong it really is.
  • Re:Vista (Score:2, Interesting)

    by jawtheshark (198669) * <slashdot@jawthe[ ]rk.com ['sha' in gap]> on Sunday October 08, 2006 @05:52AM (#16353743) Homepage Journal

    I agree. Window's 2000 was actually likeable, but WinXP, despite some ugliness, is a bit better. I miss the XP "Start" menu when I use 2000

    There are exactly *two* features that are useful in WinXP that aren't in Win2000. That's fast user switching and remote desktop. The Luna theme is not part of it. I have never met a single IT person that hasn't switched it off and many user I talked to was delighted to find out that you could actually switch it off. As for the two advantages of WinXP: the fast user switching is gone once you are in a domain, which is why I can't run a domain at home! Fast user switching is the singlemost useful thing in a home environement, but frankly, I can see usages in a corporate/domain usage too...

    But Win2000 is the Microsoft OS that I actually liked most.

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