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Comment: Matrox had one that actually worked, unlike MS (Score 1) 510

by dbIII (#47924713) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9
Matrox had one back then that was half decent but it got broken by later versions of MS Windows. Nvidia still has a multiple desktop thing packaged with Quatro cards which has gone in cycles from perfect to flaky and back again. The MS one was proof of concept and may have worked initially but it turned into a certain blue screen timebomb a while after it had become abandonware. There were various others that worked for a while but nothing you could use for the long term.
It's almost as if it was a purchase requirement for a sale and abandoned later, but I suspect it's more a series of projects that were not maintained.

Comment: One major reason (Score 1) 510

by dbIII (#47924633) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9
To use more memory. Admittedly you can solve that with the 64 bit XP if you have hardware it supports, or you can get server 2003 which is similar to XP, or you can roll back to Win2k to get away from the fucking stupid memory ceiling in XP if you have more than one core (I've still got a 6GB Win2k machine lurking in storage to run some legacy software every couple of years).
If you don't need more memory, as with a couple of receptionists computers in my workplace, XP does the job up to at least MS Office 2010.

Comment: Re:You were bluffing (Score 1) 62

by dbIII (#47924207) Attached to: Funding Tech For Government, Instead of Tech For Industry
True, but I see soviet style partisan propaganda the runs contrary to reality and indeed truth as being illegitimate unless it's being paid for as an advertisement.

If you think not, then cite specific examples of your claims.

Yet another example of a hardworking Comrade of The Party attacking it's opponents I see - YOU are the one that was making wild claims while I haven't written much other than calling you out on it.

WTF is it with you losers "charging at windmills". Solar is more mainstream than the politics you are pushing - and you know why - people are making money out of it without ripping others off. Please stop pushing your outdated authoritarian anti-capitalistic bullshit and your horror that people are free to buy panels and put them on their roofs.

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