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Comment: And yet it moves (Score 1) 498

by dbIII (#48046227) Attached to: Utilities Should Worry; Rooftop Solar Could Soon Cut Their Profit
You don't have such an excuse for tilting at windmills. You are merely a well behaved sheep willing to deny reality for The Party like a good little useful idiot for Stalin. Truly pathetic, but you've certainly kept me feeling smug and superior for a few days now, so it was worth remaining polite. Did you really think your cut and paste tantrums would have any other effect other than to make others think you are worthless?
"And yet it moves" is a good little quote to apply to your silly idea that the wind stops on a continent wide basis. Blind ideology does not trump reality and only provides the illusion of doing so when authoritarian politics is in play. This is supposed to be a technical site and not a wacko politics site that goes so far round the bend that it comes back around the corner as Stalinism, I suggest you continue pushing your devotional delusions among like minded people on a political site that caters to that.

Comment: Re:Here is why - point from above - get it now? (Score 1) 498

by dbIII (#48045623) Attached to: Utilities Should Worry; Rooftop Solar Could Soon Cut Their Profit
It's not a source - it's what you replied to with your various sidetracks into other issues.
The depressing thing is that it has been long enough that you could have read enough to understand the factors behind the graph you used as a prop but have not chosen to do so. The other depressing thing is the feigned mental illness of the cut and paste repetitive post - come on now, you are not actually sane and older than two years old so you know better than to use silly tantrums to get what you want.

Comment: Re: Here's the solution (Score 1) 473

by dbIII (#48044887) Attached to: Will Windows 10 Finally Address OS Decay?

You'd think so, but it's pretty common to uninstall a broken program, then re-install it. Keeping the old parameter settings makes it easier (sometimes!) to re-install

Unless it's only broken due to registry settings that it follows as ordered even if they are stupid instructions. I think that's one is behind so many people advocating such extremes as a full OS reinstall every year or two, maybe longer on win7. Only a few applications and knowing enough to rip out the registry entries in such cases (I've had to do that far too many times for people and I'm a *nix guy when I work on computers) saves a full reinstall or falling back to an image.

Personally I see this as a failure of application programmers and testers to understand the platform they are working on than blaming it on Microsoft. The registry may be a stupid idea in some situations but it mostly works and it's nowhere near as stupid as those who write stuff to the registry without bothering to have a way of cleaning up afterwards.

Comment: Don't feel superior, we all have that problem (Score 1) 106

by dbIII (#48044773) Attached to: Japan's Shinkansen Bullet Trains Celebrate 50th Anniversary

"Follow the rules. Don't be selfish. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down."

Sounds like the US attitude to workplace relations and why many are indoctrinated to think unions or any bunch of employees getting together to question a management decision in any way is evil.
I think you'll find "nail that sticks out gets hammered down" in many cultures, even ones that propagate myths of lone heroes working outside the system. Insert the name any country on the planet with large cities for Japan or US and there will be some major situation where people who act outside the norm face serious social pressure.

Comment: Largest is probably in an earthquate zone (Score 1) 56

The largest is probably in an earthquate zone - San Francisco or Tokyo.
Also, in a way that initially seems counter-intuitive, tall buildings cope better in earthquakes than shorter ones. They flex. Of course that doesn't save you from a street full of rubble and all the cables severed.

Comment: Here is why - point from above - get it now? (Score 1) 498

by dbIII (#48044661) Attached to: Utilities Should Worry; Rooftop Solar Could Soon Cut Their Profit
You appear to have forgotten the post you jumped on in an attempt to disprove:

"The thing with wind, as any child who watches the TV weather knows, is that it is always blowing somewhere. It's never calm on the whole planet or even an entire country bigger than Monaco. Windmills are not just in one spot but spread around countries especially now that they've been adopted by electricity generators for a few years - thus there's always at least some wind power available when you want to bring a few more MW online. They may cost a shitload per MW but for when you just want a little bit more power that's a lot cheaper than warming up 500MW worth of coal, which comes in big packages or not at all."

Get it now?
Your trying to relate secondary information from graphs that depend on several different conditions to whether there is wind or not is inferior to just seeing if the wind is blowing or not. Detours into misinterpretations of laws about priority of minor contributors to the grid were a bit strange - your angry reaction to being informed about the existence of gas turbines as conventional peak generation sources disturbing.
This has been a rather odd experience but has given me a bit of an insight into situations where politics is seen to trump reality.

Comment: Video wallpaper from the 90's! (Score 1) 638

by dbIII (#48033563) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10
Funny thing is back around 1998, when the students were away I'd run the "atlantis" screensaver as the animated background of my cheap little linux box with all the grunt work being done by a big SGI machine in the next building. Install a version of X11 on your MS box (xwin32 etc) and you can have a video background and party like it's 1999!
I'm sure there's other ways already build into the desktop background changer of win7.

Comment: An Exchange aside (Score 1) 638

by dbIII (#48033537) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10

While you're there, make it a free feature to put a corporate signature in Exchange without poncing about with transport rules and copying files down to clients. 20 years and we still don't have the SIMPLEST of things done right.

Putting the MS Exchange collection behind a purpose designed MTA (sendmail, exim, cast of thousands) and getting that to add the signature is the easiest way to do it - bonus points if it's used to hold and scan mail for virus or spam before it can put any load on MS Exchange and make the fragile thing fall over.

Comment: Re:Windows 10 = iPhone 6 (Score 1) 638

by dbIII (#48033519) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10
Reminds me of how the ads should have run:
"Windows, because copying Apple was my idea."

With a combination of window snapshots, multiple desktops and RDP that does not entirely suck it appears MS is close to catching up with the Enlightenment window manager on X from a year or two before Slashdot started. Or Xerox "rooms" from way back.

Comment: Not a stable version from MS though (Score 1) 638

by dbIII (#48033445) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10
There was a Matrox virtual desktop thing from years back that was decent too, and I've seen an Nvidia one. However saying "that feature has been in windows" is like saying photoshop has been in windows :)
There was a "powertoy" but it wasn't able to run reliably as the MS Windows environment changed - a 100% chance of bluescreen per day.

Comment: Re:Better call it Windows 11 (Score 1) 638

by dbIII (#48033409) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10
It nerfed the file sharing of NT4 to only a few connections and make workgroups useless, forcing us back to a central server model - preferably one with SAMBA instead of an arbitrary connection limit.
That loss of a feature is actually what pushed my workplace from NT4 + Hummingbird Exceed to linux desktops nearly everywhere. If MS Windows machines can't talk to MS Windows machines effectively and that's the only reason you are on the platform then why stay on it?

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