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Comment Re:the point about wind: power = speed CUBED (Score 1) 147

So? The obvious answer turned out to be a lot of windmills turning slowly instead of just one spinning really fast.

At 10 mph, it might, maybe have just enough power to overcome bearing friction

What exactly do you base that guess on coder boy? Your understanding of Visual Basic, Pascal, Java or maybe even C? If a wind at four metres per second is not moving a windmill then it's obviously a pretty fucked up design isn't it?

Comment Re:that would be nice, but weather systems are big (Score 1) 147

As for the "no grid" comment - bullshit. Just because the weakest links, the interconnectors, failed to avoid the entire lot going down does not mean that the regional grids are not connected. Do you really think there is an air gap? What do you think? did you think before writing? Maybe read what you've written again and ponder the meaning of it and how it contradicts itself, then perhaps try again with increased understanding.
To dumb things down maybe you can pretend it's DC and consider Ohms law to get a bit of an idea about a badly designed grid and a badly designed interconnector 15 years ago can mean that you can't feed it as well from the area next door as well as you can today.

Comment Re:if "flexible" means uncontrollable 100X variati (Score 1) 147

I'd actually MUCH rather have a bunch of 500MW nuclear units

Yes but demand fluctuates over time while those atoms keep on decaying faster than the heat can be used.

And if it means there's times when we just pump power to ground? C'est la vie!

Yes, let those greasy Moorlocks work it out while the coder boys play in the garden.

There's an energy mix for a variety of reasons. If you want to ignore that and bring the dicussion down to a grade school level, fair enough, but then it's best to stick to what you know instead of shouting into the darkness just because someone has mentioned something you don't know about.

Comment Re:Mostly for criminals (Score 1) 117

Yes but still vastly cheaper than the power stuff used to be. Those CPUs have mostly been priced out of anything other than military budgets. I think at one point a very sleazy sales guy was trying to sell me an 8 core power machine for around the price I could get three 64 core opteron machines with four times the memory. For some stuff the former would be faster, but still impossible to justify in dollar terms.

Comment Re:It is still a net energy loser (Score 1) 147

Methanol has more chemical potential energy than CO2, and that energy must come from somewhere.


This is the same unicorn fantasy that the "water as fuel" people constantly buy into.

Only because you jumped to a conclusion and had that fantasy of it not being a net energy loser. If you take a look at the other comments you will notice that others are a bit more rooted in reality and are discussing the implications of making methanol this way instead of other ways (which are also net energy losers but we do them anyway if the end product is useful enough).

Comment Re:Energy Negative? So what. (Score 1) 147

What are the odds that one can power whatever this methane generating device is with solar or wind, so that you can store energy for use later?

Heat is heat, so definitely. An ideal would be a solar thermal thing out on a farm steadily dripping enough methanol over time to drive a tractor - you'd still need to ship in the precursor but not really a lot per unit of fuel. In some areas it wouldn't have to be especially cheap and would still beat local fuel costs over the long term.

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