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Comment: Different mindsets required (Score 1) 118

by dbIII (#46764401) Attached to: How 'DevOps' Is Killing the Developer
New code is not perfect on creation and developers need to be prepared to swing the axe, scrap stuff that doesn't work and start off different approaches.
However in production it's better to make very gentle changes to a unstable house of cards even if it is utter shit held together by chewing gum and string.
To work in both you need to be able to switch between mindsets because they are really very different jobs. Someone working in both is not ideal. Even if you are very good at both there is a strong temptation to make radical changes, make incremental changes an place them in production and thus limit options in development or to develop something new that incorporates the flaws of something in production. An ideal is good communication between people in both roles.
"Switching hats" can result in too many compromises and being either too conservative or too radical for the project. If you are stuck in that situation external input from testers or somewhere is vital as a sanity check.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 582

by dbIII (#46764289) Attached to: IRS Can Now Seize Your Tax Refund To Pay a Relative's Debt
I'm not speaking of the US but instead providing an example from anther country of a child "held accountable for crimes that precede their birth". In Australia, due to odd wording of a law, babies born to refugees are classified as "maritime arrivals" and denied citizenship. If their parents are not refugees that "Anchor Baby" situation applies. I'm not going to argue if it's right/wrong or doesn't matter, I'm just using it as an example.

Comment: Re:Apply critical thinking instead of changing top (Score 1) 421

by dbIII (#46764277) Attached to: UN: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple To Save Climate

Honestly, I'm not paid to post here

I never suggested that. However in hindsight you are acting as if you were so I can understand now why you decided you needed to point out that you are recycling silly propaganda for free.
You have stated that you are no longer a child. I suggest acting accordingly and lay off the stupid lies or you will get people taking you to task for such stupid lies.

Comment: Re:Meanwhile, back on planet Earth (Score 1) 75

by dbIII (#46764255) Attached to: <em>Guardian</em> and <em>WaPo</em> Receive Pulitzers For Snowden Coverage
Is that some sort of petty insult suggesting I'm not a "real" citizen? I am an Australian and envious of the US Constitution that the NSA is spitting on. They have betrayed your country and Snowden caught them at it. They have betrayed my country by circulating information about an Australian intelligence operation on the Indonesian President very widely (in a powerpoint presentation FFS) and Snowden got hold of it.

Since the NSA is such a shambles with outside subcontracting, civilians in roles that should be military and various horse judges running things due to social connections, you can be certain that Putin could have got hold of everything Snowden had and more many years ago. With a cast of thousands and people employed due to connections you can be certain that someone in that shambles had a night at Vegas and got a job offer. They have shown from lies to congress that patriotism is not going to stop them doing that, so it's not going to stop them from selling out either.

On interesting bit of the recent anti-Snowden propaganda is a rant similar to yours in the Murdoch press from Laim Fox - the former UK defence secretary who had to resign after a string of very serious security breaches in negotiations with Israel's Mossad and Sri Lankan military intelligence. I suppose at least he knows a bit about the subject matter. The online version is behind a paywall, but it's amusing that he uses the "treason" word for material far less sensitive than the material he gave unauthorised people access to.

Let's throw that back at you - so you support King before Country (and Constitution). My mistake, I thought you were an American and not an English Loyalist.

Comment: Re:Meanwhile, back on planet Earth (Score 1) 75

Considering that part of that was things like industrial espionage of an Indonesian Clove Cigarette manufacturer for the benefit of commercial clients in the USA where presumably kickbacks would be given to someone in US intelligence who gave the job to the Australians - fuck yes. We should not be risking intelligence assets on that shit just so that someone in Washington gets paid a bribe. Since another was Australia's Telstra handing communications data to the NSA and giving full access to some intercontinental cables - fuck yes.
Snowden betrayed a bunch of people going far beyond what their jobs should have allowed TO HIS COUNTRY. He told his country what is going on. He did your country and mine a service. The only losers are the people who went too far and tried an East German Stasi approach to intelligence instead of the targetted approach the USA had used in the past.

Exposing the rot in your country so that it can be cured is different to betraying your country. The bullshit along the lines of "because he told the Washington Post it's the same as telling the KGB" is just damage control by some people who will probably lose their jobs and could even be facing jail time.

Comment: Apply critical thinking instead of changing topic (Score 1) 421

by dbIII (#46763205) Attached to: UN: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple To Save Climate
What a disgusting little weasel you are. When your made up "facts" failed to impress you've made an empty appeal to authority about a completely different topic. Please use that education and life experience instead of acting like a teenage school debate club member.

Comment: Meanwhile, back on planet Earth (Score 1) 75

Well that's what the propaganda says but in reality they don't have any more stuff than the Washington Post has.
Snowden betrayed some corrupt officials for the benefit of his country. Those corrupt officials like to frame things in another way but they showed they are putting themselves before their duty to their country via actions such as lying to Congress.

Comment: Re:Author is stupid? (Score 1) 259

One William Gibson interview asked about his "predictions", and I recall his view was that some people liked some of his ideas and made things resembling them instead of him actually predicting anything. I'd say some of the Star Trek stuff came about the same way, although the tablet also resembles the slates used in schools a long time back.

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by dbIII (#46753085) Attached to: UN: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple To Save Climate
Doesn't matter? Without somebody putting up the capital it doesn't happen. Civilian Nuclear IMHO has two options - very small units that don't cost a lot or (the unlikely approach) find some way to get itself funded.
A windmill doesn't cost much even if it takes ten thousand to match a nuclear power station - but they are not being purchased ten thousand at a time are they?

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