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Comment: JMS didn't get to run it like a movie director (Score 1) 210

by dbIII (#48897223) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?
Also Claudia Christian wanted to know if she had a job for season 5 and was sacked for asking, Andrea Thompson was sacked for getting into a relationship with Jerry Doyle etc - HR really fucked with that show instead of letting the director direct.
The fifth season was apparently going to have Claudia Christian's character running the station but since she's been got rid of Tracey Scroggins was brought in to play a similar role, which despite a good effort didn't quite work as well IMHO.
See also the spinoff series for even more ridiculous amounts of executive interference.
Maybe the secret is to shoot in Canada or Australia so the executives don't have a clue what you are doing and so don't interfere as much.

Comment: It's a production type not a genre over there (Score 1) 210

by dbIII (#48897155) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?
It's a production type not a genre over there so it's not just aimed at children. It comes from decades of animation studios and not much in the way of live action studios in Japan. So it's a bit much for you to accuse others of being "mentally underdeveloped" just because you've only seen the stuff aimed at kids and are not aware of the rest.
Even with the kids stuff - do you accuse people of being mentally underdeveloped for seeing "The Lion King"? That's Kimba on stage, renamed Simba for copyright reasons.

I moved on to more complex and challenging stories, like reading the Dune

Good stuff but once again aimed at teens and young adults as seen by how it revolves around the Paul character. Not exactly Conrad so someone without an appreciation of SF would lump it directly in with Harlock, Bubblegum Crisis, Akira, Fist of the North Star, Macross etc.

Comment: Re:Something is wrong with the respondents! (Score 1) 210

by dbIII (#48897101) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?

Also, 5% of people picked Voyager.

It wasn't bad until they got rid of the elf chick because the actress playing her started to demand speaking part money. Then there was the amphibian sex episode which should have had nobody able to look at Paris of Janeway without smirking for the rest of their lives - a massive reminder that Trek has almost zero continuity. I'd had it with Trek at that point. I heard that they even had some sort of cuddly pet Borg after that which would have been a truly epic jump of the shark.

Comment: Re:Space: Above And Beyond (Score 1) 210

by dbIII (#48897089) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?
It suffered from writer of the week syndrome - the same characters were top gun one week, boot camp newbie grunts the next. Apart from that it had some good episodes and Bill Hunter running the UN was worth the price of entry alone - an audacious bit of casting.
The network I watched it on played it out of order and in different timeslots so I didn't see the whole thing. Prime time to midnight after a football show that sometimes ran an hour over time.

Comment: Re:The noob is you (Score 1) 186

by dbIII (#48891823) Attached to: China Cuts Off Some VPNs
Any application with a lot of forced SSL is effectively a VPN in terms of what they want to stop, which is hidden traffic in general - so bad news. You want to hide a lot of stuff? They want to stop you. If you are a bank with good party connections (repeating myself a bit) you get an exception.
Western governments would like to do this too but unlike the Chinese they have to worry about innocent bystanders getting upset.

Yes, there's other ways, but just hiding among https traffic is only going to work when the people upstream let you have a lot of https traffic.

Comment: Re:Again, why? (Score 1) 160

by dbIII (#48891493) Attached to: Google Just Made It Easier To Run Linux On Your Chromebook

So there is this trend about wanting to run 'foreign' OSs on computers that come w/ one already

It's typically all about running one or two applications that are not on the main OS or about getting rid of a whole lot of shit to just run one or two applications. If there was more cross platform stuff and less weird UIs like Win8 it wouldn't be so common. I've got a touchscreen tablet running Win7 because Win8 is shit even in that situation if you just have one main application you want to run.

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