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Comment: Bad Idea. (Score 1) 364

by The MAZZTer (#46639305) Attached to: Your Car Will Tell You How To Hit the Next Green Light
There is a reason lights already don't alert you to how long until they turn green. If you know when a light is going to turn green, you'll be ready to immediately speed through. But the guy crossing the other way is trying to beat the red light. Suddenly your chances of getting into an accident go way up. Without knowing when the light turns green, it will probably take you a bit longer to get going.

Comment: Re:Later Dropbox! (Score 1) 243

by The MAZZTer (#46625689) Attached to: Dropbox's New Policy of Scanning Files For DMCA Issues

encfs looks really cool in that it will transparent encrypt files and they look like regular files to dropbox etc, but they can go on any file system and encfs will still recognize the encryption when they come out. So that's always an option.

Sadly, the Windows port of it that I've tried is really buggy. I had to use it inside a Linux VM to really use it.

Comment: Re:Does Firefox still run on Win8 desktop UI? (Score 4, Informative) 200

Of course it does. Microsoft is very good with backwards compatibility, especially from NT onward, and that's assuming Mozilla wasn't interested in supporting their most commonly used platform (I'm pretty sure Windows is). This is just talking about the port to Metro, which has seen poor reception.

Of course I doubt Firefox would have been a "true" Metro app... I don't think Chrome was... as part of MS' attempt to be anti-competitive with web browsers in Windows 8, they allow the default web browser to inject itself into Metro, but still run outside of the sandbox (otherwise, they would have to use the IE rendering engine! At least AFAIK). But you still want the UI to look Metro. Anyway, if the browser is not the default, it can still run but only on the desktop in its traditional UI. This restriction also applies to IE.

Comment: Re:Titanium Backup, other Android Apps (Score 1) 531

by The MAZZTer (#46381107) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Software Can You Not Live Without?

As long as we're talking Android, Tasker is invaluable for getting your phone to configure itself based on location, or time of day, or whatever.

JuiceDefender helps increase battery life.

Nova Launcher is just better than the stock launcher and has a ton of features I can't live without.

Comment: Needs a Patch (Score 1) 110

by The MAZZTer (#46344587) Attached to: <em>Thief</em> Debuts To Mediocre Reviews

Right now I'm finding it unplayable, it needs a patch.

  • Game crashed to desktop within five minutes of its first launch, while trying to sign on to their online thing.
  • The online sign in system just doesn't work. If you go to their website it works just fine, but the game client can't log in. No error message or anything, it just sits there.

  • No way to redeem the Steam keys I got, eg the soundtrack and comic book. Probably part of the online system.
  • Voices do not play or play low enough that I can't hear them. This pretty much means I got lost in the first few minutes of gameplay and this was what motivated me to quit and try again later.
  • Some settings don't seem to be properly persisted between sessions, like invert mouse y and subtitles.

  • Performance seems extremely poor. I have a Radeon HF 58xx card and a quad-core 2.67ghz i5. According to the game page I meet the minimum requirements and then some, so I was surprised when, on normal graphics settings (which were recommended to me) the game performed poorly with wild fluctuations in FPS. Most of the time it would be a steady (if ugly) ~40, but then it would drop to 1FPS for a few seconds for no perceivable reason at all.

I am going to have to wait for a patch I guess and hope it fixes most of these issues.

Comment: Re:Not sending history to Valve (Score 1) 511

by The MAZZTer (#46276187) Attached to: Gabe Newell Responds: Yes, We're Looking For Cheaters Via DNS

If it just MD5ed fhe files, the games would be hacker heaven, since you don't need to touch the files.

There are tons of ways to do this. You can attach a custom DLL to run code, or just inject code directly. You can do this when the program starts up even before it has a chance to run any code itself. You could modify your graphics driver to change the way the game renders so that the game itself sees everything about itself is fine because it is.

Also, files for the actual game are hashed, at least in Source. That is an sv_pure check and is not a VAC thing (though working around it would trigger VAC).

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