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Comment Re:"Reset to factory settings" button (Score 1) 148

They do. You boot to recovery mode (or I think the bootloader can do it too?) and then wipe the /data partition, that should restore everything to defaults. Nothing should be able to write to /system (the OS) while the OS is running. I don't know exactly how Android TV is supposed to expose recovery mode functionality though, or even if it does, but it seems to me like it's essential for support.

Comment Windows (Score 2, Interesting) 352

This is more of a Linux thing, Windows users are mostly locked to the OS-provided console UI, but there are a couple apps out there. I used Console2 for a bit, which has a bunch of features over a standard Console window, then I found ConEmu which is what I like to use now. I configured it to work like a Quake-style console which is fun and easily accessible.

Comment Re:Can Apple push extra software on the device? (Score 1) 225

There's two flaws here. 1: When your device is encrypted on KitKat and below, you must enter the decryption password to boot. So no remote access unless the device is already running (which it probably is, but still). I don't know if Lollipop and above are different since I keep encryption off in favor of speed. 2. You can install all the apps you want remotely, but they must be launched by the user at least once before they can start running any background processes. There was an exploit in Android 2.1 and below that allowed an app to run immediately, and there was a "locate my phone" tool that exploited exactly this so you could install it remotely AFTER losing your phone, but it no longer works.

Comment Re:Clarification? (Score 2) 106

It is a flaw in the TrueCrypt driver, which, as a driver, runs with special privileges and access normal apps don't have. Drivers require elevation to install and I believe there is a separate install verification dialog for some types of drivers thus Windows has already done its job of protecting you the best it can.

Comment Re:Like Tomato? (Score 4, Insightful) 242

Only the RADIO firmware has to be intact. In theory you can still modify whatever else you want. But the fear here is that companies may take the path of least resistance to meet compliance, which may result in all the router software getting locked down, instead of that specific piece of it.

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