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Comment: Re:PowerShell - the whole language (Score 1) 724

The fun stuff is that you can use any .NET object in addition to PowerShell commands and syntax. And then you can also use command line apps as well (though there are annoying issues with delimiting arguments depending on which method of invocation you use).

Comment: Re:Python False = True (Score 1) 724

In JavaScript it is perfectly valid to make a variable called "undefined" and assign it any value you want. Of course, to its credit, any assignment on the global scope (window.undefined is defined as undefined in Chrome) is ignored and it will still have the value of undefined, so it only works inside a function. Still odd though. null, true, and false are all keywords and thus cannot be assigned to.

Comment: Re:Bad business practice (Score 1) 139

by The MAZZTer (#47783319) Attached to: Australian Consumer Watchdog Takes Valve To Court

To be fair it says right on the AVGN store page under System Requirements that it requires Windows. The Steam Store is a website that anyone with a browser can access, regardless of what OS they run. I wouldn't expect Newegg or Amazon, for example, to only let me buy computer hardware that is compatible with the OS I am currently browsing from.

Though if you did it through the Steam client itself I can see the confusion... it should probably warn you at checkout in that case that you would need to own a different PC in order to play your order.

Currently I think the only warning is shown when you launch the game, and your hardware requirements don't seem to match up with the game's. In the cast of most hardware requirements the Steam Store can't tell while you're web browsing, but it can see your OS so they could check it earlier for that factor.

In the future you can use this page to browse Mac games on Steam.

Comment: Re:Why not a master password for the PW manager? (Score 3, Informative) 113

by The MAZZTer (#47764879) Attached to: Chromium 37 Launches With Major Security Fixes, 64-bit Windows Support

Chrome already encrypts your data (on Windows at least) using your Windows login credentials using the Crypto API. If the user is not logged in, the passwords are impossible to read. If the user is logged in, all it takes is an API call run by that user to decrypt them, no reauthentication necessary (and this is why you lock your PC when you walk away). I think it is a very usable solution to the "but I save passwords to avoid remembering passwords, I don't want a master password" problem, but still keeping things secure.

I think cookies are encrypted now, too.

Comment: "Limitations on proxy support"? (Score 2) 80

by The MAZZTer (#47715923) Attached to: Tor Browser Security Under Scrutiny

I assume they mean that it hooks into the OS-level proxy settings. That is a good thing, I hate configuring my proxy settings over and over and over for every application when the OS already has a setting for it.

But it isn't a limitation, last I checked there was a command line parameter for forcing use of a proxy. So just make a launcher app that forces Chrome to use Tor. You should be able to even launch a Tor-using Chrome side-by-side with a non-Tor Chrome if you set it up right (using --user-data-dir to make a new Chrome profile and instance instead of using a local user profile and instance).

Comment: Re:Changes to the protocol? (Score 1) 82

by The MAZZTer (#47567851) Attached to: Black Hat Researchers Actively Trying To Deanonymize Tor Users
The packets would still have to use the same exit node, since the final hop to the destination has to use the original TCP (one source, one destination) so it likely wouldn't add too much. The packets are already encrypted, so the intermediate nodes can't see what you're doing in any case, so I don't think there's an added benefit to doing that. Might just slow things down since the packets have to be assembled at the end anyway. Of course Tor hidden services don't take that last unencrypted hop, but it still uses the same hidden node as a destination.

Comment: Re:Propaganda won't help this time (Score 1) 503

by The MAZZTer (#47481791) Attached to: Russia Prepares For Internet War Over Malaysian Jet

in addition to having lost citizens in the crash

I would think so too, but apparently as of this morning we're still not sure any Americans were even on board (?!?!) despite knowing when it happened that there were 23 on board. Of course maybe they're referring to actually finding and identifying bodies, I dunno.

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