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Comment: Chrome Apps/Extensions (Score 1) 353

by The MAZZTer (#49079925) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Most Useful Browser Extensions?
  • Authy App - Two-factor auth for Android and Desktop... syncs your auth stuff across devices so you don't have one point of failure. I don't like the companion extension, I just use the app.
  • PushBullet - Notification sync between Android and Desktop. Quick Reply to SMS and IMs from desktop. Push links from one device to another.
  • Google Keep - There is also a purely web version available so an app isn't totally necessary but i find it useful as a synced todo list between my Android and desktop.
  • HTTP Switchboard - Like NoScript (plus partial AdBlock) for Firefox, but a bit cleaner, and it starts out with a good whitelist. microBlock is an alternative based off of this project that simplifies things if HTTP Switchboard is too complex.
  • HTTPS Everywhere - Use HTTPS whenever it's available.
  • iChrome New Tab - Styled roughly like the now-dead iGoogle, it brings a bunch of services together on your new tab page. I can see my e-mail and RSS feed new items in one spot, which is nice.
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite - If you use Reddit this is a must.
  • Enhanced Steam - If you use Steam this is a must.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop - Access your desktop from another device. Punches through firewalls and routers automatically.

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