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Comment Re:This is evil but not capitalist (Score 1) 907

Blaming capitalism is stupid. US govmint is so far in debt, below inflation returns it has to create thin air money (QE electronic counterfeit) to buy its own debt in the ruse of solvency. No legitimate lenders is lending Obama the trillion+ per year.

Capitalism is doing just what your bankrupt govmint wants, bad credit, cannot pay, no job, can't save, no problem, we have a loan for you in the modern debt fraud economy of corruption.

And dumb founded people wonder why the economy is lousy. Yet media, politicians and so called experts do not disclose the devaluation of US money to the rest of the world. Pull up a 10 year chart, compare the Chinese Yuan to USD, as USA, your being devalued for debt corruption, govmint fraud on currency, and losing value.

But mass denial of reality is nothign new.

Comment Bet most water is older than the sun (Score 1) 173

Stars create water when they blow up, super nova etc. Our sun does NOT create water (yet). Perhaps in 4 billion years when our sun exhausts hydrogen and helium...it might.

Our solar system is for the most part comprised of mater created 4.5 billion years ago or earlier. Perhaps a supernova some 6-10 billion years go left hydrogen, helium, all the periodic elements we see today. Rocks, asteroids, meteors, all remnants of whatever happened before 4.5 billion years ago as our solar system formed.

My guess, is *most* as in 90%+ water came from long ago, oort cloud gets disturbed by a passing star, next thing you know our planets get chunks of ice for a million years or so. And how earth got most of its water, from space mater as our planets formed, then later via meteors and comets.

Comment So much for freedom (Score 1) 349

So much for fighting for freedom of speech and American values..

Seems to me that perhaps the US military is protecting a country that is against human rights and against freedom of speech.

But I am sure this article is trolling. I say this as I can't believe a US warship doesn't already have encrypted Internet channels back to DC. Sounds like a hoax.

Easiest way is for getting a world phone with data capabilities and don't use the local fascist government repression of the peoples systems.


Submission + - Apple extortion of Samsung (financialpost.com)

canuck57 writes: Looks like Apple won a round with Samsung, guess Apple isn't happy that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 outsells the Apple iPad. I am a Galaxy Tab 10.1 owner and for the most part satisfied one at that. But hey, consumers should be against this patent extortion. I have used an iPad and Android, fact is this is just Apple patent trolling.

Comment Eco fraud (Score 2, Informative) 1181

First, you have to prove it was mankind and is harmful. Let me toss some facts:

Recent melting glaciers in BC contain trees only 7600 years old. This means the ice isn't long time permanent. Be you creationist or evolutionist man survived and multiplied well 7600 years ago with a warmer climate. Most of the antarctic and arctic ice is recent ice as in less than 10,000 years old. Human species evolved when it was warmer.

Mars polar caps, Io ice melts, my SUT did it? Hm, prove it. There is a stellar component and tax-me-more eco freaks ignore the obvious. Ignore sunspots and stellar activities? Come now. Seelctive science is generally junk science.

Hey, I will not even argue warming exists!!! But is it bad to have say NWT turn into farm-able and livable land? Or ferns to grow again on the north slope of Alaska?

Let me ask, why does eco junk science always talk of gloom and doom for tax bucks? Yep, it is about the money for most eco freaks, it isn't about empirical unbiased opens science at all. Just political BSing the outlook for fear taxes today. 99% of what we are fed in the media is political jousting in the ruse of science, about money, taxes and power. Pretty hard to sort it out too.

People are getting sick of the BS and shutting down. Be it right or wrong.

Comment GPS and Boobs (Score 1) 3

Always nice to know where the boobs are, but how few people realize how much information can be embedded into photographs and videos....GPS, host keys, IP addresses including upstream routers, your name and anything else it can get/has in it. Can be obfuscated or encrypted too so don't rely in "strings" to detect it.

It is deliberate too as many manufacturers embed this. Microsoft will on any video it touches. And a lot of times it isn't obvious, might be your host key where Microsoft can lookup your IP and registration, maybe right back to the store you bought it and credit card you used. Can be done with SIP phone calls too.

Even hackers miss it.

And why open source is only source I trust with critical stuff even though I don't do anything wrong.....while it too isn't perfect, it isn't as lame on personal security as many commercial devices and OSes.

Submission + - Next step in world wide economic slavery of NWO (www.cbc.ca)

canuck57 writes: This reminds me of free speech, but freedom of spending money. A UN New World Order Transaction tax in the making. eMoney before eDemocracy. And democracy we have now being a ruse, only can choose ponies put on the ballot for us in a ruse, as we are democracy by proxy not a real democracy...are we not free? I submit the loss of economic freedom is the loss of Liberty is occurring. Oh, they will sell it on reducing government corruption, illicit drugs, less tax evasion and the like, but later the screws will be turned on the people. A step toward world wide economic slavery of mankind.

Comment Re:Don't get your hopes up just yet (Score 1) 133

They will not bother, US Surpreme court or any is just to slow and it gets leaked to the world.

RCMP and CSIS are above the law. This is more like a ruse to come clean. Wasn't just USA that had McCarthyism. Canada is a statism state, between Saudi and USA. Government in Canada has monitored Canadians without warrants for 5+ decades at least.

Cops here can spy on anyone except the corrupt MPs, judges and the well connected. General population is wide open.

BTW, RCMP only get their man if it is politically approved.


Submission + - VMware calls open source cloud vendors "ugly sisters" (networkworld.com) 1

BButlerNWW writes: "In a blogpost on the company's website, VMware reminds customers of the company's market-leading position in private cloud deployments, and seemingly takes some jabs at open source cloud platforms such as OpenStack, CloudStack and Eucalyptus, marking what could be an intensifying open source vs. proprietary cloud debate. As the open source players have been "jockeying for position," VMware's network of providers that offer public cloud compatibility with on-premise VMware-powered infrastructure has surpassed 100 vendors, it announced. The blogpost plays on a theme of a fairy tale, equating the open source providers as "the ugly sisters.""

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