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Comment: If yellow stone blows (Score 1) 85

by nurb432 (#47802965) Attached to: New Computer Model Predicts Impact of Yellowstone Volcano Eruption

How many miles away you are and how much ash you get will be the least of your concerns.

Once the ash cloud encompasses the globe, we all freeze/starve to death within 10 years anyway. Unless someone comes up with a way to clean the air out before its too late, then how far away you are will matter..

Comment: Payback (Score 1) 382

Check this cops bank account.. Did RIAA happen to make a 'healthy' deposit to his "defense fund"?

Not saying all cops are bad of course, but reading non-emergency content while driving down the road is irresponsible and he should be held responsible.. Taking out ex-Napster management due to an accident, smells fishy.

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