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Comment: Re:Happy with XFS (Score 1) 268

by Tony Hoyle (#43630723) Attached to: Btrfs Is Getting There, But Not Quite Ready For Production

zfs doesn't support volume reshaping, which is fine for large datacentres with huge budgets but no use for smaller setups.. even at work if I were to say 'to add an extra Tb to the array we're going to have to spend $5000 to buy a duplicate one and recreate it' I'd be laughed at. So it's a nonstarter.

btrfs does, but it's not ready yet.. so like Urban Garlic, I'm still waiting, since things like dedup will make a huge difference.

Comment: Need a better source than some hack reporter (Score 4, Interesting) 236

by Tony Hoyle (#43539863) Attached to: Smartphone Used To Scan Data From Chip-Enabled Credit Cards

I'd be intrigued to know what app they're using that's returning the code and expiry date.. that information is encrypted on the card and none of the free nfc tag readers I've tried even attempt to decrypt it (I don't trust the banking system to use half decent encryption so not discounting the possibility entirely).

Of course it could just be the typical bullshit scare story that newspapers come out with..

Comment: Re:I got one (Score 2) 275

by Tony Hoyle (#34524408) Attached to: Protect Your Pre-1997 IP Address

"But what's going to happen? Will IANA stop giving out numbers and say, "sorry, nothing we can do. No more numbers."

Yes. Quite possibly in less than a month.

When we're down to 5 /8's they're distributed to the RIRs automatically and IANA shuts down its ipv4 operations forever.

The RIRs then have until their v4 pool runs dry - they won't get any more - which may be quite quick for some (like apnic) and slower for others.

After that it's down to what ISPs have - they'll probably ramp up their prices for v4 an instigate such horrors as carrier grade NAT, just to stretch it out, but it's just postponing the inevitable.

And yeah, potentially this is bigger than y2k and the great unwashe don't even know it's happening - even though it *will* affect them.

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