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Comment: Re:Blah (Score 1) 292

Yes you are a troll and I shouldn't reply.

But hey, it's Friday night and I'm happy for a good week, including the use of LibreOffice AND MS Office.

Yes MS Office is more polished, and yes hardly anyone uses the stuff LibreOffice doesn't have.
So below the line, for 99% of papers LibreOffice is a fine application.

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I'm not so sure about this 'on top of your salary'.

In The Netherlands a minimum vacation of four weeks is the law, the payment during this period is a deferred payment.

Meaning an annual salary is calculated and the first 6 months of the year 1/13th of it is kept back for payment of salary during your holidays.
The 1/13th of other 6 months are advanced.

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by Teun (#47430725) Attached to: Single European Copyright Title On the Horizon

Sorry but I'm pissed off with bankrolling the EU.


Maggie made sure you guy's contribute less than the others and you are still moaning.
There is ample evidence the EU as an economic partnership is hugely advantageous to all members, yes including the UK.
B.t.w, have you ever thought about why British icons like the Mini, Bentley and Rolls Royce cars are now owned by the losers of WWII?
Indeed, because the Brits have a deficiency in recognising their own shortcomings.

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