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Comment Re:Size Matters (Score 2) 70

It's got nothing to do with the size of a country.
It does have everything to do with the population density and the populated parts (especially the coasts) of the US are no different to certain EU countries.
The US does have vast areas that are sparsely populated were coverage is going to be expensive, such areas are less prevalent in western Europe.
I am not sure how they calculated but am fairly sure that availability is going to add up more in the denser populated areas.

Comment 48 hrs but (Score 0) 241

Yes 48 hrs per week for day time work, you do a single hour of night time work it becomes a 40 hrs working week for that month.
The way it's calculated differs per country but it could be something like a maximum of 1040 hrs per 6 months.,

Probably not a surprise but the UK opted out of this and other EU workers protection regulations.

Comment Re:Goin' to the farm (Score 3, Interesting) 112

Having grown up on a farm I can vouch that farm air isn't dirty but at times it might appear to be rich to those not used to nature.
Statistically there is an interesting correlation between the incidence of asthma and those not having been exposed to nature, this study re-enforced this relation.
Similar relations exist between kids playing in the dirt (sand/soil) and those with less allergies.

It's about time to further investigate such.

Comment There are far larger DC projects (Score 1) 466

Many EU cities now specify LED street lights and this does usually include whole streets being converted to DC.
I've heard of some 40% efficiency gains by avoiding the usual transformers per lamppost.
On a private scale you could start by buying electronics that run on a specific DC voltage and making a home circuit run off a solar charged battery.
This last one is a specific requirement to have an efficient system, although a large single rectifier is better than many small ones you're still better off without any rectifiers.

Comment Silly but (Score 0) 480

At least partially silly but I do understand some of the banned items like baseball caps (or any other head wear like hoodies) as they are totally impolite to be worn indoors.
What I miss is a ban on dark glasses while speaking with someone.
Anyway, what I mention as unacceptable are US-only problems :)
Which brings up the next issue, dress style is depending on the culture you are living in and may vary greatly around the globe.

Comment But does it run Linux? (Score 1) 79

The question 'but does it rune Linux?' needs these days of UEFI be expanded with the question 'is it easy to install?'
My W520 is still working very well but has been around the world and shows some scars and I'm trying to decide on a replacement.

Maybe it is a sign of the times these questions weren't addressed in the original article...

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