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Comment Re:Enough with the proprietary ... (Score 1) 38

Yes that would be nice, to forbid this sale of a computer + OS as an inseparable package.
The manufacturer can sell the OS as an add-on and we as consumers can decide to take it or ignore it.
A good manufacturer would for a competitive price offer an auto starting disk or USB drive that would just require a simple boot up and ask for a user name and password.

Comment Re:Why doesn't Slashdot report on systemd's bugs? (Score 1) 38

Hmm, the Thinkpad W and T lines of Lenovo are among the most 'compatible' laptops out there.

. Earlier crap like their intrusive ads were a specific Windows thread and the Linux community would shake it's head.
This Thinkvantage stuff is again a Windows specific problem, a good reason for the OEM's to supply these updates as stand-alone packages, if it has to be with a DR-DOS or similar OS.

Comment Re:Did the moon form after the earth? (Score 1) 96

Fortunately we send a few missions to the moon that brought back soil samples.
With these samples and a lot of remote sensing it became fairly certain that the moon is made up of similar material as the earth's mantle or crust.
An (logic) extrapolation of this points to the moon being ripped out of the earth after the separation between core and mantle had already taken place.

Even the creationists have it from their own source:

Comment Re:This is what you get. (Score 1) 220

If it suits better in your limited world view, call it a job in government, you know, like a government minister or his deputy.
Over here we elect a parliament and it's members select the persons making up the government, they could be parliamentarians or professors or from the commercial world, what ever the elected parliament can agree on.
That's why we call the parliament the 'Legislative', they decide on new laws, the government is the 'Executive'.

Comment Re:This is what you get. XXX on idea exchange (Score 1) 220

I feel I have to repeat myself:

The commission is appointed by the democratic member states, a bit like how in many countries the government is appointed by the elected parliament.
See, outside of the UK you don't need to be a member of parliament to get a seat in the government, get used to it, it works fine.

Comment Re:L.A. (Score 1) 75

This morning I was reading an article about Amsterdam going to move 130,000 poles to LED.
The same story explained that addition savings were going to be made because the lights would in the absence of traffic dim.
I spend a lot of time in Denmark living on a private road, the local council has mandated we need to change any lights containing Mercury (fluorescents) to LED and they need the ability to dim.

What these stories have in common is Philips.

Running fiber along the power lines is probably a good insurance for the future and putting 4G or some sort of broadband up the poles could help paying for the conversion.

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