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Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 3, Interesting) 1822

About the intelligence of a group, this is an open forum and 'by design' those with the strongest opinion will appear to be the voice of the 'group'.

The moderating system helps (can help) to suppress the over-abundance of loud mouths with hollow rhetoric and hopefully bring forward the more shy but insightful including AC's.

Comment Re:Strengths and weaknesses (Score 1) 509

Hehe, we'll never agree :)

See, evolution is based on science meaning you need to come up with valid and controllable arguments, even if they might not been finite in all details.
Creationism is based on beliefs meaning anyone can claim anything, all that a person needs is conviction and he can give an absolute and infallible answer.

Btw, you should wash your mouth, it's both dirty and frothing.

Comment Re:Strengths and weaknesses (Score 1) 509

In your first sentence I read we differ on the appreciation for the words creationists and scientists, here I mean them as those that subscribe to one or the other line of thought.

Maybe I shouldn't see creationism as a line of thought but as a belief instead.

In your second paragraph you seem to quote a different poster.

Comment Does space belong to us or the the US? (Score 1) 43

I strongly believe that from the POV of this simple earthling outer space belongs to us all and it would at this point be foolish to leave exploration to individual states or even corporations (persons right?)

So my dream is to start building an ISS2 in a cislunar orbit, also orbiting the earth and moon.

As a side exercise, how much energy would be needed to propel the present ISS (+400 tons) to such an orbit, would it be feasible over say a 5 year period?

Comment Re:Bullshit ... (Score 1) 44

I have to humbly excuse myself for not reading the article correctly.
Thanks for pointing it out!

the latest proposal to be floated by the US is the creation of a privacy ombudsman. The independent overseeing body would be charged with not only checking that data transfers between countries were carried out correctly, but also will be handing complaints from Europe.

This is indeed a wholly different issue and I agree with those that are sceptical, modern US law (not just privacy!) is way to fragile to make for an independent ombudsman, I hope the EU politicians will simply carry this idea to it's grave.

Comment Re:It is a culture difference.. (Score 4, Informative) 44

An example that brings out the difference in democracy between say The Netherlands and the US is the amount of money spend during elections.

The combined budgets of the various Dutch political parties for national elections will probably be around ten million euro's, that's divided over 20 different groups and 150 seats on a population of 17 million.
For the US population equivalent it would be less than 500 million. This is one reason we can still trust politics, it's near impossible to buy yourself a seat.

And then there is the fact that many EU countries will never have a single party government, it's typically a coalition of different parties.

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