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Comment: Re:Bigger picture (Score 1) 65

Well if those businesses can't use Linux because some feature isn't available, then they should hire developers to create that feature. Or stick with Windows. They need to figure out which will cost them less. They shouldn't need to lean on other developers to do their work for them. Worst case, they can create their own GUI that will meet whatever needs they have. Developers will do the work that makes their work usable for the most people. The big picture you talk about seems to be your point of view. I'm sure it's a big deal to you, but maybe not so much to other people.

Comment: Expect truth? (Score 1) 170

To expect the truth from any cable, internet or cell phone provider is a foolish foolish thing. They are more or less marketing companies. Marketing companies get paid to lie. They get paid to deceive to maximize profit. Like that merger between AT&T and Comcast. In what universe would that help the consumer? It's insane that anyone would think that, except the politicians paid by the lobby groups to believe. There's nothing we can do about it really, just grin and bear it as we get screwed equally between the large corporations and the government.

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