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Comment Re:One Source (Score 1) 99

Two events happened to kill interest in SPARC and POWER:

1. Apple switched to Intel. Macs were cheap, lowend POWER systems. Many ports to IBM hardware started as Mac ports.
2. Oracle bought Sun. The few remaining workstations disappeared. The cheap 1u servers from the .COM era were killed.

I have two Sun Netra T1 servers in my basement. I used to support SPARC64 on MidnightBSD and even had bought some used Ultra 10 systems for that purpose early in the project. However, it was hard to find parts that were cheap and reliable to keep them running. Then oracle shutdown free access to documentation and firmware updates. I gave up. I haven't powered on the systems for awhile. My goal is a desktop system and without workstations, there is no point in making a desktop OS for a line that only has serial ports.

Comment Re:launchd not as bad as systemd (Score 2) 165

It isn't about saving 5 seconds at system startup. People use that as an excuse because it's user visible. People constantly complain to me about MidnightBSD boot speed though. The real reason to do launchd (or maybe the one good thing about systemd) is that it allows you to make intelligent power decisions. If you know you're running on battery, you can avoid running background tasks that take a lot of CPU or disk IO. For example, the locate database could be updated next time you're plugged in. You could turn off services that are not needed when traveling.

If you had intelligent events sent as messages throughout the system, you could change graphics modes on low battery or tweak settings on wifi. If you think about it, OS X and Windows both act differently depending on power modes. It could all be done automatically. You can't build a good desktop OS without these features. They also have some value on servers when running on UPS backup, etc.

Comment Re:Would love a modern NeXTstep (Score 5, Interesting) 165

That's why I started MidnightBSD. I just didn't keep enough developers around after the initial push to finish it.

I've been looking at their code for a few weeks (it was in the trueos repo on a branch) and it's rather interesting. The Mach IPC layer is actually a port from code in NetBSD up to around 5.0. Then they've brought in patches for libdispatch workqueue support and a bunch of apple code.

Comment Re:I've had this as a plug-in. (Score 1) 190

You're right about DRM issues. There is one big win and the reason I support HTML5 video. It can be cross platform unlike flash. Flash only runs on the big 3 desktop operating systems. It doesn't run on any other desktop OS and isn't supported on many mobile platforms. HTML 5 video can change all that.

Comment Scrum and Mythical Man Month (Score 0) 87

Tell him to get a copy of the Mythical Man Month and get Scrum Master certified. That should give him a start. In reality, they need to hire someone that knows what they're doing but I assume that is off the table for financial reasons.

I realize some developers hate Agile, but we're talking about a startup and inexperienced managers. They're never going to pull off waterfall. They probably have no clue how to manage projects like this.

Comment Ah memories (Score 5, Interesting) 284

I got my first PC in high school about a month before windows 95 came out. I got a free upgrade on that Packard Bell. It had an impressive 8MB of RAM, 1MB video card and a Pentium 100mhz. Those were the days.

I ended up installing Windows 95 a total of 52 times on that computer. I started experimenting with modifying the registry and often deleting things from it. For example, all those stupid "tips" messages you got at startup were stored in the registry. You could knock off a significant amount of data. That combined with a registry compression tool and you had extra RAM and more speed. I had pages of tweaks to do to windows 95. When 98 came out, I was disappointed. Went through an OS/2 warp phase and an NT4 phase before I got into Linux, Solaris and finally *BSD.

Without windows being such a piece of shit, I never would have gotten into operating systems.

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