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Comment Re:dnssec (Score 1) 242

Is it automated to generate new keys yet? My biggest issue with setting up DNSSEC was remembering to update it before the old keys expire. If I forget on a webserver, I could just install a new cert and go on. If I forget on a domain, no one with a cached entry can access it.

Comment Re:Thank you. (Score 1) 112

That's actually part of the problem. I learned C++ in 2003. At that point, it was somewhat usable but had very strange scoping rules compared to any other OO language I've seen since. Modern C++ has garbage collection, a thread abstraction and so on but at the time it had none of those things. My biggest issue with C++ is that it's so big and inconsistent. Since the STL grew up with contributions from all over the place, it's not a very consistent language. Take C# or to a lesser degree Java and look at the consistency with naming conventions, how things are structured in namespaces, etc. C++ is missing a lot of that. Rather than fix it, they just keep adding more crap on to it to keep it relevant.

C++ has it's place, but it's not the end all language that proponents make it out to be. If someone is really into C++, it's all they will use. They can't see it's flaws or they've accepted them long ago. For the rest of us, it's a clunk language with little performance benefit over modern languages.

Comment Re: Meh. (Score 1) 119

You don't want to upgrade. The new Mac Mini is slower than the quad core. They have no replacement for the mac mini 2012 quad core model yet without spending $2000 on an iMac. I just went through this and couldn't find a single mac that was faster for under $1800.

That said, many of the new macs have SSD and better graphics but CPU performance is a joke. I decided to put a SSD into my mini instead and now I have most of the performance of a new mini in terms of IO but much faster processor.

Comment Re:One Source (Score 1) 99

Two events happened to kill interest in SPARC and POWER:

1. Apple switched to Intel. Macs were cheap, lowend POWER systems. Many ports to IBM hardware started as Mac ports.
2. Oracle bought Sun. The few remaining workstations disappeared. The cheap 1u servers from the .COM era were killed.

I have two Sun Netra T1 servers in my basement. I used to support SPARC64 on MidnightBSD and even had bought some used Ultra 10 systems for that purpose early in the project. However, it was hard to find parts that were cheap and reliable to keep them running. Then oracle shutdown free access to documentation and firmware updates. I gave up. I haven't powered on the systems for awhile. My goal is a desktop system and without workstations, there is no point in making a desktop OS for a line that only has serial ports.

Comment Re:Too many choices (Score 1) 508

Why even bother with the air now. What the iPhone taught be is that people either want huge screens or small screens. They don't want in between devices.

iPad Mini
iPad (what is now the plus)


Apple rep asks if you want big or small and storage. That is it.

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