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Comment Re:Still no actually round screen? (Score 1) 52

The Huawei watch (launched yesterday too) has a similar style watch without the same issue. So I don't really buy the argument that Motorola could do nothing to rectify the fault with some minor design changes. The 360 watch just looks wrong the way it is.

Comment Re:Still no actually round screen? (Score 1) 52

I don't get why they'd do this either. It's a horrible design flaw to have a round face but not actually have a screen that fills it. It's reminiscent of Qualcomm's Toq watch which had a similar non-functional strip.

Of course it's not the only problem for these watches. Virtually all smart watches lack a fundamental reason for being, sucking at the basics whatever else functionality they claim to implement.

Comment Re:Core code in C/C++. UI code in Obj-C, Swift, Ja (Score 1) 83

Perhaps you're dense or something because I wasn't referring to writing business logic or network applications. I was referring specifically to what games have to do to avoid GCs in Java. The context is extremely clear. And yes I've developed lots of Java software.

Comment Re:3D... (Score 1) 115

A high res is probably most useful for VR. I have a fairly high DPI OnePlus phone and when I plop it in a cardboard headset I not only see the pixels, I can see between the pixels. 4K means 2K to each eye and is probably dense enough to overcome the effect in VR. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony has other plans for the disply than just a phone. Maybe it'll end up in VR headsets.

In every day use in a phone however it's a waste of time and probably just taxes the phone far more than necessary for minimal difference to the end user experience.

Comment I can think of only one use for this (Score 1) 115

4K might be useful if you were using Google Cardboard where pixels get magnified quite significantly. Maybe that's what Sony ultimately intend to use the screen for in their PS4 VR headset.

Otherwise not so much. It just means the DPI goes into stupid territory and the phone OS ends up having to upscale apps to stop them looking like postage stamps.

Comment Re:Actually, it IS the software's fault (Score 1) 437

It is a good thing that that doesn't actually happen and you are just spouting FUD isn't it?

It's not FUD, it's a realistic appreciation of the intractable problems that self drive cars are faced with and hardly likely to solve in an acceptable way in all circumstances. If you think that's FUD I suggest you look at the history of AI, speech recognition, handwriting recognition, robotics etc. and all the false promises made for those technologies and how far we have to go even today.

Comment Re:I doubt it (Score 1) 62

The only place you might see vehicles in the forseeable future that legally permit drunk / impaired passengers is on closed circuit tracks - airport transfers and such like where the car doesn't even have a wheel. There are far many situations on the open road where a self drive car would screw up or require a human to takeover to seriously contemplate it being legal there any time soon.

Comment Re:I doubt it (Score 1) 62

Golf courses, parks, it doesn't make a damned bit of difference. Compared to an open road it is a trivial problem and hardly transferable. And yes carts can follow predefined route even in open spaces - arrange the map as a hierarchical series of graphs that allow a cart to calculate a route from one node / graph to another. Doesn't matter if the path a is windy or not, doesn't matter if it's a fairway or a road.

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