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Comment Re:I get my soft drink cravings (Score 1) 565

looks like the cost for "chargers" could end up being expensive. Syrup looks to be pretty reasonable (about $13.50/gal with a 4Gal purchase), I bought a sodastream and an adapter for paint-ball CO2 cartridges (refill for a couple bucks at Sports Authority) but it doesn't seal quite right and I have to unmount the cart after each use. Plus you have to fill the bottle with carbonated water, THEN add the flavouring, a PITA.

Comment Re:I get my soft drink cravings (Score 1) 565

I cant find it affordably priced in the west (Vegas, San Jose, Phoenix). In Chicago burbs I'd find flavoured soda (no sugar, no sodium) in raspberry, orange, lemon, lime for under 90 cents per 2 liter bottle. All I can find are 1L over $1.25 and usually artificially sweetened (aspartame gives me migraine headaches that last for hours). Hell, I cant even find the more expensive Canfields soda waters on Froogle

Comment Howzbout (Score 3, Interesting) 35

they secure the existing digtal assets of country from the not-so-scary-ists and educate the federa/state employees about social engineering. If they cant pass a basic cyber security evaluation, put them to work cleaning restrooms and kitchens where they wont endanger the rest of us.

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