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Submission + - flux: australias new political party - permissionless innovation (

Anomalyst writes: The Flux website ( presents an interesting way to organise voting called: "get-swap-vote".
From the site "The current system is entirely inadequate, and they want to disrupt the status quo. “We do not believe the current system of governance is adequate for today’s world, and we are determined to do something about it,” If onlyU.S. polotics could present something similar.

Comment Re:Looking forward ... (Score 1) 81

Im a Diego alum, no muddy feet on me. Platoon 1505 '74. In 'n' out in 23 months, with early release for college.
I live near Las Vegas, drop me a line if you have an insatiable craving to play craps or see Penn & Teller live. (Your treat, I'm currently unemployed).
My gmail account is the same handle.
There seems to be a lot of us around for a force 250K strong
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. Be Well.

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