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ILM Showcases "Dead Man's Chest" Effects Work 83

bonniegrrl writes "The work of ILM folks (including VFX supervisor John Knoll) is being showcased in a site just launched to explore the mind-blowing visual effects of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (heavy Flash). Interactive clips at the site allow you to peel back layers of animation to see what ILM had to start with before transforming actors wearing tracking markers into astonishingly real characters. Test your effects awareness by making the call: what's real and what's ILM, rotate turntable models of the animated characters, and download some goodies." The submitter also claims that there are a few Easter Eggs of footage in there somewhere.
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ILM Showcases "Dead Man's Chest" Effects Work

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  • Pirates and Pirates of the Caribbean are two entirely different movies.
    • by kdawson ( 3715 )
      Agreed, I changed it.
    • Re: (Score:1, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward
      Aye; Pirates is a porno flick!
      • Re:bad title (Score:5, Interesting)

        by Anonymous Coward on Saturday December 16, 2006 @04:42PM (#17271194)
        A pretty decent porno flick.

        I work part time in a sex toy store. We can barely keep the Pirates movie in stock. It is a three-disc set with an HDDVD disc and then the DVD movie disc and I assume a behind the scenes DVD disc. We have been selling it for over six months.

        Supposedly the movie was good enough (better than most b-movies) that they removed the explicit stuff and made an unrated version that can be viewed by those under 18 depending on where you live. We, do not allow those under 18 to enter our store, but the local Family Video has the X rated version in the back room, while in the main area with all the other movies you can get the unrated version. It probably sits on the shelf right next to Pirates of the Caribbean.

        It is always funny to have someone tell me the movie sucks and they ask why we would sell a non porn film in our store. It is then that I inform them that they only watched the non-X version and that they should watch it again with all of the action.

        I still say the greatest scene is about midway through the movie (which is 2 hours long) where they are showing a lesbian scene. The two girls are doing their thing on the floor while about 6-9 pirates stand around occasionally yelling in unison "Arggh" or "God save the wenches". One of the funniest moments I have seen in porn in years.

        Now all of you can go back to discussing the tech aspects of the site in the blurb. Although the site is interesting I think it is a little short on details, but I guess that is what a 'behind the scenes' disc is for when you purchase or rent the movie.
  • by RipTides9x ( 804495 ) on Saturday December 16, 2006 @03:59PM (#17270886) Journal
    showcased in a site just launched to explore the mind-blowing visual effects of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

    I don't know about mind-blowing, but I do distinctly remember quite a bit of "Snot"-blowing special FX at the end of PotC:DMC.
  • by From A Far Away Land ( 930780 ) on Saturday December 16, 2006 @04:00PM (#17270892) Homepage Journal
    I suppose the mark of really good effects is when you don't notice them being used.
    • I thought the same. However, tweaking light and color correction isn't really the special effects department :)
    • by Spaham ( 634471 )
      there are two kinds of effects, visible effects and invisible effects.
      visible effects are like when you see king kong in new york, or the whole planet explode, everyone knows that this is NOT happening.
      invisible effects are the ones you're refering to, like 'god how does he run around the walls of the room without falling' that kind of thing.
      If you start to notice 'invisible effects', then I guess they're lousy

    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by NFNNMIDATA ( 449069 )
      What I didn't realize and I guess a lot of people don't is that all of Davy Jones' crew was CG except Turner's father. I would have sworn Davy Jones was an amazing mask with some CG touchups, but they actually CG'd over Bill Nighy entirely, even the eyes. Movie was pretty so-so but it's worth it to see again just for the mutant crew.
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by drsquare ( 530038 )
      I didn't notice much of a coherent plot either. Maybe that was computer generated?
  • by Channard ( 693317 ) on Saturday December 16, 2006 @04:05PM (#17270936) Journal
    This reminds me of nothing so much as a section from Charlie Brooker's fictional TV Guide 'TV Go Home'..

    10:15 Moviewreck

    '...fun free footage of some whiny voiced special effects blubberbag in a Perfect Storm baseball cap taking us through a wireframe build of the spectacular finale again and again and again and again until the entire sequence is inorexably rendered so mundane and familiar the experience of finally seeing it... .. feels more like a lunchtime repeat of Knot's Landing than the white knuckle climax it would have been before the slickarsed marketing fucks responsble for tossing together this say-nothing advertorial assault on your dignity spoiled it all as part of their ongoing quest to bully the world into galloping down to the nerest multiplex to gawp at tits and explosions like the oblivious victims of a dystopian stupidity virus.'

  • Keith Richards' [wikipedia.org] personal special effects include "life after death" for over 30 years.

    If you download Keef, realize that the music biz learned a long time ago that he's impossible to delete.
  • They lost me at one of the first scenes... when they go "You're being arrested for assisting a pirate Jack Sparrow to escape" and they both correct him "Captain... Jack Sparrow". LAME LAME LAME. I really liked the first movie, but the second movie had a terrible script. I can only imagine the 3rd will be worse.
    • Oddly, that's the line where I unplugged my headphones from the airplane's armrest and restored them to their rightful place in my rockboxed iRiver iHP-120. The movie was crap. I kept an eye on the screen when my work got too dull, but the only thing I thought was cool was the lowest-cost special effect in it... the eyes painted on Johnny Depp's eyelids were pretty damned cool.
  • by StrawberryFrog ( 67065 ) on Saturday December 16, 2006 @05:07PM (#17271328) Homepage Journal
    I liked the one where the whole pirate ship jumped over a giant shark.

    The whole movie was just way over the top.
  • Don't bother looking if you're on Linux. The ILM page sent me to Adobe to get Flash, but even the newest version of Flash offered for Linux does not satisfy the requirements of the ILM page.
  • I had to hover over that link, just to make sure it wasn't a myspace profile.
  • It's truly amazing what ILM managed to do for Pirates 2. Too bad though that the producers chose not to invest in a similar amount of time and attention when they hired the screenwriters...
  • Until Adobe finally gets their Linux support done for Flash 9 (they skipped flash 8), websites should not be requiring anything later than Flash 7. That is the latest player available for Linux. Yes, they're working on it [adobe.com], and maybe it's even close to release, but ... horse, cart, etc. Sites should not be developing in anything later than Flash 7 until it's supported on the big three platforms.
    • Until Adobe finally gets their Linux support done for Flash 9 (they skipped flash 8), websites should not be requiring anything later than Flash 7. That is the latest player available for Linux.

      No, you are wrong. I even got a debian package with flash 9:

      stefan@nano:~$ apt-cache show flashplugin-nonfree
      Package: flashplugin-nonfree
      Priority: optional
      Section: contrib/web
      Installed-Size: 136
      Maintainer: Bart Martens <bartm@knars.be>
      Architecture: i386

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