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Comment Re:makes sense (Score 2) 186

That would be interesting if Tamino himself had been an actual scientist, publishing his rebuttal in a peer reviewed journal.

Tamino is Grant Foster, a statistician who does publish in peer reviewed literature. In my opinion, this will likely be published unless someone else beats him to it. That will at best take a long time, while this can show up immediately.

Comment Re:Normal is not what you think (Score 1) 171

I love how you say "normally" when the vast number of people who have cars live in apartments where it may not be "normal" to have a plug anywhere near the car at night.

It will take a long time, but what we need are construction rules that require a parking place with access to power for each new apartment. Some effort has already gone into this but it's still just beginning.

Comment Re:De plane, de plane! (Score 1) 235

Cement isn't identical with Portland Cement, although there are proposals to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from making that, too.

Another way to go is a magnesium silicate based cement.

There's a lot that needs to be done to get us close to carbon neutral, but it's doable and we need to get started.

Comment Re:value of coal (Score 1) 235

Actually, while there is a case for not using coal just to produce energy, producing metals out of their ores is a very valid use of coal. As it is, that carbon dioxide is trapped in the mines ...

Refining iron releases a significant amount of carbon dioxide into the air. Iron ore, ferrous or ferric oxide, is heated with coke, which come from coal. The reaction produces iron and carbon oxides. We normally just let the carbon oxides go. Capturing them might be possible, but it isn't easy.

More promising is to substitute hydrogen or electricity for the coal, but this is still in the early stages of development. It should work, but iron will probably get more expensive.

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