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Comment Re:A real comparison? (Score 1) 286

The interior of the Bolt is probably larger than the Model 3.

The Bolt does have its downsides, though. The Model 3 is faster, has better aerodynamics and probably handles better. The Model 3's charging network is much superior, especially since GM is relying on the market to supply chargers.

Nonetheless, like the Woz, I think I'd prefer a Bolt. None of them will handle four children, though.

Comment New research? (Score 1) 709

Ok, the research may be new but the broad result sure isn't. Bill Ruddiman proposed in 2003 that humans have been modifying the climate for thousands of years, mostly through agriculture and cattle raising. Mind you, if he's right, I'm glad we did. But it's warm enough now and the rate of warming is getting out of control; it's time to stop.

Comment Re:pathetic (Score 1) 448

Ok, we already knew that Bill Nye is not a scientist, and in particular not a climatologist, but let's look at what he said in detail.

As the ocean gets warmer, which it is getting, it expands.

That seems true enough.

Molecules spread apart,

Redundant with what he just said, but ok.

and then as the sea surface is warmer, more water evaporates,

There's a bit more to than that, but in the real world that's correct.

and so it's very reasonable that these storms are connected to these big effects.

That's a little fuzzy. We might guess that the rainfall goes up with the water in the air, which is around 7% over the last century or two. Seven percent isn't all that much of the recent rain in Louisiana. Other effects of global warming might raise or lower that estimate significantly.

Comment Re:Is he a real "scientist"? (Score 2) 448

He is a science popularizer, not a scientist. He listens to the experts and echos what they say, but in a folksy way. I guess that's what a 'science guy' is. This doesn't mean he's wrong; he has a fairly good understanding of the climate issue. He is sometimes a little fuzzy on the details, though.

Comment Re:Not a look inside (Score 1) 60

So I watched that whole tedious hour. I've had enough shaky cam to last me for another decade.

Ouch. I probably should have put a warning on it. I guess I spent less than half an hour watching it. I downloaded it and used mplayer to play it. That makes skipping through it by minutes easy. That was still more than it deserved.

They didn't show one square centimeter of the second floor, where Panasonic is building their cell production line.

I said they excluded the most sensitive areas.

I was amazed that so many wanted to go to the event. Visiting the Nevada desert in July doesn't sound like fun.

Comment Re:Maybe the driver believed it was enabled? (Score 4, Informative) 166

The Tesla logs were reported as saying:

Prior to the collision, Autosteer was in use periodically throughout the approximately 50-minute trip.

The most recent such use ended when, approximately 40 seconds prior to the collision, the vehicle did not detect the driverâ(TM)s hands on the wheel and began a rapidly escalating set of visual and audible alerts to ensure the driver took proper control.

When the driver failed to respond to 15 seconds of visual warnings and audible tones, Autosteer began a graceful abort procedure in which the music is muted, the vehicle begins to slow and the driver is instructed both visually and audibly to place their hands on the wheel.

Approximately 11 seconds prior to the collision, the driver responded and regained control by holding the steering wheel, applying leftward torque to turn it, and pressing the accelerator pedal to 42%. Over 10 seconds and approximately 300m later and while under manual steering control, the driver drifted out of the lane, collided with a barrier, overcorrected, crossed both lanes of the highway, struck a median barrier, and rolled the vehicle.

Now, you can believe this or not, but it doesn't match up with your hypothesis.

Comment Re:insightful and considered opinions expected (Score 1) 331

Coral bleaching is reaching levels never seen before due to ocean acidification, which will get much worse as the CO2 level continues to rise.

Most of the current coral bleaching seems to be more caused by high ocean temperatures than acidification. Acidification may become important for bleaching coral in the future.

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