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Comment Re:Are Millienials Karflegening Too Many Vizbogs? (Score 1) 333

As someone who is well past 20, I also thought, what the fuck? Do they really call it a side hussle? Generally a side hussle sounds dodgy to me.
Either I'm out of the loop and that's the lingo the young folk are using, or alternatively, it's a load of bullshit written by a journo who thinks they 'get' young people.

Comment I keep saying it... (Score 1) 524

Apple should adopt the 2.5mm Blackberry (and one of the Nintendo products?) smaller headphone jack.

Start a trend, get it moving, I don't mind us all ditching 3.5mm over the next decade for a smaller, essentially identical jack if that's what's needed. Ditching it entirely though is stupid.

Also this ridiculous headphone standard (start / stop / vol up / vol down) needed to be bloody universal, the fact it wasn't is criminal.

Comment I've been a member a long time (Score 1) 352

Thanks to the community moderation, I've seen a vast amount of good anonymous posts here with decent information moderated up.

I've used the anonymous feature multiple times, depending on the topic also, sometimes some anonymity is required.

Personally I don't see the need to see this feature go away at all.

Comment Probably stating the obvious here (Score 1) 269

Shouldn't you pretty much always over-compensate and install capacity for more renewal than regular plants? Plus seriously consider diversifying power generation methods? (Solar / Wave / Solar tower etc?)

I assume they didn't do one of these things, because mathematically and logically, once you get to a certain point with renewable energy, it should reach a point where it's not only paying / paid for itself but existing infrastructure subsidises the new stuff coming in.

Sad to see something like this botched.

Comment Re:Stock prices go up, money saved! (Score 1) 224

I'm desperately trying to let go of my materialism or at least reduce it. It's difficult but I'm getting there.
There's so many "bargains" so many 2 for 1s so many "must have new things" it's endless and maybe it's my imagination but since I've been an adult it's gotten worse, about 20 years, around the same length of time as the internet really.

A much bigger pool of "joneses" to compete with for a start, globalisation reducing the cost of producing goods (for other consequences) and of course the spreading of information and product ideas much faster.

The core essentials are going up (housing, utilitities, medicine, transport, decent quality healthy food) the cheap bullshit frivolous garbage is getting cheaper and it's all non recyclable shit, dug up from the ground that should save the middle man and go direct to the garbage dump.

We're fucking the planet for it too, we're super ultra combo fucked and there's no getting out of it. Within 30 years, things are going to be massively different.

Comment Stock prices go up, money saved! (Score 4, Interesting) 224

Less customers to buy stuff though, because more and more and more and more people are either jobless or have less disposable income due to this bullshit and it keeps going on and it's starting to get bad.

I'm convinced we're on the tipping point, real close to it. The division between the rich and the poor is about to be truly exposed soon.

Comment Re:This is like asking "Verite 3D or 3DFX Voodoo?" (Score 1) 185

I can't say I disagree with your angle on this, but since I'm older my priorities have changed in regards to gaming and tech, perhaps I'm even verging on not being a nerd anymore. I imagine with enough disposable time and income, age is, arguably mostly irrelevant. However I'd still wager that most people reading my post, despite probably making the most they've ever made in their lives, have less completely disposable cash and time than they used to.

Tinkering on the bleeding edge is fun as heck if you can afford to do it, but most slashdotters are getting older, wives, kids, jobs, dominate time slots. I'd rather pick up a VR unit for $249 US with a $249 video card which will do 6k resolution or something at 140hz in 4 years and there's a plethora of great games.
I'll miss the initial amazing experiences but I'll get over it.

If you can afford the time, money and passion for it, more power to you.

Comment This is like asking "Verite 3D or 3DFX Voodoo?" (Score 5, Insightful) 185

Version 1 and 2 of these things are going to be bunk. Slashdot is a mostly older nerd crowd, we've probably all been burnt as early adopters before. Even if we did early adopt the "good" version, 2 replacements better from the same company was vastly superior.

VR Headsets will be better in literally every possible way and cheaper in less than say 4 years. Possibly vastly better.

I'm happy to let the next generation of kids and young adults with huge amounts of disposable income do the beta testing.

Comment Is this a big surprise? (Score 1) 622

Your money has less buying power than it used to, we can get $6 toasters now but if your son needs an operation it's $100,000. A house is ridiculously expensive but you can get a meal at a fast food place for $2.

Certain goods haven't gotten more expensive, it's that other goods have slowly gotten cheaper. Cheap chinese goods, or goods which were over priced to begin with.

Globalism is causing issues, inflation is causing issues. You need only look at the 60s and 70s families with 1 breadwinner for the household yet a reasonable house and vehicle was purchased with that income, maybe a TV and what have you.

Comment Re:This is exactly why I don't have a Wifi powerpo (Score 1) 153

I genuinely don't understand why I can't get a power reading from every single light AND socket in the house

Current utilisation, total utilisation this month / week etc
Ability to turn off and on, timing
Total house usage

I understand it should cost more to do and it's more complicated but again, 2016! It's madness. I'm actually kind of glad I'm not well off enough to afford a house, because it would frustrate me to own my own place or build my own place and not be able to easily do that yet.

Comment This is exactly why I don't have a Wifi powerpoint (Score 1) 153

I looked into these a couple of years back and I couldn't find a single one which didn't wantto dial home to a server, which could be shutdown at any time.

I want something with a web interface and I can just remap a port on my router to present that (secure) web interface, then I can control it myself.
Perhaps some kind of secure access would be nice, so you could build a basic server which can control all the power points, monitor usage, set timers etc.

It's 2016 (!!) and most of us still have very little control or monitoring over the power sockets around our homes, it's kind of crazy, considering what technology is capable of.

Comment Isn't the processor in this thing kind of weak now (Score 1) 180

Regardless of features, I thought DD kind of struggled on that thing and it's why it was ported to many other devices?
11 year old hardware, considering the bandwidth people have nowadays, amount of devices connected, seems like they might just be better off buying a more modern router which can run DD?

Comment What is the point of this? (Score 1) 131

I just skimmed the article, I didn't get the impression it will be replacing the engine in Firefox.

Why run the two products? If Firefox is so fundamentally broken (?) then move development over to this new thing? If not, then continue to work on improving Firefox and implimenting the same features.

Working on 2 seems counterproductive.

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