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Comment Obstinate Chrome, ever right, our way is best. (Score 1) 51

I can't stand Chromes "my way or the highway" attitude on stuff.
I spent over an hour last night, looking for a tool or function which will stop Chrome shrinking tabs to literally 1/4 of an inch in width if you are an extreme browser and exceed 80 or 100 tabs open.

You think I can find a simple "fix tab width" plugin? of course I found a heap of posts from people dating back through 2012, 2011, 2009 asking for a "hey, how can I stop Chrome making my tab width miniscule when I open a shitload of tabs?"
Typically (much like an apple question actually) a heap of people told the person their 'workflow was wrong'. A few actually helped, some of the solutions didn't sound perfect but they would've worked, you know if the features weren't removed from the program ..... (well the instructions I found to enable stacked tabs are no longer relevant anyhow, the option appears to be missing)

God damn I wish Firefox performed faster, I love it as my primary browser but it runs like molasses with an extreme amount of tabs open, even with 24GB of ram and 4 cores. As for Firefox mobile? Gotta hand it to Chrome mobile there, the UI was so much easier to use and more common sense that I just stopped trying eventually, It felt like a late 90's GUI for the 18 months I tried it. It is (was?) an atrocious UI for mobile browsing.

Comment So same as the iPad Pro 9.7 then? (Score 1) 196

Well ok, not under load, but when scrolling the display in any capacity. Noise comes from a chip just near the volume rocker. I've got pretty good hearing for 38 and it drives me batty if I use the thing in bed on a quiet night. I was almost tempted to return the thing to be honest, my iPad air 2, no such issue.

(It's more of a hiss / hum in one)

Comment Note 7 is a disaster (Score 1) 86

I've whined about this across multiple sites in the hopes some fuckwit from Samsung reads it, (chances 0.01%) but if they are going to up the pace on the S8 then for goodness sakes make an S8+ edition in 5.7" or larger.

Some of "Note fans" myself included, like the big phone, I couldn't give a shit about the stylus. I know some people do, great, let them keep the Note series. For me though, give me that cubic half an inch (??) more battery please or processing speed. The Pen in my Note 2 and Note 5 is effectively useless to me.

Oh and the Note 7?I would've got one, except you stubborn assholes insisted on a curved display ONLY, yeah real smart move there, aesthetrics over usability.
Light reflecting off the corners.
Accidental palm press of the corners
Image being distorted around the corners
Slightly less real estate.
More difficult to protect the screen with a glass or plastic protector
Did I mention the accidental presses?

Seriously curved is a stupid gimmick. Saved me over $500 US though. I got a used Note 5 unlocked in ridiculously good condition for about $380 US.

Bonus points: The ONE TIME Apple fans are a little disillusioned over headphone jacks, Samsung bone it up REAL bad. Honestly as a Samsung fan, good. I heard Apple is playing second fiddle to Samsung lately, I hope Apple give them a pounding so they get their idiot heads in order.

Comment What was once uncool, becomes cool. (Score 4, Interesting) 204

I'm very close to 40.
When I was a kid I watched reruns of ToS on TV and some of my dads VHS tapes he got suckered into buying at $30 a pop from some subscription, with only 3 eps per tape. I loved it and I enjoyed sporadically watching TnG as it aired.
Eventually I became a dumb angsty later teen and thought Star Wars was what's cool and Trek was dumb / lame.

As I've gotten older (well 20 years later) and every god damned movie and TV show has taken on a "dark edgey tone" and I've finally started to not give a shit if someone calls me a dork! or nerd! I can accept Star Trek as god damn cool, because it was so out there, it's camp, it's silly, it's great. The humour can be fantastic and the nerdiness I don't need to feel ashamed about. When Star Trek is funny I laugh with it, when it's bad I laugh with it "oh that silly old Star Trek!"

At the core of Star Trek though is that Roddenberry philosophy of an almost utopian future. I can respect that, more and more as I age. As I see the world around me slip in to eventual chaos, the environment becoming a disgrace, capitalism, greed and globalization becoming more intense, the world is becoming a very very dark place and I think it's not going to end well, Star Trek is a welcome, fantasy relief of what would happen if almost all humans all did the right thing, for humanity and the universe not just for themselves.

Heck when I see a 1966 show talk in metres and kilometres and not have smoking on the show despite the lost potential revenue from product placement because that's how it would be in the utopian future, I can see why Gene is so lauded as a visionary.
A great show that I'm finally proud to say I'm a big fan of.

Comment Re:Because they don't care (Score 1) 551

Furthermore they didn't add fucking wireless charging (WHAT?) that would've solved this issue. It's ridiculous.

If they were smart, the wireless mat would charge the phone and then you plug your airpod headphone things into their case, into the bottom of the phone and the *phone itself* will charge your headphones for the day.

Comment Re:Hardware - and customer - fragmentation (Score 1) 82

You are absolutely correct, everything you outline is WHY I got into console "plug, play, forget" simple gaming. I was sick of reading, tweaking and testing. Now I'm still going to have to read articles to see things which make me pang for an upgrade.

I like knowing I own the best possible (for that platform) for 4 to 7 years, it's great. No stress, no fuss.
Sure game X might be barely diff on the new model but perhaps game Y will have significant frame drops on the old model or it'll have really noticeable graphics improvements on the new model.

Based on this move by Sony and MS I've done the unthinkable and sold my PS4 (finally got rid of it last week) I'll play the giant pile of games I skipped on my PS3 and ignore the PS4 for the time being, perhaps there will be a "game of the year" edition console eventually. Either way I'm saving money being a generation behind.

Comment Make a better product than the competition. (Score 1) 226

It needs to be faster and more stable, that's it. That will solve things.
Chrome (with a single tab) is quite damn fast, really fast and generally quite stable.

I quite dislike Chrome for other reasons but it is fast.
I have a fresh install of FF Nightly on here, on a fresh install of Windows, hoping to get some snappy performance, last night at only 10 tabs this thing dropped to atrocious levels of speed, the fluctuations in performance is crazy. I've got 4 cores and 16GB use it wisely, use as much as you like as far as I'm concerned but when I click something, damn well make it react, instantly.

Comment Sorry this drives me nuts. (Score 1) 161

"Apple, Samsung Capture All Of Industry's Smartphone Profits"

Who is "Industry's" What company is "Industry"?
If you said "the Industry's" I could assume you meant the smartphone industry since that was the topic but just "industry's"?

"Apple, Samsung Capture All Of the Smartphone Industry's Profits" ,.....solved.

Comment Always been a Windows guy, trying 10 right now (Score 1) 599

I'm very close to giving it the finger, very close. A lot of the tinfoil hat bullshit the 'crazy paranoid people' have theorised has come to pass or is rumoured.

I was quite happy with Windows 7, I installed 10 due to a weird anomaly on my PC, hoping it would fix it.

I do _not_ like that the Windows updates, the new 'big' rollup types they do are like an effective re-install of Windows, very different to previous ones, when they run, many settings which are difficult to find and fix are 'magically reset back to default'

Not impressed.

Comment Re:We don't protect ourselves by destroying Freedo (Score 1) 120

From my understanding this guy is correct. The rumours go, that the guy who did the shooting deliberately smashed to pieces his personal phone and left his WORK iphone in his drawer / house or something.

I imagine law enforcement would want to check the thing but it was always likely to have very little on it.

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