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Journal Journal: Climate Change denial 1

Now that the latest and greatest study on global climate change has pronounced that the deniers are "in the same box as the flat-Earthers and the people who believe smoking doesn't cause cancer"; climate-change denying yahoos have made my Slashdot-moderating shitlist in much the same way that evolution-deniers have (see earlier journal).

I'm not going do downvote climate change deniers regardless, but I will demand an extraordinarily high standard of evidence of you wish to argue that point of view. Just saying "climate change is a myth" or even that it's not proven will rapidly gain a downvote from me, should I have mod points.

Update, Jan 07. Another nail in the coffin of denial, if it was needed, is here.


Journal Journal: creationism 4

Alright, listen up you primitive screwheads. In any Slashdot article that concerns evolution or cosmology, in fact in any Slashdot article at all, if I read you endorsing or promoting creationist, young-earth and/or biblical literal arguments, I shall add you to my foes list. Should I be in the possession of mod points I shall rate you -1, cretin.


Journal Journal: Star trek aliems 1

I've long held the belief that if a few aliens do ever visit earth, they will be able to make good money as actors. I mean, the directors of Star trek et al would love to have few different body plans off which to hang their latex noses. As it is they employ dwarves and freakishly tall people.

However the aliens would no doubt be baffled and bemused by this. And no doubt a bit hammy too. Astronauts are not chosen for their ability to act.

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Journal Journal: Quality of Slashdot debate on Evolution

the thing that dismays me the most about slashdot is that every time there is a story related to evolution, the creationists come out of the woodwork.

Where do you get these know-nothing troglodytes? Can't they just piss off and let the rest of us have an informative, interesting debate in which I might actually learn something.

I love reading about evolution, and I've aready been through Dawkins and Dennett. I'm really bummed that on slashdot, this debate can't ever get past kindergarten level due to perpetually debating these god-bothering twits. Teaching is fine and well, but why should I waste my time making enemies by beating the none-so-blind-as-those-who-will-not-see over the head with a cluestick. There'll just be a new crop next time. I've seen it happen.

It makes me seriously question the quality of person that is using this site. ..rant over

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Journal Journal: Job demand for coding geeks, being wrong and gaining karma

The final day has arrived. I now have 50 karma. What now? There is no higher to climb in the rankings. Oh well, I'll still post on what I think is true or when I need to vent.

Ironically enough this happened because I got a +5 for an "insightfull" comment that I thought was right, but judging by the responses, was dead wrong.

This current situation (real techies and geeks out of work in Europe) is very worrying, as I will be in the job market next month.

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