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Comment Typical Slashdot slander. (Score 0, Troll) 403

No wrong could possibly ever be done by the end user. It's always PayPal's fault. Ridiculous!

Half of the things that wikileaks does is borderline illegal. I'm not saying that the things they expose don't, but there might be better means of doing it. I have no idea if Wikileaks has broken the ToS but it's perfectly within PayPal's rights to freeze an account for fraud.

9 times out of 10, it's an automatic restriction put in place by various fraud rules. It happens and is also why PayPal doesn't lose their ass to fraud.

PayPal for the record of course wants to become a bank. But it's a long slow process to do so. Stop acting like PayPal is trying to skirt the law by not being a US bank. It's more of a hassle sometimes to not be and certainly costs more in the end.

Comment Amusing timing on this question.... (Score 1) 405

I started my unix-life about 13 years ago with FreeBSD. It was the 2.x.x era. It was young but super stable and used by many Internet power houses like Yahoo. Long story short, I eventually migrated mainly to Linux on my personal servers. I've been using Gentoo for about 5 years now. Now, I want a file-system to store all my stuff on my home server that is superior to ext3.

This quest has brought me back full circle to FreeBSD 8. I've used ZFS professionally for many years now and is my preference. So my first thought was to use OpenSolaris. Unfortunately, I was saddened to see that my old but still perfectly working 3ware 8xxx SATA cards are unsupported in Solaris. That left me with FreeBSD which had 3ware support and happily stable ZFS support.

Moral of the story is that while OpenSolaris has expanded hardware support here and there, it's still woefully short of "anything you might have laying around" type of support which is essential for the home hobbyist. Interestingly, while I'm sure there have been many under-the-hood changes over the years, FreeBSD from a user's perspective is still near identical to how it was all those years ago. That is somewhat disappointing because the menu-interface should've been drastically improved years ago. Seriously, why would I want to hit "Cancel" to move to the next menu?

But it gets the job done.

Comment Re:Bummer! (Score 1) 128

You clearly haven't tried to manage fraud on more than 70 million active accounts. Anybody that's had a high school statistics class will tell you that some innocent people are going to get caught in the net. Of course, it's not perfect. It never will be. Neither is the Visa fraud system that denies charges that it deems to be "out of character" for your habits. But I don't see you bitching that Visa won't let you buy a lifetime subscription to your favorite monkeyporn site.

My point is that, PayPal gets a bad rap because of a small minority of people that have had a bad experience because they met the fraud models that were put in place to protect the other millions and millions of customers. Sorry to hear about the misfortune. Life goes on.

Comment Re:The 3GS Unlock is available (Score 1) 376

So the ONLY difference between the two scenarios you're positing is possibly the number of phones jailbreak-able before they fix their code. Give me a break.

There will be literally millions of phones produced with 3.0. It's not like they're scarce. Also, 3.1 won't available before September at best. Apple really isn't that quick with their releases.

You're betting heavily that Apple's 3.1 code will be perfect. History has shown that code is never perfect (especially on something so complex) so if it is, Apple will have reached a computing milestone.

Comment Never understood the animosity... (Score 1) 160

Nerds seem to have a good bit of hate towards Twitter. I've never really understood why. It could be because of the ridiculous names associated with it. Twitter, tweeting, twits, etc. But these are the same people that have no problem whatsoever using Google, Yelp and even WYSIWYG apps.

Names aside, perhaps its because the 'common' people use it and find it enjoyable. Ditch the air of superiority and embrace what communication is becoming. For better or for worse, it's here to stay like e-mail. That fad from 30 years ago that is still around today.

Comment Slap in the face, perhaps not. (Score 1) 789

I'm not thrilled about not have a subsidy but I see the rationale. They don't want people dumping their suddenly displaced iP3G on eBay for $200, since people would lap that up without a contract because the current 3G phone is "good enough" for most people.

However, this move will hurt number of units moved, which in the end, I think Apple cares about more than the kickbacks they're getting from AT&T for contracts. This is probably just more AT&T dickery. There has been plenty of that today with the MMS and Tethering issues.

Comment Re:Evidence please? (Score 1) 458

I think he also ignores the fact that although music tastes vary widely from person to person, from my view the vast majority of independent label music is crap in most people's view. Does that mean it -is-? No, not necessarily. But mass-marketing is by definition, the taste of the masses or at least music that the masses will pay for.

Comment Re:Want a job? Get on LinkedIn (Score 3, Interesting) 474

That's the whole point of LinkedIn, it's supposed to be work-related and have nothing to do with your non-professional life. You could look at it like just another social network but it's not setup to be like that. You can't post a bunch of pictures of what you did this weekend and get people's inane comments on them.

When it comes to 'chummy co-workers', I'm going to go out on a limb and say a vast majority of companies probably prefer co-workers that get along and are comfortable with each other because it leads to effective communication. Sure, relationships can go sour and outside influences can mess with that but in many cases you see the people you work with more hours per day than your spouse. Most reasonable people can see that and put small issues aside that would otherwise taint a non-professional relationship.

What I'm trying to get at here is that friendly is better than hostile 100% of the time and these tools like LinkedIn that get us just a little bit closer to each other are a good thing when used properly. I'm venturing to guess there is a very tiny fraction of the time that this information available online can be used for bad intentions. But hey, so can a phonebook.

Comment Re:I noticed this during the inauguration of Obama (Score 1) 254

I hope you realize the upside to this. The p2p selection isn't random. The idea is that you'll hopefully be paired with people on your own local network so that everybody on your segment can watch it with minimal inbound bandwidth across your Internet link.

All the paranoia about this is expected from this crowd but when you realize that hey, the other 99% of the population on the Internet probably isn't as savvy, the big picture becomes a bit clearer.

The irony is the amount of people willing to use p2p for illegal uses and spew a big chunk of bandwidth out for that but unwilling to allow the same for a free, high quality legal video feed that costs real money (and a lot of it) to produce.

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