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Comment Re:Am I supposed to hate this or not? (Score 1) 292

Lies. Cross-breeding can result in poisonous plants [], and the random nature of it makes it harder to control than GMO.

That's a pretty strange statement, considering a lot of lab-conducted GMO research is way less "high tech" than most people think. Often, it just involves taking a sample and blasting it with some form of radiation, or some chemical bath, to cause it to mutate. That's about at random as it comes. And even intentional attempts to splice specific genes involves a lot of trial and error. Once you have something you think is good, though, you just breed like with like.

TL;DR neither method of producing new species is particularly scarier than the other.

Comment Re:Math (Score 1) 229

I was a fuck-up in high school. I took geometry three times. Later in life I picked it back up again, went through Algebra 2, trigonometry, and on to calculus, but I dropped out there because it all had become too time-consuming.

Ironically, I've never had any cause to use anything past geometry. Turns out geometry is pretty damn useful in real life ... proportions, the Pythagorean theorem, the concept of three points determining a plane, circular geometry with pi, all very useful for designing and building real-world stuff. And understanding geometric proofs gives you a good foundation in the logical thought processes that will help you with stuff like computer programming.

Comment Re:What are they mostly used for? (Score 2) 406

How do you know, by looking at your watch vs your phone, that the unknown phone calling you is not the hospital emergency room calling you because a loved one was just in an accident?

But if the phone is showing you an unknown number, how does that help you vs. seeing an unknown number on your watch?

Most newer car stereo systems have Bluetooth connectivity to your phone so you can see who is calling you and even answer the phone hands-free without ever touching your phone.

But that solution would require carrying a car stereo system to parties. Wearing a watch is less hassle.

Comment Re:I know it's fun to make fun of Homeopathy (Score 5, Insightful) 309

There are over 7 billion people on this planet, we can afford to lose a few, especially ones as dumb as this.

Ignoring for now the blatantly sociopathic nature of your comments, shouldn't it be the stupid person who suffers, and not the helpless child who depends upon that person for health care? Maybe the child isn't as stupid as the parent?

Comment Re:Why do people use Oracle? (Score 1) 198

1. If you have thousands of stored procs and/or other customizations (I've done a couple of custom aggregate functions that were pretty sweet).

This is a thing. People who write PHP scripts tend to think of a database as just a big closet where you store data until you need it again. You pull it back out and then you go do something with it (with PHP). But there's another school of app dev where any manipulations done on any stored data should be done by the database itself, and that the appropriate place to store that application logic is in stored procedures. There actually are good arguments to be made in favor of that type of design. But because pretty much nobody uses "standard SQL," it gets you locked into a given platform pretty quickly.

Comment Re:I guess Oracle is tired of existing (Score 1) 198

At this point you have to be mentally ill to develop anything new around Oracle and most of their business is legacy. They keep reporting double digit declines in new licenses.

You've hit the nail. They report declines in new licenses but they claim these are offset by gains in cloud subscriptions. What is Oracle's primary cloud IaaS product? Oracle Database hosted in Oracle's cloud. Now go back and reread TFA summary.

Comment Re:Oh for goodness sake (Score 1) 303

That stylus going over the record each time you play it? Yeah, that's degrading the signal. Every. Single. Time.

But only minimally so, unless you have a pretty crappy turntable, or one that's improperly aligned. The wear and tear on cassette tapes from playing them is greater than the wear and tear on records.

Comment Re:Weird arguments (Score 1) 303

And the artwork isn't any better just because you print it on a larger piece of cardboard.

But that is not an empirically true statement, is it?

In addition to the larger artwork, I also enjoy having albums divided up into two or more sides, each with its own unique track listing. Believe it or not, songs don't play in the order they do just at random.

I also enjoy the various ways vinyl itself can be presented ... colors, swirls, etchings, holograms, etc. Much better than a silk-screened picture on one side of a piece of plastic.

I like the act of physically handling the records, pulling them in and out of sleeves, flipping them over, and so forth. Much more enjoyable than opening a tray and dropping a CD in ... or just pushing a couple of buttons.

To me, playing records is an enjoyable activity. Firing up some MP3s, on the other hand, feels like an afterthought. It's just background noise.

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