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Comment Re:Hell No (Score 1) 333

The camera mail order market is the absolute worst. Knockoffs and versions intended only for foreign markets abound.

Ironically, Amazon is one of the only mail order vendors I do trust for camera stuff. But I only buy Prime-eligible items that ship direct from Amazon, never any of those super-discount bundles from market sellers.

Comment Re:Sharing is a business now? (Score 2) 103

I've been to what looked like a legitimate video store in a mall in Malaysia. By "legitimate," I mean the employees were all wearing polo shirts with the store logo embroidered on them, the product was all neatly arrange on shelves in alphabetical order, the whole bit. There was one shelf right inside the front door offering "imported" DVDs for something like $40. Everything else in the entire store were Asian bootlegs. When I told one of the employees that you couldn't buy the original Star Wars Trilogy in the US (as you couldn't at the time), he seemed legitimately baffled. He'd probably personally sold hundreds of them.

That's a little different from claiming pirates are building businesses based on BitTorrent, though.

Comment Re:Sharing is a business now? (Score 1) 103

No one I know has ever paid money for pirated media. That's kind of the entire point. What is this drivel about business models?

I've seen pirated media distributed as encrypted RARs. To get the key, you typically have to click along through a whole bunch of advertising sites, maybe answering surveys or something similar, possibly picking up some malware along the way, who knows. I'm sure some people are naive enough to "pay for" their media that way, particularly young people who see it as being free anyway.

Comment Re:When? (Score 1) 173

We know where the bases are. So we send the population to the bases so we can know where the bases are so we can bomb them?

I think the point is that we don't know where the bases are, but Pokemon GO assets are geo-scattered semi-randomly. If they end up in places that are easily accessed by the public, they will get "found." If they end up in interesting-looking locations and are never found, that's a hint that no civilians are supposed to know about/go to those places.

Comment Re:Google needs to be responsible (Score 3, Informative) 153

Are you claiming that YouTube ought to require each uploader to provide evidence that he owns copyright in the video (or has an appropriate license from its copyright owner) and that it is not an unlawful derivative work? If so, what steps would an uploader need to take to provide this evidence?

The short answer, for those who don't understand how copyright works, is that it would be literally impossible for Google to require such evidence, because in most cases there isn't any. Copyright is automatic. For you to own the copyright on your own creative works, you are required to do literally nothing.

Comment Re:There is a point to be made here (Score 1) 89

Mmmmmm, no, my message for Timmy was "Happy Birthday" and $100. If Timmy got an application letter to ISIS then I most definitely did not transmit that message. A transmission took place and Timmy received a message; just not one from me.

I understand that you're trying to explain how a MITM attack works. I'm more trying to explain how evidence works in criminal trials. Just because a message exists doesn't mean I wrote it. You would have to prove that ... not just that an envelope left my mailbox and ended up in Timmy's. For starters, the mere fact that there was $100 in the envelope helps establish motive for someone to want to tamper with it. But you say, "Prove you put $100 in there. Where is it?" But as I am the defendant, the burden of proof is yours, not mine. And it would make sense to any reasonable juror that if I say I sent Timmy a birthday card, I probably did. Even more so if I can produce a receipt from the Hallmark store near my house from three days before the letter was sent. Where's the evidence that I sent something else? What would be my motive?

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