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Journal Journal: Water bombers on planes - what next? Ninjas of course

Water and cameras banned from planes - ninjas, not yet

Air travel is about to get crazier. "Passenger [sheep] Doreen says she trusts authorities to do whatever it takes to prevent mid-air tragedies, including banning cameras and cell phones from aircraft cabins." - Stephen Harper, in retaliation against the blogosphere for criticizing him for getting a pilot fired when the captain asked Harper to put away [...]

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: I Just Wet My Pants . ca

It's a sad day when to "fight terrorism" you have to talk about it as if you're more likely to get blown up than hit by a drunk driver.
IAMNOTAFRAID.CA is a shameless attempt to garner attention for Warren Kinsella of the National Post, and the CanWest Global media group is only too happy to give him the exposure that conservative bloggers are also providing.
Am I giving him exposure by posting this criticism? Yes, but it's not like no one should talk about the risk of terrorism, I just don't think we all need websites and organizations based on coordinating everyone to BEHAVE NORMALLY. Whoever ordered Homer Simpsons' "Everything's OK Alarm", better take it back to the manufacturer and get a full refund. We don't need a shrill chime every 2 seconds, when everything is alright.

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Journal Journal: Humour required

Actually humour isn't required, but it sure helps. I think some places should hire based on how well someone can tell a joke. If someone is good a shooting the breeze, they'll be an easier co-worker to deal with right? Ha, I'm just making stuff up now.

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Journal Journal: No Carrier

The post link above contains about the most creative networking joke I've seen in a good long while.

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