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Comment Re:Clinton_body_count++ (Score 1) 706

How is it a secret if it gets posted over and over?

A bunch of basement-dwellers posting conspiracy theories is nothing. Out of those dozens of murders on those lists, surely one indictment would come out of them unless the lists, and those who believe in them, are morons, yes? Oh, that's right. I forgot that the Clintons have gotten to all law enforcement agencies in the country, because they just love them liberals. Moron.

Comment That's Not What The Decision Says (Score 4, Informative) 309

The part of the decision regarding a warrant not being necessary relates to the defendent's IP address, not searching his computer. The Court found that "one has no reasonable expectation of privacy in an IP address when using the Internet," therefore a warrant was not needed to obtain the defendent's IP address. The deploying of software on the defendent's computer was done with a warrant.

Submission + - You really are getting longer! (

LeadSongDog writes: In fact, everything is. The ESA and NASA have pegged the expansion of the universe (the Hubble constant) more accurately and at a faster rate than previously known. Every distance is currently stretching by 7.5e-11 per year. Or perhaps the speed of light is slowing that much: that would amount to the same thing, right?

Submission + - What Star Trek Owes to Robert Heinlein writes: As we come up on the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek, Manu Saudia, author of Trekonomics, has an interesting article on BoingBoing about how according to Gene Roddenberry himself, no author had more influence on The Original Star Trek than Robert Heinlein, and more specifically his juvenile novel Space Cadet. That book, published in 1948, is considered a classic. It is a bildungsroman, retelling the education of young Matt Dodson from Iowa, who joins the Space Patrol and becomes a man. (In an homage from Roddenberry Star Trek’s Captain James Tiberius Kirk is also from Iowa.) The Space Patrol is a prototype of Starfleet: it is a multiracial, multinational institution, entrusted with keeping the peace in the solar system. In Space Cadet, Heinlein portrayed a society where racism had been overcome. Not unlike Starfleet, the Space Patrol was supposed to be a force for good. According to Saudia the hierarchical structure and naval ranks of the first Star Trek series (a reflection of Heinlein's Annapolis days), were geared to appeal to Heinlein’s readers and demographic, all these starry-eyed kids who, like Roddenberry himself, had read Space Cadet and Have Spacesuit — Will Travel. Nobody cared about your sex or the color of your skin as long as you were willing to sign up for the Space Patrol or Starship Troopers' Federal service.

Where it gets a little weird is that Heinlein’s Space Patrol controls nuclear warheads in orbit around Earth, and its mission is to nuke any country that has been tempted to go to war with its neighbors. This supranational body in charge of deterrence, enforcing peace and democracy on the home planet by the threat of annihilation, was an extrapolation of what could potentially be achieved if you combined the UN charter with mutually assured destruction. "The fat finger on the nuclear trigger makes it a very doubtful proposition," concludes Saudia. "The Space Patrol, autonomous and unaccountable, is the opposite of the kind democratic and open society championed by Star Trek."

Submission + - Ransomware Attacks Targeting Schools, Calgary Uni Paid C$20,000 in Bitcoin (

dkatana writes: The University of Calgary paid C$20,000 ransom this week after an attack on May 28 targeted computers used by staff and faculty members, crippling multiple systems and encrypting data files and email accounts.

After determining that they were unable to recover the data the ransom was paid to “protect the quality and nature of the information we generate at the university.”, said an official in a press release.

The fact that higher education institutions are now being targeted by ransomware is raising serious questions about their ability to protect their data and critical information systems.

Universities had a false sense of security, and their IT systems are not prepared to deal with sophisticated attacks.

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