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Comment If you really want to reminisce, (Score 1) 252

check out this Slashdot story about Phoenix 0.2:

I remember Mozilla and its slowness and seemingly hundreds of configuration options that I didn't care about. It was like they were trying to fit every possible feature into the software. Then I tried Phoenix and it was so much more pleasant to use, even at that young stage. I'm happy to see Firefox has survived this long and remains, for the most part, as great to use now as those early days.


Submission + - Virus Contributes to Honeybee Disappearance

adagioforstrings writes: Scientists have discovered a virus dubbed IAPV which may be a contributing factor or marker for colony collapse disorder, or CCD. Many viruses have been discovered in bees, but only IAPV seems to link to CCD. Researches suspect the virus may be from bees imported from Australia. Chemicals and pesticides are also being considered as causes for the collapse.

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