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Comment Re:Surprising? (Score 1) 214

if all machines were built by copying older machines, we'd get to see "machine evolution"

No, that would actually be a variation of intelligent design.

Regardless, it seems to me people here are confusing the everyday use of the word evolution with the actual theory.

Comment Re:We'll save the justice system first.... (Score 1) 467

I don't get it. I only read through briefly, but two issues stand out:

  1. The text says that Newton's and Einstein's theories don't predict black holes, but we already knew that; they don't apply for sufficiently large gravitational fields.
  2. It seems to me this guy has a beef with current theories about black holes, not about the holes themselves.

Physics isn't my field though, so I could be misinterpreting it.

Comment Re:Well yes... (Score 1, Insightful) 645

First of all, I never said anything about the EU.

Secondly, you're still number 16. Quite a far way from number one, as you claim.


> (17) Cuba (the have government healthcare; why aren't they higher?)

I never said anything about private contra government health care.

But nice try trying to make a straw man argument.

Comment Re:Well yes... (Score 1) 645

> Look at the data and draw you own conclusions.

I have. I did. As for "swallowing WHO's opinion", I'm not. I just think that their trust-worthiness is a bit better than your opinion based on a few cancer studies.

> who are pro-government-provided healthcare

Really? Care to show me where it says that?

> Well then why don't you provide alternate data

Why? I'm not questioning your data about cancer, I'm just saying it's a (very) narrow point of view.

> And don't quote unrelated stats like lifespan ... americans live dangerous somewhat accident-prone lives

OK, this is just stupid. Not only are you basing an opinion on ignorance, you're trying to filter out counter-arguments you don't like.

Comment Re:Well yes... (Score 3, Insightful) 645

Because those rankings are based upon OPINION

Yeah, because the World Health Organization bases its studies on opinion. *snark*

Besides, you're saying that because US citizens have a slightly higher chance of surviving cancer, USA has the best health care system. Please excuse me if I'm not impressed.

Comment Re:Actually, the Mandelbrot set is already 4D (Score 1) 255

> trying to extend the Mandelbrot set to 3D is ill-defined

Depends what you want to achieve. This could be said for all 4D objects that you want to project in a 3D space. Most fractal programs (that support quaternions) solve this by projecting three variables and varying the fourth through time.

Comment Where are the cops? (Score 3, Interesting) 218

In addition, at least one fraud expert who works with a number of big name retailers said online retail fraud rates fell from around $250,000 per day to zero for a short time following McColo's takedow

Why aren't the cops there getting customers lists from McColo and going after the fraudsters?

As far as the toxic waste is concerned, have the Government take those toxic address and have the Government turn their current addresses back into the pool. That will detox those addresses quick.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 466

Not to mention, how exactly do I get a viewer to click "accept" on a typical TV.

I would imagine a solution something similar to the way people order pay-per-view. You flip to a channel for a movie, and could be presented with a screen that says that the content you want to view requires analog-out restrictions, do you accept, y/n? If you don't agree, you don't get access. If you agree, the set-top box tickles the "analog-out-off" switch for your TV, and the box streams the show to you.

Of course, this all depends on the hardware that supports the desired functionality. Do modern TVs support this? I have no idea. What about TVs from 5 or 10 years ago? What about the set-top boxes from cable & satellite providers?

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