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Final PS3 Launch List Shows 13 Games For America 141

Wowzer writes "Sony's PlayStation 3 is set to arrive this week on November 17th. With just 400,000 units available at launch in the USA, and an unknown number of game consoles arriving the rest of year. The total is expected to be below 1 million units in 2006, as a result many publishers have decided to delay their games so more time can be spent polishing them. From the article: 'Remember you'll have other ways to entertain yourself with the PS3 aside from it's multimedia capabilities. From day one you'll be able to download small games (plus their demos to give them a try first) and while Sony hasn't announced any specifics like price and release dates yet, count on Sony's PS3 download games like flOw & Blast Factor to be there.' From minor delays like Need for Speed: Carbon being delayed until November 20. To big launch lineup losses like MotorStorm which was delayed to March, 2007. The PS3 launch will now have 13 titles including Resistance: Fall of Man, Call of Duty 3, Genji: Days of the Blade and Ridge Racer 7."
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Final PS3 Launch List Shows 13 Games For America

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  • Uhhuh (Score:3, Funny)

    by TodMinuit ( 1026042 ) <.todminuit. .at. .gmail.com.> on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @12:35PM (#16839038)
    Remember you'll have other ways to entertain yourself with the PS3 aside from it's multimedia capabilities.

    $600 plus frostbite to do what my computer can already do. That's fantastic. Sign me up, sir.
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by Chris Burke ( 6130 )
      $600 plus frostbite to do what my computer can already do.

      Shit, you need that too? I'm in central Texas, where am I going to get frostbite?!
    • Or what most people's computers will be able to do once they plop down $600 for a graphics card.
      • by oc255 ( 218044 )
        Assuming they have PCI-E. Yes, good AGP cards exist. But if they have AGP, do they have equivalent system memory? If so, is their processor up-to-date? Do they have a 400w+ power supply? Can this $600 PC card do HDR+AA effects?

        I don't want to start a flamewar. It's just that sometimes I think PCs carry a certain illustion of upgradability. At some point, you junk your car and start over (forklift upgrade). I've been through the card->motherboard->cpu/memory PC upgrade dependency treadmill enou
        • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

          by StarvingSE ( 875139 )
          I've been using the same setup for the past 4 years: Athlon XP 2500 oc'ed to 3200 speed, a gig of ram, and more than enough HD space. Initially cost me about $700 for the setup. The only thing I've done is buy a new mid-range vid card and another gig of cheap memory. I can play all the games I want, even oblivion, at max or damn near close to max details. Plus I get custom content online for some games, and I do use it for programming and dual boot to linux to get my open source fix. PC's are more extens
          • by oc255 ( 218044 )
            That's interesting. My video card was $600, my entire system was $3000. I don't run Oblivion at max quality. You're either lying or working some magic. $8000 systems won't run Oblivion nicely at max quality. Nothing does. That's why Oblivion is described as "recklessly agressive" (please don't argue on this quote, my friend worked on Oblivion).

            I threw away my last system that lines up with your current system (yes this is proof of choice and not much else). I agree on the flexibility bit but in real-
            • This is why I threw in the "damn near highest quality" statement. After a good month of tweaking and various texture mods, Oblivion looks extremely nice in my opinion wiht acceptable framerates (30 outside and 80-100 inside). It isn't perfect, but the game does render miles of terrain with practically no limit to the view distance.

              Agreed, my next upgrade will be a complete overhaul, but if I can get 5 good years out of a rig with a few upgrades in between, I'm happy.
        • by asc99c ( 938635 )
          Well you can upgrade stuff at the appropriate rate. If you've got an AGP motherboard it's most likely time to upgrade the whole MB/CPU/RAM/GPU if the performance is lacking. I did that a little under 3 years ago when S939/PCI-E was fairly new. Didn't waste money on top-end CPU / graphics, but did get the best motherboard, and nice PC4000 DDR.

          Hopefully the basic system will last another few years, but yeah eventually the incremental upgradability will run out and I'll need to do another big upgrade.
          • by oc255 ( 218044 )
            Yes, this is the rare occasion that I mean when I say "PCs sometimes aren't as upgradable as people think". I'm not hating on PCs. They are kind of like cars, sometimes you need to start over instead of replacing parts. That's just the reality of it.

            On the flipside though, the refresh cycle is much shorter in the PC world. The 360 has the r500 with unified shaders and lo and behold the r600/g80 are coming/out, evening the playing field (in a way). I'm hoping the r600 pushes the general computing nature
    • that you can put your extremeties next to the power source. That will prevent frostbite.
    • by MikeFM ( 12491 )
      Yes, but how many people plug their PC into their tv? Maybe they just don't like the slow load times, hassles of navigating a system not designed to be used as a gaming platform, messing with constant security problems, or having the whole system crash in the middle of a game. Although the biggest strike against the PC gaming platform in my experience is that it's hard for gamers to know, without trying to install and run the program, if a game will run on their hardware.

      PC's suck for the most part and beca
  • Full Launch List (Score:5, Informative)

    by Buddy_DoQ ( 922706 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @12:38PM (#16839090) Homepage
    FTFA: * Call of Duty 3 * Genji 2: Days of the Blade * Madden NFL 2007 * Marvel Ultimate Alliance * Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire * NBA '07 * NBA 2k7 * NHL 2k7 * Resistance: Fall of Man * Ridge Racer 7 * Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 * Tony Hawk's Project 8 * Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
    • Re:Full Launch List (Score:5, Interesting)

      by HappySqurriel ( 1010623 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @12:55PM (#16839404)
      The only 2 games on that list that are not readily availabe for other systems are Genji 2: Days of the Blade (which is currently rated at 59% based on 4 reviews on Gamerankings.com) and Resistance: Fall of Man (which is currently rated at 90.3% based on 3 reviews on Gamerankings.com)

      It will take some time before the scores become more solid...

      The question is can you justify spending $500/$600 for 1 good game?
      • The question is can you justify spending $500/$600 for 1 good game?

        I don't have the other systems, so I'd be spending the money for the other games too.

        How the fuck does that get modded interesting?

        • His point is that there are only two games exclusive games being released contemporaneously with the PS3, one of which is said to suck. So that's 1 exclusive game. Whether you in particular have a console or not really isn't the point. The point is that for the cost of a PS3 you can get a 360 and a couple of the same games. So the question posed is whether or not that 1 non-sucky, exclusive game is worth the $600+ you're going to need to shell out to play it opening weekend. Which does, IMHO, make for
          • So the question posed is whether or not that 1 non-sucky, exclusive game is worth the $600+ you're going to need to shell out to play it opening weekend. Which does, IMHO, make for an interesting question.

            Bullshit. Unless you expect the whole life of the console to be what's available at launch. It is absolutely retarded.

            Especially when you are comparing it to the 360 launch...

            • Bullshit. Unless you expect the whole life of the console to be what's available at launch. It is absolutely retarded.

              Especially when you are comparing it to the 360 launch...

              First off, I never referenced the XBox 360 ...

              Secondly, the reality of all next (new) generation systems is that they are the most expensive when they have the least ammount of content; essentially you pay a priemium in order to play the launch line-up when it is released. Certainly there will be better games released through the life
            • Wow. Really, just wow. What part of "opening weekend" didn't you read? I wasn't invoking the 360's launch, I was saying that its available. Now. In great quantities. It is also 2/3 the price of the PS3 and there is only 1 non-sucky game available only on the PS3. All the rest you can already play on the 360. Cheaper.

              So is that 1 exclusive game worth shelling out the $600+ entry fee OPENING WEEKEND? That's the interesting question in a discussion about the games available for a console's launch.

              • No, that's still ridiculous. Think about it for just two seconds before spouting more bullshit.

                So is that 1 exclusive game worth shelling out the $600+ entry fee OPENING WEEKEND?

                Of course not. But that's retarded. You're not paying $600 for just the opening weekend. You're paying $600 for the console because you expect it to have the best lineup of games for the rest of it's lifespan. And unless the price drops drastically, you're only paying a little, IF ANY, extra to have it right away(eBay/scalper p
      • by Manchot ( 847225 )
        No thanks, I'll stick with the Wii and Twilight Princess. Its three review scores average out to 98%, making it tentatively the best game of all time. (Ok, so it will eventually drop, but who cares?)
      • by ClamIAm ( 926466 )
        The question is can you justify spending $500/$600 for 1 good game?

        All the h4rdc0re PC gamer d00dz do.
      • The question is can you justify spending $500/$600 for 1 good game?

        You mean it won't be able to play any other games, ever?!??!??! What a rip off!!!!

        Why, oh why don't they make consoles that can also play more games later? Do you hear me god? WHY?

      • The question is can you justify spending $500/$600 for 1 good game?

        Yes, easily. Cuz when I'm done playing that game, I'll buy one more game, and play that. Then I'll buy one more game after that. And then another game. And then I'll get a mod chip, and pirate everything else.
    • Crap! I was hoping there might be a sequel or two...
    • Isn't that the exact same launch list as the PS2?
  • by jandrese ( 485 )
    Are NBA '07 and NBA 2k7 different games? I'm not much into sports games (which left me greatly underwhelmed with this list), but it looks like they've listed the same game twice.
    • I suspect so, the list is 14 titles, and they said there were going to be 13 on release...
      • I suspect so, the list is 14 titles, and they said there were going to be 13 on release...

        FTFA is not a launch title.
      • That's probably because there is NBA '07 and NBA 2k7 listed as separate items, which I would hope are the same. Otherwise, that is a pretty strange strategy for naming sequels.
    • NBA '07 is from EA Sports and NBA 2k7 is from 2k Sports. Two different games (of the same game) from two different developers.
    • by DubbaJ ( 691044 )
      Nope. NBA '07 is from 989, and NBA 2k7 is from 2K Sports I believe.
      • by RetepMc ( 814214 )
        So which one is from EA Sports? NBA Live '07?
        • by DubbaJ ( 691044 )
          Yea, but I can't find a mention of it anywhere in the launch window. And correcting my earlier post, NBA '07 is published by Sony (I believe 989 was a second party deveolper anyways).
    • EA hasn't managed to buy a monopoly on NBA games yet. Give them time, they're not superhuman.
  • In the long run.... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by shoptroll ( 544006 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @12:41PM (#16839172)
    I'm still curious to see how this system holds out in the long run. The launch is going to most likely go well, as long as you don't look at the real numbers, in other words they'll sell every unit they've made just forget about the fact that they are a noticeable number of units short of the initial estimates/hype. Long term should be a lot more interesting, they're still a ways off from the next installments of system-seller franchises. Metal Gear Solid 4 is still about a year away, GTA4 is within a year, Final Fantasy XIII is very very far off (supposedly only 1% of it is complete? Although might not be a big deal, FF7 shipped 2-3 years after the PSX was out). I'm just wondering exactly what Sony is planning to fill in the gaps between these 3 high-profile franchises which pretty have pretty much kept the PSOne and PS2 running.
    • Perhaps Square is banking on the fact the PS3 will be somewhat affordable by the time they release FF XIII?
      • Probably. Although I have to really wonder how low the price will be by then. After 2-3 years will it be down in the "typical" price range of $300 for a new console? In the mean time, it looks like Square-Enix is content to keep their bankroll going with Wii and DS titles.
      • by _xeno_ ( 155264 )

        Depending on how far out the game is, they may be more in a "wait and see" mode, waiting to decide which console to release the game on prior to starting software development.

        Square's jumped consoles before - everyone assumed FFVII would be for the N64 until it was announced it would be for the PlayStation.

        • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

          by shoptroll ( 544006 )
          That's pretty much my theory at this point. They've proven themselves to be a company that is going to make games for the platform that will give them the biggest audience. Anyone who argues graphics/hardware capabilities had better take a good look at the S-E lineups on the PSP and DS and give a good explanation as to why there's been a lot more titles on the DS than the PSP. Their increasing interest in cell phone games is another good example of this. It seems like Deja vu if it's technology (and it'
    • these 3 high-profile franchises which pretty have pretty much kept the PSOne and PS2 running

      While those franchises certainly helped sell systems, they're hardly what kept the PS2 running. There was only one real FF game on it before last week, two MGS games, and GTA is cross-platform.

      It was the hundreds of games in between these releases that kept people buying PS2 games.
      • Alright point taken. But these are the big huge exclusive franchises to the system. GTA was always PS2 first, XBox + PC later. The fact of the matter is this: if you wanted to play MGS, FF, GTA, Jak & Dexter, Ratchet & Clank, etc. you wanted a PS2. The big issue is going to be how many exclusive titles is the PS3 going to have to carry it along, especially the bigger names. It's pretty obvious at this point that Square-Enix is putting a lot of power behind Nintendo and are about to release anot
    • There's an underappreciated trend for nichey or B-list games from one generation to suddenly dominate the next generation. The Metal Gear and Final Fantasy series weren't terribly well known in the West until they went 3D and became sensations on the PlayStation 1. Grand Theft Auto was a little-played top-down niche title until its PS2 incarnation became a sensation with its [non-linear sandbox gameplay | violent, explicit, exploitative content]. Notice also how one generation's top titles tend to fade:

      • Excellent points, especially since I know the trends you speak of since I've been playing games since the NES. In particular Mega Man has gone from niche (original series) to mainstream (x series) to oversaturated (battle network) and niche (zero and ZX) again. Also, I'd argue that Final Fantasy gained momentum (or potential energy) in the 16-bit era and then exploded once it went 3D on the PSX. A lot of Square's earlier games are not much to write home about, their work really started to take off when t
  • Wow... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by TomServo ( 79922 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @12:44PM (#16839230)
    I remember that I wasn't going to bother with an XBox 360, then as it got closer and closer to release and I kept seeing shots of PGR3, I just kept wanting one more and more, cursing myself for not pre-ordering. I finally tracked one down a couple of months after launch.

    I'm getting none of that with the PS3. As it was, the official playstation magazine a couple of months ago went nuts over the big killer-app launch title, Oblivion, and now that's delayed.

    I'm sure I'll buy one eventually, but I'm certainly not upset that I didn't try to get a launch box.
    • Oblivion was the big killer app that Sony hyped? Is there anythig about the PS3 version that makes it better than the PC or 360 version (seriously)?

      I would think hyping an exclusive title, like Resistance, would be smarter. If some kid begs his parents for Oblivion for Christmas, his parents can either wait until PS3s are available (if they are available to average consumers by Christmas), or pick up a 360 & Oblivion at the same store, right then, for less. At least if their kid is dying for Resis
    • by SuperKendall ( 25149 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @01:03PM (#16839542)
      For the Sony launch, Resistance: Fall of Man is the big title - Oblivion was kind of nice but not a deal breaker since it's not really new and people could also play it on PC's.

      Resistance looks to have a great story, and also really good multiplayer support with 40 people at once and no slowdown. Plus I have experience with the other games that publisher has worked on and I know they do a great job with control layouts and weapons.

      It's the title that is making me wish it wasn't so hard to get a PS3 anytime soon... I'm not keen on waiting in line.

      • by _xeno_ ( 155264 )

        Or you could, you know, wait until after Christmas and not fight in line for it. That's what I plan on doing for the Wii.

        You don't have to get it OMG RIGHT NOW, you can wait. Given the massive production problems that Sony's having, you may have to wait anyway.

        Who knows, if you're lucky, Sony will cut prices next year once they find the magical pixie dust required to fix their production problems. (Unfortunately it has a 0.5% drop rate on a rare spawn, so it may take a while.) Lord knows that if the

        • Well, some of us can't. Our wills are as weak as our bladd.... OMG GOTTA PEE!
        • Or you could, you know, wait until after Christmas and not fight in line for it. That's what I plan on doing for the Wii.

          Well, that was pretty much my plan - wait until you didn't have to be in line three days in advance, or preferably at all. I feel no need to have it this moment, though Resistance looks compelling to me...
    • When was Oblivion ever hyped as a "killer app" launch title for the PS3? I read pretty much at least a little big of every major gaming mag and website, and I don't remember seeing it hailed as a "killer app" for the PS3.

      Resistance is definitely getting the most hype. Honestly, it didn't draw my interest at first(aka. just another shooter syndrome), but it looks like it's going to be really good, with a great story too.

      That's not to say I'm disappointed I didn't preorder a PS3... I can wait. I'm still n
      • by TomServo ( 79922 )
        Late response, but I picked up the November Official Playstation Magazine to get ahold of the Guitar Hero II demo, and the cover story was the big news that Oblivion would be a launch title. Given the way they were spouting off on it (I don't remember if they actually used the term "killer-app"), I certainly got that impression.

        And yes, PGR3 totally sold me on the 360. The whole series from Metropolis Street Racer on the Dreamcast has been one of my single favorite games and I'm a big racing game nut, s
        • Heh... DOA. I played DOA..3 IIRC, and I've never had the urge to play any more DOA... ever. I'm just glad I played it before making the mistake of buying it first :)

          I hadn't heard much about PGR3, but since you mentioned it as selling you on the 360, I checked out some vids. It does in fact look very nice. I'm not much of a racing fan myself, but now that I've actually looked at it, I understand.

          I do like GT, but it is slightly too much simulation for me. Perhaps I'd enjoy PGR.

          I'm not sold on the 360 y
  • Should Be Less (Score:3, Interesting)

    by duerra ( 684053 ) * on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @12:45PM (#16839246) Homepage
    According to reviews, games like Tony Hawk 8 and Ridge Racer *should* have been delayed, because of framerate issues and bugs in general.
    • Everything I've read shows that the new Tony Hawk game has some major slowdown issues on the PS3, while on the 360 it's pretty smooth but does sometimes take an odd dip in the frame rate here and there. All this hype how the PS3 was going to smash the 360 in performance seems to be false. The Motorstorm demos on the kiosks looks pretty bad as well. I'm wondering if this will end up being another PS2 compared to the Gamecube / Original XBox.
      • Wow. Just wow... True, the PS3 still has to prove itself, but a shitty port being an indicator of potential? Yeah... I don't think so.

        • Nobody doubts that the PS3 has potential. If you just look at raw numbers (like everyone did with the Emotion Engine, but still) the Cell is freaking awesome. I went to a talk by IBM about the Cell where they discussed some architectural tidbits about the SPEs and the internal interconnect ring (IBM loves rings*) which is also just nuts. When fully banging away, you could get a ridiculous amount of data throughput.

          The problem is you have to give those SPEs something to do. But it's a new programming mod
          • Well if a developer is not taking advantage of the SPEs, chances are they didn't bother to take advantage of the extra cores in the 360 either. Perhaps.

            I find it far more likely that the developer just has a much better handle on DX9 than OpenGL(which is basically what the PS3 graphics API is).

            It's interesting that in this generation there seems to be higher barriers to porting than before. The PS3 with it's odd architecture and the Wii with it's odd control scheme may mean we see fewer ports... or maybe j
            • Well if a developer is not taking advantage of the SPEs, chances are they didn't bother to take advantage of the extra cores in the 360 either. Perhaps.

              Perhaps, yes. The 360 requires threaded programming to use well. The PS3 needs to be multithreaded, and those threads have to be suitable for the SPEs which have strange programming models. For example, their 'caches' don't mirror memory like normal caches, instead the they have to be explicitly managed and data moved in and out.

              I find it far more likely
              • Well, yes, the SPEs are certainly more of a hurdle than using multiple "normal" cores. MS has also provided a lot of documentation and explicitly laid out some development models for using the multiple cores. But Sony has also provided developers with libraries that use the SPEs themselves to ease the burden of learning the architecture somewhat. Still, I certainly can't imagine the PS3 being nearly as straight-forward to develop for as the 360 though.

                I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't really want
    • by Thwomp ( 773873 )

      Maybe Ridge Racer should have been delayed to polish it up? Check out these comparison shots of 360 vs PS3 [kotaku.com]. I was quite shocked and had to double check I was looking at the right pics for the PS3.

      Surely there is some fowl play going on here because those PS3 shots look much worse!

  • Isn't the Untold Legends series a PSP series, which is a clone of CHampions of Norrath for the PS2?

    That's a bit underwhelming. It's too bad that there's 1-3 total new games on that list? I don't know about Gundam or Resistance, so that's why I ask if it's 1-3.

    Hopefully the games come out faster than BR movies.
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Aladrin ( 926209 )
      There's been a TON of Gundam games. Can't call it original.

      Resistance seems to be genuinely new, even if it sounds a lot like that other virus game... With Mitochondria Eve... Forget the bloody name. Grr.

      What's the third one, that you were sure of? You don't mean Marvel Ultimate Alliance, do you? It's just a clone of another game, the name of which I forget. Another 'comic book heroes join together and fight in third-person overhead view'.
      • Parasite Eve (I & II) made by SquareSoft for the PS1? The first game being based on the book "Parasite Eve".
      • to clear things up: Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a sequel/clone of X-Men Legends which is a clone of the console version of Fallout which is a clone of Champions of Norrath which is a clone of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance which if I recall correctly started the sort of RPG/scrolling beat'em up genre, though it probably came as a console-friendly evolution from the earlier successes of Diablo and Icewind Dale.
    • by F34nor ( 321515 ) *
      These Gundam. [parsons.edu] look way better than PS3. In fact they look real! Oh wait they are real, in fact they're the shit as far as I can tell.
  • As a kicker, I bet all of these titles are NOT on BluRay media but dvd media.
  • by Dr. Eggman ( 932300 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @01:05PM (#16839574)
    Even if Sony hopes Blue-Ray will become a big factor, there are 23 Sony Blue-Ray DVDs out and not alot of those titles are going to appeal to everyone (little man? Stealth? The list goes on,) games (and to a much lesser extent accessories) are going to play the big role in Sony's success with the PS3 (especially short term.)Numbers [kikizo.com] from EnterBrain show 88,400 consoles sold (100,000 is an shipment estimate, EnterBrain expects the missing 12,600 are simply ones that were unable to be produced, not unsold.) 62% were high end which falls below the expected 80/20 distribution of PS3 models which, as unlike Nintendo, Sony loses money on every PS3 machine, we can conclude is actually worse as the profit-negating feature of the PS3 is likely to lie with the Blue-ray drive (and possibly to some extend the Cell; it sure isn't helping) which was present in the same cost in the lower model. We can assume that the features left off from the low end machine do not present a significant enough cost to be off set by the $100 short of the low end model (atleast not to make up the loss elsewhere, if not even making up the $100 itself.) Worse yet, despite analysis that all would likly have sold anyways, the Japanese PS3 versions were actually cheaper than what the US will recieve, most probably creating all the larger hill for Sony to surmount in the quest for profit.

    But the more important factor is the game sales. Top two games sales were Ridge Racer 7 and Gundum at 30,000 each. Togther, that's only 60,000 games sold! Not even 1 game per system sold (lousy ebayers?) Of course, we don't have difinitive numbers on what the other 3 games available at Japan's launch are (only that they didn't reach 30,000) but we can only guess they might have made up atleast 22,000 if that (Doubt Genji sold well; check out the reviews, critics delt massive damage to that Giant Crab turd of a game.) Still, even assuming a difference made up towards one game sold per system sold, it is not hard to believe that that ratio will not make up the difference of system production costs.

    Though it sold out, we're still in for quite a rollercoaster ride as the Wii (a 'strong' competitor with a better quick returns setup) steps in and the production of both console start to kick in to high gear for the USA Mega-holidays Spend-O-Rifica period. Rumors and unverified reports put PS3 second salvos in the US stores ready by the 20th (launch +3 days) and Wii at about the same time (launch +1, though these are rumors) and we can only guess they're going to be out in their bests ready for Post-Turkey day Shopping Madness.

    Considering numerous games on the PS3 list are non-exclusive and exclusives like Genji have often been review, criticied and praised by Japan-launch capable news orgs, US shoppers have a lot of choice and information on the games to choose. Even if the PS3 sells out in the US, the different environment games are presented in here in the US (PCs and Xbox 360s being bigger here for things like CoD 3) could greatly impact Sony's success (in terms of profit and market share.)
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      Even if Sony hopes Blue-Ray will become a big factor, there are 23 Sony Blue-Ray DVDs out and not alot of those titles are going to appeal to everyone (little man? Stealth? The list goes on,)

      Netflix has 212 [netflix.com], and that's probably not even everything that has been released.
      • Blue-Ray is not solely Sony's. Blue-Ray is the result of the Blu-Ray Disc Association, of which Sony is a member. This does not mean Sony gets a cut of whatever Blu-Ray disk sells. It means Sony takes part in developing, through the strategic alliance of the Blr-Ray Disc Assoc., the standards of what can be called blu-ray such that a blu-ray player plays it. Sony only profits from blu-ray media it produces (as in films from Sony Motion Pictures.) Of which there are only 23 I was able to find. Although there
        • Ahh...I see. Sony manufactured Blu-Ray.

          I noticed after I posted that instead of 5 pages of 40, plus 10 on the first page, plus 2 on the last, it's actually (4 pages x 40) + 10 + 2 = 172. Funky layout of pages on NetFlix so I miscounted. Amazon has 164 for sale, so it sounds about right.

          Still, Sony is successful if other studios produce Blu-Ray discs, because it means they didn't lose the format war. I'd also find it very hard to believe that the standards organization that spent all the money developing the
          • True, they do get liscencing fees (all the info you could ever want about that is here [blu-raydisc.info]) But Sony is (according to that website) obligated by the same liscencing aggreements and must pay the same fees. So even if we ignore that the the Assoc. itself needs some amount of money from the fees to maintain itself, those fees are still split up among atleast the Board of Directors. [blu-raydisc.com] Which is enough to warrent an assumption that Sony couldn't survive solely on a cut of the liscencing fees. The real money in Blu-Ray
    • by heli0 ( 659560 )
      Here are more figures:

      http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=69 969 [eurogamer.net]

      "Enterbrain, publisher of Famitsu, has revealed the the tie-in ratio of software to PlayStation 3 sales is 0.98 - less than one game per console."
  • Wait for it... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by sirstar ( 789206 )
    The system has hundreds of games for it already! Look at all these PS2/PS1 games it can play! Why, you have hundreds of (repeat/re-hashed/duplicate) games to play until we get some new/repeat/re-hashed games out for the PS3 system! Buy, Buy, Buy!!!! Trade in your older systems now and save (very little) on the new PS3 toaster oven! And how many of the 'new' 'next-gen' games will just use the PS2 emulation chip? Time will tell.....
  • If it's a success and has good software, it'll be sold out for a year before you can get one.
    If it's a failure, you'll be able to get one, but the software you bought it for will never materialize. :(

    I just want to play FFXIII...

    Oh wait, by the time that game comes out they'll have a cheaper, more available console. Yay!
    At least Assassin's Creed is coming out for 360.
  • Ho Hum (Score:5, Interesting)

    by mechapanda ( 1014307 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @02:02PM (#16840508)
    For what it is worth, a couple of notes from someone who actually owns a PS3...

    The launch titles play infinitely better than what was available at the Japanese PS2 launch

    Mine has been running 20 hours a day since I got it home, no over heating, no game skipping, no crashes.

    It's a big beast (I nearly dropped it when I was handed it over the counter as the retail box weighs a ton), but runs pretty quiet compared to my original Xbox which I only use as a MythTV frontend.

    No Linux yet as we are waiting on the installer, but the good news is long term it will be possible to install any distribution that supports PPC (out of the box it supports Fedora). Bad news is that as pretty well all hardware access is via the hypervisor/virtual devices, there is no access to the GPU - yet.

    Despite the wishful thinking of Nintendo/Xbox fanboys, the games I own are ALL on BluRay.

    It's a really nice bit of kit, for me being able to buy a Cell dev box for 300 quid is an absolute bargain, and a fraction of what I paid for my Arm and PPC box's - and then I get to be able to play Metal Gear 4 and FFXIII too?

    If you can code, are interested in non-x86 processors, and can afford one, it's a no brainer - get one.
    • by dch24 ( 904899 )
      I see a lot of trolls responding to you. That may be because it's hard to believe you were able to get one from the Japan launch. Did you order it online? Did you fly to Japan? Can you prove that you actually have a PS3?

      Can you comment on the heat? Rumor is that the PS3 produces a lot of it, and would overheat in a standard entertainment center cabinet, or sitting on a carpeted floor.

      I think you're legit, but I can understand that some people will have a hard time believing you actually have a PS3.
      • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

        by mechapanda ( 1014307 )

        I'm one of the Brit's who flew to Japan to pick up a PS3, though as I lived in Tokyo for 9 years I'm staying a couple of extra weeks to see old friends. See http://www.psm3mag.com/ [psm3mag.com] I took all the photo's there and acted as the fixer to get the reporter Joel his PS3.

        I gave pre-order a miss, got down to Akihabara for 5am the day before, and was second in the queue at Asobit. Despite the issues at Yodabashi and Shibuya, we had only a couple of Chinese in our queue, and they were game shop owners who had
  • I find it interesting that of the 13 games up there, 6 are sports titles (I consider racing a sports genre, especially in terms of Ridge Racer) and 2 FPSes. So the launch list seems to target sports fans and action gamers...which is not where I'd expect to find the super-hardcore gamers or audio/videophiles who are going to be able or willing to front the costs. I don't see a game there that'll trip the Drooling Rich Fanboy alarms to the $600 range.
    • by jZnat ( 793348 ) *
      Most of the stuff on HDTV seems to be sports anyhow, so I think they're going for the right demographic.
  • by Blimey85 ( 609949 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @05:08PM (#16843960)
    I picked up an Xbox 360 last night along with Gears of War and Dead Rising. Will pick up a few more games in the next week or so and then of course Halo 3 when it comes out. The main reason I decided to go with a 360 and not a PS3 right now had nothing to do with the price. I wanted a system that had some games available. The PS3 won't have a large number of good games for at least several months. I'll buy one probably next fall unless something really great comes along. Having just bought a 360 I think that will keep me entertained for quite a while.

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