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Comment Re:hard to watch (Score 0) 948

I wish I had the mod points to mod you up beyond troll. Yes, what he did is inexcusable, but it all sound like blackmail to me on her part. Both people are being shitty. At least he admitted his shittiness (mind you, this doe NOT absolve him of anything)... she is acting like she is entitled to be a bitch... no one is entitled to that crap.

That being said, her shitty attitude may very well be a product of shitty treatment as she grew up - but blackmailing dad (if that is what she is doing) to get 'revenge", that is inexcusable too.

Comment Re:Who's to blame? (Score 1) 768

Live below your means, quit getting stuff because "you need it now", quit buying stuff that requires financing, use the left overs to pay debt.... and voila, debt goes away (granted if you have income, bad things happen to good people sometimes)!!

I was dumb on my finances for years, now I cut down my expenses (I could go further too, if need be), learned to budget properly with my wife and making a dent in all of it.

ALSO - It IS an option for everyone ... everyone can at least give this a go instead of just ignoring it for several years when it turns into a bigger problem. If this is what you are doing, congratulations, you won't have to worry about this after 5-10 years, hopefully. hell, even start investing some of that money (after the debts are gone) so when you are OLD, you have NO major worries.

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