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Comment Re:Stupid pixel race (Score 1) 111

I went from a Note 2 (1280x720) to Note 4 (2560x1440) and I love the resolution. Everything is much sharper, and colors are super smooth precisely because I can't see the pixels.

VR is another matter; 2560 is ok, 4k would be better, but the problem is Samsung's OLED screen has too much space between pixels. LCD screens look much better when under that kind of magnification.

Comment Brutal Doom already did it (Score 2) 86

Here, just download this:

I've been playing Brutal Doom with its "Hell on Earth starter pack" and it's turning out to be a better reboot than any of the official games. Strong weapons, insane quantities of enemies, fun tricks with the Doom engine, and, believe it or not, a strong story supported directly by the level design.

I enjoyed Doom 3 and will likely get this new Doom, but I still think this free game is the best "story of Doom" out there.

Comment Internet killed the Trade Show star (Score 2) 162

Actually, Samsung and LG killed the trade show star. They're so hell bent on one-upping each other, they barely dream of something before shoveling it into the marketplace. C'mon, two Note 4's?

So anyway, these trade shows are little more than a bunch of products they're not going to manufacture, plus a few products that they are. But none of them are new, cuz you've already read about them, long ago, probably right here on Slashdot.

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