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Comment Brutal Doom already did it (Score 2) 86

Here, just download this:

I've been playing Brutal Doom with its "Hell on Earth starter pack" and it's turning out to be a better reboot than any of the official games. Strong weapons, insane quantities of enemies, fun tricks with the Doom engine, and, believe it or not, a strong story supported directly by the level design.

I enjoyed Doom 3 and will likely get this new Doom, but I still think this free game is the best "story of Doom" out there.

Comment Internet killed the Trade Show star (Score 2) 162

Actually, Samsung and LG killed the trade show star. They're so hell bent on one-upping each other, they barely dream of something before shoveling it into the marketplace. C'mon, two Note 4's?

So anyway, these trade shows are little more than a bunch of products they're not going to manufacture, plus a few products that they are. But none of them are new, cuz you've already read about them, long ago, probably right here on Slashdot.

Comment Re:R7RS? (Score 2) 62

The next version of Scheme ... naming itself, "The Revised Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme"

I kinda doubt the thing named itself. More likely the author named it that.

Can I have my Grammar Nazi sticker now?

Comment Re:Ob (Score 1) 229

You think Facebook did market research before starting up?

Yes, basically. According to the movie, Zuckerburg copied another in-development app, one that was likely to be successful. And being at the school he saw a need that he carefully wrote his app to fill.

"Market research" doesn't need to be charts and surveys; if you know your field well enough you can generate good ideas.

Comment Re:How it happened? Easy: gigabytes of RAM (Score 3, Insightful) 69

I suspect cheap and huge computers had a large effect too. I haven't done a 3D print, but the app that slices an object for printing and plans the head path probably takes a significant amount of CPU and RAM. The printer could easily have been built in the 80s, but only recently have home computers become powerful enough to drive them.

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