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Comment Re:Still most downloaded app (Score 1) 192

It's impossible to hold gyms for more than a few hours, and even if you did, there is no point to.

Actually there is. You know the currency you have to pay real money to get? Apparently you get it if you can hold on to a gym for more than 20 hours. I've never been in a place where gym churn is slow enough for that to happen, so I can't verify it.

But that's why the bot-swarms bother with gyms - to farm those "coins" from them.

Comment Re: Elect Trump for Honest Government (Score 3, Insightful) 526

One of the most convincing arguments that I've heard this election is that congress won't allow Trump to do anything, but the same cannot be said of Clinton.

This right here is what has convinced me that I'd rather see Trump in the White House than Hillary. If Trump wins the presidency, we might actually see Congress rein in executive power! If Hillary wins, forget it, we all lose.

Of course, I live in a state that's so blue that my vote is entirely meaningless (for any office, anywhere), so I'm going to be voting third party as well. Might finally get them enough votes to at the very least be allowed in a national debate.

Comment Re:Oh really? (Score 4, Interesting) 158

I'm expecting No Man's Sky to be kinda like Elite: Dangerous, lots of potential falls flat on it's face with execution. If it manages to pull a Minecraft I'll be pleasantly surprised, No Man's Sky is the biggest indie title to launch this month though.

It won't. The reviews are coming in and they're brutal: it's interesting for the novelty factor at first, but quickly becomes tedious and boring. The "procedurally generated planets" boils down to "picks a few random colors and resources." Even people who enjoyed it can't recommend it to other players because it's yet another one of those games that mistakes "hours of content" for "depth." Because if you had fun doing a task once, clearly you'll have 100 times as fun doing it 100 times. That's how fun works, right?

Which is a problem I've seen a lot in games recently: the apparent assumption that the solution to a lack of gameplay is to just repeat the same gameplay many times, as if that will make up for a lack of content.

I guess they really don't make them like they used to, when it was OK for a game to be short as long as it was fun to play.

Comment Re:Wah! (Score 4, Informative) 407

Yeah, no.

Red Letter Media posted a fairly extensive review that goes over all the flaws the movie has (and there are a ton of them - bad pacing, poor editing, bad action sequences, just poorly thought out plotting, poorly done cameos - I can't even remember them all).

Their review - despite being very well sourced as to exactly why they're saying what they're saying - got tarred as being "misogynist."

Have you tried explaining how the Ghostbusters movie sucks online? Almost instantly you'll get a post explaining how actually the movie is great and you just hate female main characters.

Apparently if you think the movie sucks, you hate female leads and are going to be Responsible for Hollywood Not Casting Female Leads in the future because you hate women.

And not because the movie is bad.

Yes, I've literally seen that argument, I am not making it up.

And I actually liked the new Ghostbusters characters, over all. The movie is still bad, but it's not because the leads were women.

Comment Re:I'd be sympathetic to Rotten Tomatoes but... (Score 2) 407

Yeah, when I watched Ghostbusters 2016 on opening weekend, I saw it in a packed theater and ... nah, just kidding.

The theater was practically deserted. I think there were maybe 20 people there all told? And this was the opening weekend.

When I went to the same theater to see Deadpool on like week three in the middle of the afternoon, the theater was literally sold out. And that's an R-rated film and it was the afternoon showing. So it's not just an unpopular theater - the new Ghostbusters film just did that poorly.

Comment Re:I'd be sympathetic to Rotten Tomatoes but... (Score 1) 407

It was terrible and highly sexist. A sex object male secretary and "safety switches are for boys."

"That's the joke." The joke is that he's supposed to be a gender-swapped version of the traditional movie female role. Which would make more sense if Janine fit that role, which she - well, didn't. Which is why he also takes on Dana's roll of "the possessed friend" later in the movie, because Dana does better fit the joke they're trying to make.

Except they forget to play up the "friendship" angle and it comes off as the Girl Ghostbusters hating him but keeping him around for literally no reason. (They don't even seem to like him as "eye candy" after the initial interview. Like, the idea is apparently supposed to be that he's kept around because they like looking at him but then they never really show that and you're left to deduce that.)

If it had been a great movie maybe those things would be less glaring but it was a terrible movie, it wasn't funny, no suspense, no action, nothing redeeming at all.

It's not that bad. What it ends up being is a great example of studios trying to produce a "safe" movie while at the same time being "edgy." You end up with a movie that's clearly been handed a checklist by the studio and rapidly interrupts itself to let you know what it's doing.


It is a bad movie. But it's not "fun" bad. It's just bland bad. And it's annoyingly bad because there are good ideas to be found in it, but they just aren't ever allowed to breathe.

Comment Re:I'd be sympathetic to Rotten Tomatoes but... (Score 2) 407

Why is this modded down? The AC is right:

To be "certified fresh" it has to have a rating of 75% or better.

75% is Rotten Tomatoes' "cut-off" for "Certified Fresh." In order to receive the badge, after a certain number of reviews are received, the movie has to have a rating of 75% or better. Ghostbusters 2016 got close (73%), but it didn't quite hit that.

Yet it got to be "certified fresh" anyway for ... some reason. (Hm, wonder what that might be.) Despite not meeting the criteria required for that badge.

Comment Re: Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows 10! (Score 1) 503

Right-click an empty spot on the toolbar and select Customize, then select Title Bar.

Nope: even with that selected, Firefox manages to ignore the "use accent color" settings and continues the "white with black text/white with gray text" focus/unfocus behavior you get without the "use accent color on title bars" setting set.

Firefox ignoring that setting is a known bug that won't be fixed because they consider it working properly.

Comment Re:Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows 10! (Score 1) 503

An AC mentioned this not being the case for them, and it's because of a setting that had its default changed at some point.

To find it, right click on the desktop and choose "Personalize." (Or open Settings, which is not the Control Panel, and choose "Personalization." Do not search for "Personalization" in the Start menu because that will find you the Control Panel's version of "Personalization" and not the Settings version which what you want. Windows 10, everyone.)

Anyway, choose Colors. If you opened the Control Panel version anyway, then click on Color and it will open the Settings app to Personalization, Colors for you. Because Windows 10.

In that screen, scroll down below all the accent colors, and find "Show color on Start, taskbar, action center, and title bar." Turn it on.

From now on, focused windows will use your "accent color" and unfocused windows will remain gray.

Except for Firefox, because Firefox ignores this setting. Also the Settings app itself, because I guess Metro - er, ... whatever they're calling it now apps ignore it as well.

But it will make the majority of windows more noticeably focused.

Comment Re:Dont care (Score 4, Interesting) 503

In short, yes.

If you read through their privacy stuff you'll notice they talk mostly about how they encrypt all the data they collect on you and how they try and keep it "secure" - but they still collect a ton of data on you. iOS was known to gather your location, OS X has been sending all the wifi passwords you connect to back to iCloud for several versions (yet no one cared until Windows 10 did the same thing then everyone got mad), iTunes sends back information about what music is on your Mac, and who knows what else since I'm not about to dig through their excessively long privacy policy to find what they gather on you.

In short: yes, OS X collects a shit load of info about what you're doing and then sends it back to Cupertino. But they "encrypt" it so I guess it's OK.

Comment Re:Timing (Score 0) 177

There seems to be an effort by the media to paint the DNC as being "a success" and the RNC as "a disaster" - despite all reports indicating that they were the exact opposite: the RNC was (with the exception of Cruz) a party coming together to support their candidate, while the DNC was two warring factions failing to come to any sort of agreement - primarily because it's come out that the "losing" side only lost because of massive fraud and cheating on the "winning" side. (But, hey, if the FBI gives a pass to criminal behavior with regards to handling our nation's biggest secrets, why be surprised when they do nothing about criminal behavior altering our elections.)

If you read any reports outside the MSM, the DNC has been a complete disaster. In addition to the walkout you mentioned there has been constant protests from the floor, off-script outbursts from invited celebrities, a "fart-in" where silenced delegates decided that if they couldn't speak they'd make do with farting (really! they had a bean cook-off), creative altering of the signs the DNC handed out to delegates (turning "Stronger Together" signs in "Stop Her", for example), which was followed by DNC goons literally stealing Bernie supporters' signs, and who knows what else that didn't get reported on.

By any objective measure the DNC has been a complete disaster. The party is more fractured now than ever before. Hillary has managed to turn 538's "80% chance" of victory into a 52% chance - WITH the "post-nomination bounce!"

But if you limit yourself to the New York Times or the Huffington Post or the like, everything is going just fine...

Comment Re: Why not? (Score 1) 1017

And nobody has yet explained how the recipient of a classified email could have prevented it from being sent.

When you have a clearance, you (at least contractors do, I suppose government types might be different) have to undergo "training" on how to handle classified information. One of the things that you're taught is how to deal with receiving classified material on an unapproved computer.

Bottom line (for contractors at least) is that basically you immediately disconnect from the Internet, immediately stop using the computer (but do not close any running programs or turn it off), and immediately contact security who will start making arrangements to deal with it. Failure to do so is essentially a crime. (Or at least I sure thought it was. Apparently it isn't, if you're a Clinton.)

Receiving classified information isn't itself a crime, but receiving it and then not doing anything about it is. Or, at least, that's what I've been taught every time I'm forced to retake the Security Clearance Refresher Training.

Comment Re:Trump Trolling (Score 1) 1017

ie the DNC generating good speeches and endorsements

They are? Everything I've heard about the DNC is that it's been an absolute disaster, with Bernie supporters constantly interrupting speakers who are spending most of their time castigating Bernie supporters for not falling into line after the DNC rigged the nomination for Hillary Clinton, to the point where something like half the delegates walked out after her coronation. Er, nomination. Sure, we'll pretend it was a fair nomination.

All the while Clinton is swinging rapidly back to her pre-Bernie positions, proving that she'll say anything for votes but her real priorities are supporting her Wall Street backers.

I'm not sure why Trump bothered to comment since the DNC convention so far is proving to be a complete disaster compared to the RNC convention.

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