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Comment Re: Oh for fucks sake (Score 1) 615

Honestly, I'm sorry. I've heard lots of conversations from absolutist libertarians that I assumed your questions weren't asked in a way where you were looking for real answers. Personally, I'm not a socialist in the sense in which it's feared in the United States, but I do believe social programmes should exist to equalise opportunity, and to just ameliorate the effects of a cold, uncaring universe. I think that privilege that appears self-earned is usually just that people don't look deeper into how their life has ended up the way it has. They attribute anything positive to themselves and their struggles and less to slave labour making their shoes. So I jumped the gun in assuming you weren't honestly asking.

Comment Re: Oh for fucks sake (Score 1) 615

I'm guessing you were born: In a western country Male White, or near enough If any of these guesses are wrong, must tell me. Then we can discuss the other areas where you've probably avoided discrimination, like being: Straight Intelligent (which is not due to your force of will) Able to access some form of social security. Someone dies of starvation at least once every minute. So check your fucking privilege.

Comment Re: Because they can. (Score 1) 252

No, not at all. That's just where your mind went. I did download a copy of one lecturer's book, which he had written himself. I told him about it and gave him $20. It was for a cybercrime subject, so I only did it for the irony. I don't think I more than glanced at it to use a quote or two in an essay, surmising that the lecturer would like seeing himself quoted.

Submission + - Litecoin Passes $1 Million USD in 24hr Trading ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Litecoin has for the first time in history passed a total trading volume in excess of $1 Million USD value in 24hr trading on the BTC-e market.
As the only major competitor to Bitcoin, Litecoin has been gaining in popularity as users of the Bitcoin virtual currency have watched prices skyrocket over 100% in just the last month.
As of writing this article the total BTC plus USD Litecoin buy orders on BTC-e stand at a total value of $469384.51 worth of Litecoin.
It is clear to say that Litecoin is now here to stay and is making huge waves in the virtual currency markets.

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