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Comment Re: Voting - how to ensure a secret ballot? (Score 1) 69

At which point this solution degenerates into the same solutions that already exist, with the same problems. Take voter ID cards. Lots of people don't like them because they say it disenfranchises people who would have problems acquiring them, like the poor. A digital signature is going to have the same arguments.

But, I agree: that's not the point of the block chain, its ancillary. But involving the blockchain adds about as much towards solving the real problems with voting as saying "Hey! What if wrote down the votes, but not the person!" Ballot stuffing is about all the blockchain solves.

Comment Re: As much as possible (Score 2) 350

Same here with Maya. I've even thought about bumping it up to 64 GB from its current 32.

Really, anytime I see these kinds of articles pop up, I just substitute its title with "How much X is enough for our product's target market" anymore. They're really not useful as a general analysis, the desktop market is just to broad.

Comment Re: Not to say it's unnecessary (Score 1) 843

I don't have statistics on hand, but since WWII, I am aware of dog fights have played into air battles of the following wars with us pilots involved:

Korean War
Vietnam War (quite famously as we thought the days of day fighting were over.)
Kosivo et al.
First Gulf War.

Guam, Afghanistan, and Gulf War II did not , too my knowledge and I and not sure if there are others I've forgotten.

Comment Re: LEOs (Score 1) 615

Breakdowns, flattires, hitchings or straps come loose. There's more than just "normal driving" and " turn now or die." Sure, we could detect a lot of these problems and dispatch a service vehicle, but why suffer the down time when we can have a guy right there to handle all the myrid little tasks that crop up. Hell, somebody has to pump the gas!

Comment Re: no good solution (Score 1) 848

I doubt the intent is to actually absorb the territory. The Crimea is the only space they actually want. This is just a buffer, either to distract focus from continuing to hold the Crimea ( best defense, is a good offense you know) with the small added possibility of generating a real buffer state during settlements out of the Eastern Ukraine past the Dnieper.

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