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Comment Re:Amid all the FUD... (Score 1) 98

As I understand it, it's not on anybody to "use" - it will be the default layout for all user profiles going forward, so everybody will get that for free. Anybody using FB to upload pictures, do checkins, updating their status' and whatever else will automatically benefit from the feature. Doing nothing but enabling the timeline for my profile, the default items on the timeline that they displayed were actually very relevant to events in my life, gave me a sense of nostalgia, and in general made me feel good about what they were doing. It far and away beats the old model of simply scrolling down a person's profile and chronologically seeing any and every story or link they've ever shared. You can still see these less eventful posts with a simple click, but by default their algorithm seems to just pick out more major events to prominently display on the timeline (work changes, if you got engaged or married, photos uploaded of you, etc.).

Still this morning, I start to wonder if the younger generation will start to rely on Facebook for itemizing life events instead of, say, scrapbooking or keeping a diary.

Comment How far is too far? (Score 1) 911

Within five minutes of starting the car, the interlock will order the driver to pull over and restart the car. For longer rides, drivers will be required at random times to stop the car and restart. Maccarone said this feature is intended to prevent drivers from drinking after they start the car.

That's not only inconvenient, but it also seems like it could cause more problems than it solves. This seems inefficient, is it absolutely necessary to take their precautionary measures this far?

Comment Itching to Switch... (Score 1) 646

I've long used Firefox now because of its awesome developer tools and great suite of extensions (though I only use a few). However, it has gotten very slow lately, it has always used way too much memory, and quite frankly some of the other alternatives look better by the day. I really want to switch to chrome, but the only thing holding me back is a nice sidebar for things like viewing my RSS feed lists while still navigating the current browser window. There are a few other settings I'd like to have some control over, but it wouldn't take much to get me to switch at this point.

I know everybody blames all of the issues on the extensions, but the issues run deeper than that. I hope they can get it turned around soon, but things haven't improved in the last few years, so I'm not holding my breath.

Comment All Geeks Unite (Score 1) 645

The irony of this is almost too thick to cut through. This is absolutely unacceptable, and Amazon must recant this position. Once books are legitimately purchased, it is decidedly wrong and completely unethical to even have the power to perform an action such as this. This cannot be tolerated.

Please flood the Kindle product page with negative reviews so that prospective buyers can be aware of this jaw dropping breach of trust and display of power:

While I have long taken a stance against DRM, this is horrifying and cannot and should not be tolerated by anybody, out of principle if nothing else. I sincerely hope this results in a class-action lawsuit.


Submission + - Norton Now Stealing from Customers

An anonymous reader writes: It appears Norton is now automatically renewing subscritions... and automatically charging credit cards. I deleted their product long ago, yet today got this email: "As part of your Norton AntiVirus subscription and Norton On-Going Protection, Symantec has automatically charged the billing method on file. Norton On-Going Protection delivered through our auto renewal process allows you to continue using your Norton AntiVirus without interruption and ensures your system remains protected with the latest security updates as they become available. You do not need to do anything! Thank you for your purchase."

Submission + - Nintendo tInvestigating Wii-mote Strap

Spritzer writes: It seems there have been enough incidents of broken wrist straps that Nintendo has announced they will investigate the problem.

From the Article:
"We are investigating," Iwata said of reports about the Wii's strap coming off as players swung around the controller, at times causing the remote to fly out of their hands.

Players use the Wii remote like a tennis racket, sword and other devices to play games.

"Some people are getting a lot more excited than we'd expected," Iwata said. "We need to better communicate to people how to deal with Wii as a new form of entertainment."
Data Storage

Submission + - A terabyte of data on a regular DVD?

Roland Piquepaille writes: "This is the promise of the 3-D Optical Data Storage system developed at the University of Central Florida (UCF). This technology allows to record and store at least 1,000 GB of data on multiple layers of a single disc. The system uses lasers to compact large amounts of information onto a DVD and the process involves shooting two different wavelengths of light onto the recording surface. By using several layers, this technique will increase the storage capacity of a standard DVD to more than a terabyte. Read more for additional references and a diagram showing how this two-photon 3D optical system reads data."

Submission + - EMI "experiments" with DRM-free MP3's

trifster writes: Several news outlets are carring the story about EMI selling DRM-free MP3's through Yahoo Music's US online store. Ars Technica has an article on this trial. It should be noted that this trial is an attempt to increase sales and competition with online music that is not necessarilary available on iTunes.

From the article: "Why the sudden interest in non-DRMed formats? It appears that the record labels are slowly beginning to realize that they can't have DRMed music and complete control over the online music market at the same time.... There are signs that consumers might be growing irritated by the Balkanization of the online music scene. Nielsen SoundScan reports that online music sales dropped during the second and third quarters of the year."

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